Saturday, May 04, 2013


I'm sleeping in.

Once I wake up... I'm going to sew a bag for my bestie Chris D.

That is all.

My foot has become so bad I don't know what to do.

When I talked to my Dr about it she said there was really nothing that could be done.  I think I need a second opinion because seriously, it is so bad I can hardly walk by the end of the day.

So... for right now anyway... I will sleep and rest the bloody foot.

ABOVE: This is a photo of the fabric Chris D gave me to make her bag with. I love it!
My biggest 'problem' will be matching it with a contrasting fabric.  I have no idea which way to go... RED?  PINK? YELLOW? LILAC?  See, all those colours WOULD GO with this fabric.  Hmmmm.....


I got up at 9.30 am.  It was nice to just lie in bed and think of stuff I want to do today.
Like tidy my 'room' and sew.
I also took on board some of the suggestions about my troublesome foot.

YES, I HAVE PLANTAR FASCIITIS.  And I think I have been doing my foot no favours in walking around bare footed.

So today I have put on my New Balance sneakers and will wear them all day and see if that makes a difference.

If it doesn't, I will ask my Dr to refer me to a podiatrist.  Maybe an insole will give me some relief.  

I am prepared to try just about anything now... the pain is constant, even when I am NOT on my feet!

Been tidying up various cupboards and areas in the garage.  Getting lots of exercise moving stuff around!  And my foot is feeling almost OK with the sneakers on.  The full effect will be revealed tonight... when I am usually hobbling around grizzling about me sore foot.  

We have had some lovely rain this morning... on all my washing still outside.  Damn and Blast!

It's 3.20 pm... and we have all the lights on because it's so dark outside.  Winter must be here... and I'm still wearing summer clothes.  Nuts. 

I have a headache.  

ABOVE:  I've not made much progress on Chris D's bag today.  Other projects keep cropping up.  Like lunch.  Housework. Stuff on me mind.

AND THUNDER & LIGHTENING STORMS!  We are having a doozie of a storm right now... it's AWESOME.

End of Day:  well wearing my sneakers all day seems to have helped quite a bit.  My heel is only just starting to hurt a bit when I walk... fingers crossed it continues to work.  I don't mind living in me sneakers!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Yes, I'd get a second opinion!
    My daughter is getting one for my granddaughter who broke her right arm...both bones in half. They put the cast on crooked and now her arm has healed crooked and the doctor acts like it will mysterious straighten itself up in time. I think they are afraid of a law suite~

    Love the fabric! :)

  2. Leanne7:33 AM

    Love the fabric, how much would it cost to make a bag in the same fabric?

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Chris I suffer from very sore feet too (with plantar fasciitis).....every night I sleep with a pillow under my feet, also keep my feet elevated during the day when watching tv etc it really helps with foot pain.
    Also maybe Stew or the kids can give you a foot massage? A visit to the podiatrist may help too, you might need supports/ orthotics,
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Is it plantar fasciitis? I had it and the best thing I did was to wear sport shoes (I bought myself some nice new balance shoes) all the time for about 2 weeks. I also did a lot of walking, and tried not to sit for too long without getting up. Mine became worse when I had had my foot up or sat for to long. It was just to keep it moving as when not moved the muscle tightened and became more painful. the first few days I was limping a bit, but then it came right. My Dr told me the worst thing for it was bare feet and putting it up!

  5. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I think red for the bag because it seems to stand out more. Have you tried rolling a golf ball under your foot? WOMBAT

  6. It is really really awful when you have sore feet it shows on your face! much like back pain..... Love Love Love the fabric I agree red binding would like great!

  7. Anonymous11:55 AM


    I have had the plantar faciitis also, I strapped my foot with sports tape, around the foot, not a lot of tape, it worked so well, it was better in no time, worth a try...I walk a lot in my need to support the arch of your take the pressure get immediate relief with the strapping..


  8. Sorry about your foot - yes, go and get more help for it, even just to ease your mind.

    I think red with that fabric - it seems to be the only common colour in all the pictures and would set it of nicely :)

  9. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Just in response to Leigh's comment, the advice I was given was provided to me by a foot specialist I saw for my plantar fasciitis, not just my GP and it has definitely helped with the pain and my ability to sleep at night.
    Another tip that works is to roll a frozen bottle of water back and forth under your foot where it hurts- the ice soothes the pain while stretching out the muscle. There are heaps of specific stretches you can do too if you google it.

  10. That salso why they say roll a golf ball under the painful area it dislodges and breaks down the crystals around the fascitis I hate to tell you this but my friend has it in both feet and bare foot walking is not ok she was told golf ball and frozen watter bottle I had forgotten the frozen water bottle relief.

  11. Anonymous6:41 PM


    I wore either lace up shoes at work (nurse) and at home I wore shoes that held my foot in well, no all the strain and movement caused heaps of pain...I have an inset made by the podiatrist and that helps to prevent getting it again,but whenever I feel any pain I strap my foot now and that helps...


  12. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Hey Chris I've had That for 12 months but am 99% cured now. I had an assessment at shoe clinic and got the right shoes for me. I couldn't walk bare feet for a long time but it was worth it. It is worse than labour. You have my sympathy mate.kayjay

  13. OMG, I had heel spurs (3 odd years ago now) but it wasn't until I just googled Plantar Fasciitis that I realised it was the same thing! I put up with the pain for a good year or so taking anti inflammatories every night!!! I tried the ice, the rest, decent shoes, physio and in the end I had the operation!! Off work for a month and then at least another 5 months or so of rehab! And then I got it in the other foot (probably cause I was using that one so much while resting the other foot)... couldn't afford the operation (or the time off work again) so went to physio, and as per the first time, it did sweet bugger all!!
    Though I am so pleased to say that 26 kilos lighter and I am walking so much better now. Still get the occasional bout of pain but I was told that I would never totally be free of it!
    Hope you are lucky enough for your pain to ease off with footwear, ice etc...
    Take care xx
    PS Sorry for the ramble :)

  14. When I twist my bad ankle, I put my boots on and strap them up tight. That way I can't bend my ankle and I can walk. It still hurts, but it feels the best of all solutions. I'd try a pair of mens work boots and lace them up tight.

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  15. I had the same thing wrong with my foot Chris... It came right on its own... mind you it took about 6-8 months!

  16. Oh that fabric is so fun!! I think red would look nice with it.

  17. Sorry to hear about the trouble with your foot. I can recommend cupping (if you can find someone who does it) - it is better for plantar fasciatis because, unlike massage, it actually helps to separate the muscles and tendons rather than pushing them together as happens with massage.
    Take care and look after yourself !


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