Thursday, May 02, 2013


We got to Devonport yesterday and started to walk around.
And damn me if me knickers didn't slide off me butt AGAIN!
So, so annoying!
It's bad enough having to use a safety pin to keep ya leggings up... I pin them to me bra!

But... back to knickers.  I got so frustrated with them falling down I marched into the Ladies Restroom and took them off.

IF you are in Devonport and see some lilac knickers in the bin... they are mine... *laughing me head off*

Bex thinks I'm outrageous.  Like... what is wrong with not wearing knickers anyway?

Someone tell me I'm not the only one...PLEASE!

Today?  Sewing this morning I think.  Then after lunch I'm off to the Hospice Shop again.

Because I've already had a couple of shopping expeditions this week, I might try very hard NOT to buy anything today.   IT. CAN. BE. DONE.

 ABOVE:  a lovely catamaran on the harbour yesterday.  Love the colour...a very practical and safe colour, stands out like dogs balls.  All my Dad's boats were bright orange... you could see the boat from a long way away.  I cannot understand why anyone would paint a boat blue!

ABOVE: another cute photo of Griffin up a tree.

Right, going now... catch ya later.


Right.... let's have some 'interaction' with me blog today.   Who is brave enough to answer the question?

Pretty sure we will have to duck over to Mt Wellington today ... to pay a bill.  Oh Yaaa.  A Direct Debit has not gone out.  Glitches.

Yaaa, we don't have to go pay bill in person.  So we ducked down to the local mall to post some parcels... and I also bought some shoes to wear over winter that are a bit dressier than sneakers!

ABOVE: new Hush Puppies.  I bought some Hush Puppie short boots last year and have not been able to wear them as they did not stretch out over the top of me foot like the sales person said they would.   So, I mentioned that to the man at Hannahs and he said I must bring them in and he will stretch them for me at no cost.   SCORE.

It has annoyed me that I couldn't wear them, so  I will now have two new pairs of shoes for winter.   

Right, I need to get ready to go to Hospice again... 

I should have known better than to wear new shoes to 'work'... 4 hours on me feet and now?  OUCH... The soles of my feet are hurting like hell.  Idiot.  That's me.

But... my heel isn't hurting right now, which means having more of my impressive weight on the soles of me feet has helped that at least.

ABOVE:  I bought Brylee two dresses at the shop.  The one above it rather nice.  I also got about 3 tops for me to 'shrink' into.

COTTONREEL:  yep, it's called 'going Commando' here too.  I told Bex and Lacy I was going Commando in the Mall the other day (quite LOUDLY I might add)!  They both tried to act like they were not with me!
I can't think why?   lol

End of day:  I'd planned to do quite a few little jobs this evening, but because my feet were so sore I did NOTHING.
Dinner was pea and bacon hock soup... with fresh bread rolls.  Very nice.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Beautiful photos Chris. Kayjay

  2. Didn't you just go through your drawers and toss out the big ones? Looks like it's time to go down to the next size!

  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I guess that knickers are underwear??? Well...I can't imagine not wearing them. If I didn't I'd be too uncomfortable to enjoy myself. LOL What a topic! Glad your losing so much yours are falling off though!!! ♥

  4. That made me laugh out loud, I can imagine you doing that I went farmers Taupo here and they arent stocking wild child clothes anymore our branch that is I am furious I only now have the warehouse for my size I MAY WELL BE knickerless CLOTHE less and NAKED!!!! ( will have to drive to Rotorua to just TRY ON clothes !!!! ) not sure what I am going to do but not happy about that prospect!

  5. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Well poor Devonport lol i wear bikini and boy shorts :) bex h

  6. Well I have an assortment of tanga, high cut and boy cut :)
    More than any stranger on the internet needs to know about me!!!

  7. Boy shorts for me.

    I am so stoked for you and your blood results that's so awesome! !

  8. Hehehe losing your knickers again !!

    Mine are high cut and boy cut.

  9. Mix of hipster, bikini & boy cut.

    Love the photo of Griffin - good kiwi holiday pic :-)

  10. High cut :-)

  11. Mine are full brief (not one of the options in your diagram though) but want to get boy shorts etc once I have lost more weight.
    Love the shoes! I need new winter ones too so am off to check out Hannahs over the weekend if I can!

  12. Anonymous12:59 PM

    You are an inspiration. I too lost a lot of weight, 25kgs in 14 weeks, by changing my "lifestyle habits, I went from a size 18 to a size 10 in 16 weeks. I don't ever remember being a size 10, must have been when I was about 14 years old (I'm now 60 years old). Everyone thought I was sick and too thin, I thought with all the hard work I looked great,so I had a little bit of the food I use to eat and enjoyed and within 12 months had crept back up another 20kgs. So disappointed with myself. I know I can loose it again because I have before. I just have to get motivated AGAIN, I stumbled across your blog, and get inspired by your progress, "slow and steady wins the race". I'm not a blogger, don't know where to start, and don't want to, but I am starting my weight loss (in part thanks to you) and will check your blog for inspiration. As you said, we who want to loose weight arn't perfect, but never give a BIG THANK YOU, you are helping me and I guess a lot of other people with your humour, honesty and determination. Very best wishes from a fellow "lifestyle changer", Sandra. XOX Bless You. :)

  13. you do need to go shopping chick!! for new bloody knickers!!!!! LOL!!!!

    I like boy leg myself :0)

    Great photo of Griffin!!

  14. Thong or g-string. Tanga if I'm riding my horse...need more coverage underneath! There, now THAT's fixed your BP!

    Great results, sensible decisions!

  15. That's a lovely dress Brylee has .She looks so good in it .
    here ,going without knickers is known as going commando

  16. Anonymous5:41 PM

    California here - Thong or I go "commando" if I'm wearing tights and a skirt (that means NOTHING)

    Loved this post!

  17. Lorraine5:45 PM

    Love Brylee's new dress.Boy I know Lacy will never disappear while Brylee is around she is her twin.

    Southgirl xx

  18. Lacy and Keera6:27 PM

    I wear the good old G lol its a hard job but someone has to do it lmfao (laugh my fucken ass off) Haha, lots of love the epic to L and K xo

  19. Boy leg here too. I love them because they sit flat under trousers and don't "ride up" your bum like other undies.

  20. Bikinis and boy cut for me.

    Brylee really looks beautiful in her new dress:-)

  21. Anonymous9:20 PM

    That dress is beautiful. Lovely fabrics. Kayjay

  22. No knickers is also known as "going commando"

    principal nsevanc

    1. Anonymous8:02 AM

      The whole idea of a skirt is to be bare underneath; to feel the air;

  23. Oh I didn't see this about wearing new shoes until after I posted on the newest post.

    That dress is so pretty!


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