Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yaaaa.... I've got my new Tupperware.  
I am thrilled to bits with the new fridge containers I bought.

ABOVE:  the lime green lidded clear containers are for stuff in the fridge... now we can see at a glance what's in the container.  And square/rectangle containers will fit in a darn sight easier than round bowls.
We have had lots of round bowls with goodness knows what in them in both the fridges up until now.
I may even be tempted to get more of the new containers!

The other cute little set is going to be handy to take small quantities of 'stuff' in the picnic basket, or for ya lunch... like mayo or pickles... or whatever.
Or... little baking ingredients like sprinkles, chocolate hail etc.

I couldn't resist them really, they are so cute.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  yesterday morning.  The dogs love sitting in the sunshine, so Dante got to share the sunny spot.  He liked having the dogs near, but I was pretty wary.  I was worried he might grab a handful of dog and not leg go... and one of the dogs might nip him or worse, bite him.

I've talked to Bex about it, and we both agree we cannot EVER leave him in a room with the dogs without one of us near.   It's only being sensible, and careful.

I KNOW neither dog would deliberately set out to hurt a baby in our home, but they are, at the end of the day, DOGS.  And they will lash out if being hurt.

Right... today?   No plans ... Hospice this afternoon... and NO, I have no plans to ever have a hot chocolate again!  So, I shall be going... and I shall possibly find some treasure!


I bought some jeans from City Chic a couple of years ago.  They didn't really feel nice to wear, so I put them away.  They fit now, but they still don't feel good, the crotch sits mid-way between me 'crotch' and me knees.
So I just stitched a pair up, taking the crotch up about 2".  They still are not right.  Grrrr.
I'm starting to think they are just a bad fit for me?

Does anyone else have this problem?
I can't wear jeans on my WAIST, because I simply don't have a waist.
My narrowest part is me hips, so all jeans have to sit on me hip.

Oh and I also realised that I have virtually NOTHING to wear with jeans.  All my tops are knee length. So today at Hospice I am going to try and find some tops suitable to wear with jeans.  I might even try finding some jeans too.

The Hospice shop was rather quiet today... so I did some shopping:

 ABOVE: This really lovely jacket for Brylee, it's made in Germany and the stitching inside is amazing!  I will show you once it's out of the wash.

ABOVE:  Three lovey glasses.  The two on the right I plan on putting jelly and fruit in... they are rather funky.

 ABOVE:  I found this and I plan on having it in me handbag, I can put me glasses in it, and a spare pair of earrings, me pills etc.  Handy!  Got it for 50cents.

End of Day:  well... I'm very thankful for that electric cuddly throw thingee... cos it's bloody cold!
And wet.
So nice to be warm and snug inside.
nite nite


  1. Your comment re the dogs bought to mind a funny thst happened in our family MANY years ago.
    My brother was only little at the time about 3 he was pulling the tail on our neighbours dashound, Tiny didn't like his tail pulled he would move away so brother Geoffery being the tease he is ( might add has never grown out of that ) kept pulling dog's tail. So Tiny turned around and nipped Geoffery nothing serious just very gentle " hey mate leave my bloody tail alone" kinda nip. But here comes the funny bit Geoff didn't like that so he bit the dog back on the rump. Tiny just got up and walked away defeated.

    We often have a giggle about it 50 yrs later.

  2. Those containers are nice I know mine get well used. Dante is getting bigger every day he will be crawling around and then the dogs will move!

  3. Sounds like you would like a low rise pant more. I don't have much of a waist either.

  4. So glad to hear someone sensible about their dogs. Too many dog bites happen because "MY DOG WOULDN'T HURT A SOUL". They are dogs and we don't know what is going on their heads.

    We all have different crotch lengths and some designers/brands work for some and not others. Also I find that most clothes for bigger women are designed to fit the pear shapes not the apples (which I am and think you are, too).

  5. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Score Chris I do rather enjoy 2nd hand shopping myself, Ella

  6. Finding the right fit in clothes is a pain. Wish I had more fashion sense. Enjoy your treasures. Keep warm.

  7. What lovely pic of Brylee! She's growing so stylish and cute! :)


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