Saturday, May 11, 2013


First up, last night's cake:

 ABOVE:  Bex cutting the Banoffee pie she made... which we all had a bit of, and the Ginger Cake.  It took me about 3 hours to eat my pieces... while both were lovely, I just couldn't eat much of it.

 ABOVE: Banoffee Pie... it was lovely.

Dante woke up around 8pm, and Steve, Bex and I were talking to him... and he started getting upset because his Grandma (yeah that's me) was a bit loud.  Poor wee man had just woken up and there was the three of us trying to talk to him... so the following is a little series of Photos Steve took...

 ABOVE: Holy shitballs!!!!  Save me from these people!

ABOVE: Getting upset, the lower lip is trembling...

ABOVE:  getting the cookie monster face on...

 ABOVE:  Any second now I'm gunna cry.

ABOVE:  See?  Tears.  

While we didn't want to see him upset, his 'about to cry' face is just so darling!
He calmed down really fast thankfully... had some 'dessert' (baby fruit) then went off to bed again.

Right... TODAY.  Stew, B & G and I are off to Hamilton.
Stew said instead of him buying me a Mother's Day present... I could just get some fabric from a really neat fabric shop in Gordonton, which is just out of Hamilton.  Yaaaa!

After that we shall have lunch with Kelly then check out a couple of places in Hamilton before coming home.

While we are out and about, Bex and Lacy and their babes are hanging out together for the day.  Steve has work sadly.


We have had a really lovely day!
Got home around 4.30 pm and have been busy ever since taking photos and just having fun!

I have masses of photos of 'stuff'... some will go on now, and some tomorrow.

 ABOVE:  there was a Market on at Gordonton, so we had a look around ... lots of lovely stuff.  But nothing took my eye, so we didn't spend a cent!
I did get some fabric, but keep that until tomorrow to show you.

 ABOVE:  Kelly has dyed her hair black... and got a new piercing in her top lip.  We don't like the piercing at all.

ABOVE:  Some really lovely photos of Rena, who was a very good girl today.   That was nice.

ABOVE:  we picked up an Exersaucer for Dante too.... There he is going in it for the first time.  

ABOVE: his eyes boggled... he really LOVED it!

ABOVE:  We bought a new highchair for OUR HOUSE.  Keera got the first 'turn' in it.

ABOVE:  it's pretty snazzy!  It goes up and down and also tilts.  And the tray and seat covering comes off for cleaning. 

Right, that's enough for today!  I will have a couple more photos for tomorrow.  Of Stuff.  

I plan on doing some sewing on the LEMON tonight, to see how it goes.  Could be good... could also be bad, very bad!

End of Day:  a really neat day.  It was lovely to get out of Auckland for the day, do some shopping and see Kelly and Rena.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    I know where you're going haha! Lucky you. I haven't had time to sort my batiks yet but will get them sent to you after this retreat. Love Dante. he's so cute happy or sad. Enjoy your day Chris (wore the black and blue yesterday -lots of comments), I luv you hehe. Kj

  2. I love the pics of Dante. He is going to have to get used to his grandma's voice, even if it gets a little loud sometimes. :)

  3. Ooooh would like to know about the gordonton shop... I always go that way but haven't stopped. Hope you're having a good day - I've cleaned out the cupboards and pantry in preparation of the TUPPERWARE!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

    (This Thursday - be there or be square!)


  4. That is one adorable grandson you have Chris! Happy Mother's Day from Canada:)

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww Dante looks so cute even when tearful hopoe you have had a lovely day today fabric shopping and visiting.

  6. Oooh that Dante - I'm gunna steal him. he's sooo cute. Actually all the kiddies are gorgeous. Lovely photos...


  7. Gorgeous photos of Dante and Keera! Dante looks like he is going to enjoy his exersaucer (Rachel spent a lot of time in her one)! Highchair looks pretty snazzy :)
    Rena has the most beautiful eyes! And so pleased that she was a good girl today :)

  8. Awww, you scared the baby!
    It looks like he's sitting in a barbers chair!

    The rest of the pics of the kids are beautiful.

  9. Great pics of the kids! Love those exersaucers!


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