Monday, May 27, 2013


Just remembered this from yesterday.

Before we did the grocery shopping, we decided to have an ice cream.
I told Stew I just wanted a little tub with ONE scoop of ice cream, then I toddled off to the bathroom.

When I got back, Stew handed me my little tub, but it had TWO scoops of ice cream, so I said :
"I only wanted ONE scoop!"
Stew said "It's OK, I will eat some of it"

Then this bloke standing next to me reached his hand out, palm up and said:
"I will have it, just tip it into my hand!"

Ha ha!  I just laughed and said Stew would eat it for me.  That bloke was serious!
I think I really disappointed him when I said no!

Also.... we ran into Steve and Bex as we arrived at the mall... and I yelled out "Hi".
Steve said to Bex something like "quick run!"

I watched him running from us, so I yelled out "Oi!  Come back with my BABY!"
And I started to run (YES, RUN), after him.

As I ran jogged, there was a woman between me and Steve, and she cried out "OH NO, What is happening?"
I said we were just joking around.... 

When I caught up with Steve and the baby, I looked back and that poor woman was still standing there watching us with a really worried look on her face!  Luckily Stew talked to her and told her we were just being silly.

WHOOPS!  I think I should be a bit more careful of what I yell out in malls.  

OH,  Steve has demanded I tell you all this:
He and Bex made the pork dumplings and sweet and sour sauce last night FROM SCRATCH.
AND dessert was Apple Dumplings with a Cinnamon custard and white chocolate sprinkled on top!  All made from SCRATCH!

Now.. on to something else!  While visiting a bathroom at the mall yesterday, on the cubicle door I saw an advert for these:

ABOVE:  Libra Get Fresh Wipes.  Now I kinda thought, hmmm, not a bad idea.  But then I immediately also thought, what woman gets so 'un-fresh' down there during the day to such an extent that she has to "freshen herself up"... because she hasn't got TIME to freshen herself up, presumably the normal way? (like a shower or bath I suppose)  

So... would YOU need them?  Do I need them?  I'm kinda thinking I am just fine thank you very much!

I might be totally wrong?  

So tell me: Do GUYS need to 'freshen up down there' too?  Where are the Libra Get Fresh Wipes for MEN?

Or is it just us women who might need to 'freshen up' our nether regions during the day???

I started out thinking it might be a good idea to have some.
And ended up feeling a bit offended.



So... Bex just said to me, what about if you are stuck at work all day, and have your 'monthly'... those wipes could be good to help you 'freshen up' during the day. Yep, that would be good.

I think their advert was just a little poorly worded.

Took this cute video of Coco, Ted and the big kids:

ABOVE:  trying to demonstrate just how cute Coco is when she wants her belly rubbed.

I just got dinner in the crock pot... a hearty beef and tomato stew.  It's going to be yum... but it won't be ready until much later than our usual dinner time.  I've been distracted by other things this morning.

Miss Keera has eczema, so I'm looking on the 'net to see what might aggravate the condition.

ANON:  any info will be helpful.  Keera has it on her face and it's now spreading down her neck. Poor wee bubba.  At least it doesn't seem to be bothering her too much yet.

Been a frustrating day.  I soooo wanted to deal to Lacy, call  her a f**kin liar.  But I haven't seen the proof.  So... she gets away with lying AGAIN no doubt.

Well... it's been an interesting afternoon.  I can't wait till tomorrow... I'm going to see Lacy.  I want a word with her, and I want to see Keera's face for myself.

End of Day:  I am going to bed tonight knowing today went well.  And tomorrow should be a good day too.
nite nite


  1. Chris you are a real tonic you make me laugh so much,Cottonreel tells me you are having trouble with your heel, I have the same thing and I was in a lot of pain, my Dr. suggested an injection which I had and Bingo no more pain, do they do the injection in America?

  2. OMG and you call me "crackers" woman LOL you absolutely crack me up every day hahahah :)

    Steve, Bex, you two are fantastic, caring, loving people and those meals you both have been making sound delicious, where are you finding the recipes and how did you both learn to cook so well? I think it's great!

    I think I need some pictures of these meals BEFORE they get eaten - yeah I know, sad, but I really would love to see some if you guys don't mind as being stuck in the house nearly 24/7 for a couple years now is slowly sending me barmy (NOT crackers thank you very much miss chris!) LOL

    Anne oh and if you don't want to publish this post that's OK too as I think I'm not making much sense? Or am I? hmm

  3. You definitely made me laugh this morning! That poor lady at the mall... she probably had 111 on speed dial ready to go.

    as for the wipey things? What the??? I agree - surely you don't need that if you are having regular showers etc. but you just never know do ya... there could be people out there with issues... or its a big marketing ploy!

    Have a good day!


  4. About those wipes... I have heard of many women who use these. Think about it... at work all day - drinks after work, hot date, hot man... need I say more? I've also read that prostitutes use them.. um.. between customers.

    I, on the other hand, do not seem to have the need since I have a bath or shower not a foot from my bedroom and I don't have spontaneous hot dates after work :)

    About the mall... it is a wonder the cops weren't called :)

  5. EWWW, prostitutes use these "between customers?"

    Well, I forgot what *I* was going to say after having read Lynda's comment!!

  6. Mostly I think all those extra "feminine" products are just very gimmicky and a complete waste of money.... although I have to say, if I was in a new relationship and getting very *busy* it might be nice to freshen up!!!.... But those days are long gone!

    PS: that dinner sounds absolutely divine - lucky you! xxx

  7. Sorry Happy Elf Mom.... seriously, I've read that!! Perhaps I should delete that comment :)

  8. Dessert sounds I'm hungry! Not for the pork though. It's the one meat I don't really care for (sorry Steve and Bex!).

    I'm surprised mall security didn't wrestle you to the ground! That would've been good for some pictures, surely?

    As for feminine wipes...yes, I've read that too, Lynda! And if you needed an emergency clean up, well, sensitive baby wet wipes? With four children, and usually a few of other people's too, I always have some in my bag...hands, faces, little asses (can I say ass?)... Oh, am I the only one that thinks 'drawers' are knickers?? So when you said you were cleaning out your drawers, I did wonder for a moment what you kept in them!!

  9. I actually keep a packet of baby wipes in my bag for "that time" because it dries so quickly that one needs something moist to clear up the mess :-) TMI? Probably, but I could see they might be handy for that. Or, that unexpected visit with a boyfriend and you don't have time to shower first :-D

  10. My doctor and he is an expert in this "area" told me before that water is all you ever need to clean you know where. Not even soap. No wipes, no nothing. The less chemical the better.

  11. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Aww poor wee KEERA umm being a mother with 3 kids with eczema it could be anything now a days, but most common aggrevation of this is acid foods, diary products or change of washing powder or even dust particles. Anything now a days, hopefully she has a mild case of eczema and wont need much to keep under control.I have heard of a specialist thats works in mt wellington i cant seem to remember his name ATM when i do i will let you know.

  12. Penny3:25 PM

    I can imagine wipes or something being useful when you are caught out with your period or in other situations but for that very reason, it being unexpected, I never have them on me when I need them! But I do agree that they are generally overhyped, and that chemicals and soap are not necessary and in fact can be harmful down there (if you want TMI, I have a bad UTI at the moment which is a good example of the trouble that can be caused).

    I have to say, I did buy baby wipes once for the car and David questioned me on the point of it. Two days later we were in the car driving to Onehunga to buy my sewing machine and we stopped at the service station. I bought a K-bar (for overseas readers, basically a flavoured toffee candy bay that can kind of wreck your teeth if your aren't careful). I was eating it in the car and sneezed - got sticky mess everywhere. I said to David "that's why having wipes in the car is not a waste of time/money". Nice timing to prove my point!

  13. Haha your post today made me GASP LAUGH and SNORT !!!! Steve and Bex you know Chris is gonna pay you pack big time for that and Chris I am hoping your knickers didn't fall down whilst running!!!

  14. Try Zinc and castor oil ointment

  15. How are Teddy and Coco skin problems

  16. Up to many entertaining exploits, I see! Poor little one with her skin problem. Cute video of Ms Need Attention. Keep well, take care.


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