Friday, May 17, 2013


Last night Bex and I went over to Onehunga to Kate's Tupperware party.  Kate is a regular reader of my blog, it's how we met.

Anyway... we really enjoyed the party, the company, the lovely desserts Kate fed us with... and I came away having placed a healthy order of new Tupperware.

I had written down the directions to Kate's house, so I knew where I was going.  ONLY... I left it at home didn't I?

Just as well me memory is good cos I found her house with no trouble at all.

Coming home again... well that was another story entirely!
I got a bit lost.  OK... A LOT LOST.  We did a scenic tour of Onehunga, then One Tree Hill, then Penrose... and finally we found the Southern Motorway at Sylvia Park!

Yaaaa, it was one LANDMARK we were both familiar with... once on the motorway we were home 'n' hose.  We only 'lost' half an hour finding the darn motorway!  lol

I took a couple of photos while at Kates:

ABOVE:  here we have the delectable Kate, standing in front of the desserts she made for her guests, mostly gone by the time I took the photo.

ABOVE:  from the road you would never know that Kate's home has an AMAZING view of west Auckland!  Stunning.  During the day she has a lovely view of the Manukau Harbour too.  

Below are photos of the things I ordered:

 ABOVE: Petite set of containers.  So cute, will be very handy for small baking stuff like sprinkles etc.

ABOVE: Two sets of clear fridge canisters... for all those left overs.  At least with these I will be able to see what's in them before they start growing mould!

 ABOVE:  This is a little gift I was given... I had no idea what it was for... maybe to hold a tea bag in ya cup?

ABOVE: it spun open.... apparently you can put icing sugar or whatever in it and use it to sprinkle your icing sugar over cakes.  I still think it would be excellent to hold ya tea bag in... if ya drunk tea.  I don't.

Right... today.
Once I've got the kids to school I am going out to pick up that ride on bike from the Hospice shop, then hopefully pick up some suede boots I dropped into Hannahs ... they needed stretching so I could actually fit them.  

I bought them a year ago and the sales woman assured me they would stretch and fit perfectly in a couple of weeks.
They never did stretch.  So I've not been able to wear them at all.
AND I don't have bloody fat feet either, the problem was I have a high arch.  *sigh*  I hope they fit now.  They were not cheap boots!

After that I'm off to Sylvia Park to check out Fat Quarters at Spotlight... then coming home to finish Chris D's bag... which I didn't get to work on last night as I'd planned.


Home after an EXCELLENT shopping expedition.

We picked up the ride on and a few clothes at the Hospice Shop, then we picked up my boots from the mall.  
I just tried them on and they fit really well... I'm thrilled to bits about that.  They are lovely ankle boots.

After that, we popped over to Spotlight at Sylvia Park and got a few bits of fabric... then into the Pumpkin Patch Pop Up Shop, where we both got a few things at awesome prices.

Now we are home, it's time for some lunch then a quiet time before the kids get home.

 ABOVE:  BAGS of goodies.

There was a parcel in my letterbox too!
I have been sending my "no longer fit" clothes down to a friend in Wellington... and the silly Tart decided to send me some batik fabric as a 'Thank You'!

ABOVE:  Gee Whizz Karen!   Your stash must be sadly lacking blue batiks now!  ... THANK YOU so much!  
Oh ... there is another parcel of clothes almost ready to send down to you too Karen.

ABOVE: the boots I was talking about.  They are going to be lovely and warm to wear this winter.

KJ:  foot is slightly better in the last day or so... maybe because I've tried to keep off it as much as possible.  Time will tell.

Brylee had an orthodontist appointment two weeks ago.  I forgot about it, so they rescheduled it for friday at 3.30 pm.
So... Brylee and I rock up there at 3.20 this afternoon.. and the orthodontist comes out and says "Oh, you are here a week early!"  and I'm like  "NO, we are bang on time for once!"

Only... I WAS a week early!  DOH!
The orthodontist and her receptionist laughed their heads off at me.  And then she saw Brylee anyway.  What a laugh.  For once I was EARLY.  I often forget the orthodontist appointment, as they are months apart.

KATE: bloody sorry about that!  The other two I took were blurry as shit.  Only you think it looks like ya picking ya nose! 

End of Day:  well a nice evening.  Got the bag finished for Chris D, so it will be in the post either tomorrow or sunday.
nite nite


  1. I went to a Tupperware party two weeks ago, they are fun. That funny little gadget was discussed at our one too and yep no one could dedide on whta it was for. I ordered that little pink and blue set too.

    Chris you are are doing so well, I can see the changes. keep up the great work. I have now lost 14.7kg

  2. Yay for Tupperware! I got that midget set as well (plus lots more)! It is so cool :)
    Fingers crossed your boots have stretched enough for you to wear them.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    How's your foot? Kayjay

  4. OMG I can't believe you used the photo of me looking like I'm almost picking my nose. Nice one.

    It was a great night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

    We must get together again soon.

    Thanks for coming you guys! Have a great weekend.


  5. Ah nice tupperware those little sets are always handy, THOSE desserts looked divine the VIE?W amazing funny how at nioght sometimes ones sense of direction can BE WAY OFF!

  6. Chris you are so my kinda girl..big slobbery smooch..on the cheek.

  7. I agree. Why does the tea thing have to be on a chain? You can also use it to stir your sugar while your tea seeps (steeps?)
    This could be your key to becoming a bazillionaire.

  8. Poor Brylee, braces stink! Hope she's doing well. :)


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