Sunday, May 19, 2013


Seriously, who does 'rest' on a Sunday?
No one in this house, that's for sure.

But, at least we are all home, enjoying each other's company.

Top of the 'to do' list today is to get everything assembled, named and packed for Brylee's 5 day School Camp.
She is going with her year 8 class to a camp on the west coast at Awhitu.  Hopefully she comes home happy. And weighing the same!

Last time she went on camp she lost 2 kgs... not good when you are small like Brylee.
But... nothing I can do about that.  Her teacher is aware she's a damn picky, fussy eater.

Best thing about today?  I can start getting familiar with this again:

 ABOVE:  my Dresden Plate Quilt!   We found it in the Smartbox... right at the back.  I'm thrilled to bits.  It's the ONE thing I really want to get finished this year... and I will. 

Last night.  While talking with Bex over in the sewing area, hoping that Keera would drift off to sleep listening to us ... Steve came down and decided he would jump all over my bed!

With gusto.
He even did some tunneling under the duvet.
Just to mess me bed up.

ABOVE:  he did a good job.  And while he was yahoo'ing all over my bed, Keera just went to sleep!

Awesome.  I love how we can all have fun... silly fun... even though we are all adults. Your'e never too old to jump on the bed and be silly eh?
Just don't expect me to do that right now, cos I would break the bed!  *smiles*

So... we have to pop out at some point today to get a few items Brylee needs for camp... but mostly it's a stay at home day.


Well... we went out and got Brylee some warm track pants for camp, had an ice cream at the mall... then came home.
Since then, I've made some calico curtains for our front door... as it bothered me that someone standing at the front door could, (if the garage internal door was open), see into my 'bedroom'.
Now I'm making a quick cloth cover for my sewing machine... as the solid plastic one that came with it it too bulky to have down... it takes up a lot of room.  

It's now up on a shelf, never to be used again no doubt.  *smiles*

I managed to get to read a few blogs last night and this morning, and will get back to them after dinner.

End of Day: well it's been a nice day.  I got one project done (curtains at the front door)... and another small one on the go (sewing machine cover) ... and I have drooled over by Dresden Plate Quilt (in progress).
nite nite


  1. Ha your son is funny silly bugger, lucky for him Keera didn't wake up!! I love that blue quilt it will look syunning when finished.
    Hope Brylees camp goes well.

  2. Leigh4:27 PM

    you'll have to send treats with Brylee to eat.
    How is your sewing machine now? Did they fix it?

  3. Oh my Chris, that is going to be a absolutely gorgeous quilt!! I have always wanted a beautiful quilt for my bed. It's on my bucket list. Can't wait to see it, when you are done.
    Send some high caloric, carb snacks with Brylee to camp. In case she hates the food, she'll have something from you to eat!!
    Your family makes me smile!!! Thanks for the smiles today!!!

    God Bless~

  4. The Dresden plate quilt pieces look gorgeous - can't wait to see the finished product when you get to the end. I laughed at Steve trashing your bed ... believe it or not, our cats can do a similar job to ours - the try to get under the bedspread unsuccessfully, resulting in one huge mess some days! Have a good week - and I hope Brylee enjoys her school camp.

  5. Reminds me of the flipside of the coin. You want to go do things, but you're stuck at home for some reason.

  6. The Dresden Plate quilt will be gorgeous when it is finished - good luck with it !
    Thanks for stopping by - great to see you at my blog !!!
    Have the best week.


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