Friday, May 03, 2013


When I dragged myself to bed last night my feet were KILLING ME.

Seriously... having sore feet is the pits.  I feel like an old woman!  If it's not the heel giving me grief, it's the new shoes.
The balls of me feet are friggin sore!  How the hell do women were high heels?  It has always been beyond me.

So, if my feet improve during the day we may venture out.  

Until mid morning I won't know.  So I'll do a few jobs around the house and muck around with fabric.  I'm sorting all my Fat Quarters out, trying to put them into rough groups.  Colours, animal prints, nautical themed, stripes etc.

Any excuse to play with me fabric I suppose.

Oh... last night after dinner Bex said she felt like  something sweet.
And I remembered there is a box of chocolates in the fridge.  And I kept thinking about them all night.

 They are still in the fridge.  
And that's the way they will stay.

If I can leave them alone when I really, really want to devour the lot... then I know my resolve is working well.

That probably doesn't make much sense ... but if I go to bed each night knowing I have not taken that box out of the fridge and eaten some... I FEEL GREAT.

And I'd rather have that damn good feeling over a moment's satisfaction eating a chocolate can give me any day!

That being said, tonight is my one meal a week OFF.  Where I can have one meal of anything I desire.  Hmmmm... will give that some thought during the day.

ABOVE: Dante in his Bumbo seat, transfixed on his 'rattle socks'.  Bex's brother and sister-in-law gave them to him, and he's only now finding them fascinating.

ABOVE:  Bex bought these dungarees for him and he finally fits them.  He looks so darling in them.

Right, that's enough from me for now... I'll be back later...


Getting dressed this morning and hmmmm... I'm running out of clothes!  Ones that fit anyway.
So I said to Bex, let's go to Sylvia Park to a particular shop and see if I can find a couple more to last me over winter.
Didn't find anything.

Oh sure, I could have gone to K & K and paid through the nose for a couple of dress\tops, but I am not wasting that sort of money on clothes that will not fit me in a few months!

So we wandered around, and ended up at the Warehouse, as Bex wanted to find a dressing gown.

We didn't find a dressing gown.  Instead, we both bought PJ's.

ABOVE:  I have never worn PJ pants ... but I'm gunna give them a go.  I quite like the idea of throwing on me PJ's after dinner and being comfy.
Steve and Bex do it all the time, so shall I now.

And yep, Bex got some of the pants too.

What else?  Oh yes, we ran into a girl who reads me blog (Kate) and her little girl.  Lovely to see ya Kate... and I can't wait until your Tupperware Party.  *squeals* ... it's been years since I went to a Tupperware Party!

JULIE: no I haven't tried inserts yet.  I am hoping the new shoes, which are very supportive of the arch will do the trick.

Now... off to catch up on some Home and Away...


  1. Leanne6:54 AM

    I find I get really sore feet also and can only wear certain shoes, which usually are good walking shoes with a thick sole for support, I can't wait until I can buy trendier shoes to wear, keep up the good work Chris, you are doing amazing

  2. I know what you mean about sore feet. I get them if I am on my feet too long an then I can barely walk. I hobble like an 80 year old.

  3. Good work on staying strong. I am not sure how I am going to cope at home while A is away - I tend to eat when I am by myself. I don't have 'cheat' foods in the house but too much of good things is still not great. Higher calories in compared to calories out means that it isn't helping my cause !!! Mind you, until I get off this bloody medication, I don't think anything will change my weight issue. I just need to be patient.
    Hope your feet feel better soon - do you have a foot spa you could soak them in for a little while ?
    Have the best day !

  4. He's like what are these clothes things?? haha So used to seeing him half naked!

    Have you tried inserts in your shoes? Around here if you go to a running store they can fit you for shoes that work with how you walk.

  5. That box of chocolates funny you have so many people an dvisitors in the house that if they all had 2 choccies each that would probably only leave you with one chocolate anyway!

    Dante will be growing out of that seat soon hope he not wearing those socks when he starts standing and walking as I feel there may be a few banged head moments!!

  6. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Hush puppies are great shoes - I am on my feet quite a bit and swear by my hush puppies but you need to ease into them huh

    While the box of chocolates is sealed and unopened they are safe... as soon as someone opens the box they are fair game and I would be eating my fair share!!

  7. Hi ya, try KMart, I find it good for bigger sizes that are cheaper and aren't old lady style.

  8. Pyjamas look so comfy. Your resolve now is just fabulous and its a good feeling not to be giving in to temptation isn't it. I've started taking baths a few nights a week to get away from the kitchen after dinner and it makes me nurture myself and not eat. Have a great weekend and I hope to feet feel a bit better - get the kids on to a nice foot massage for you!

  9. Was nice to see you and to meet Bex and Dante, Brylee and Griffin, ALL lovely! Am going to steal that Dante next time... he's soooo cute.

    And. More importantly, i forgot to say that you are looking so good!

    Must catch up again one day soon - will keep you posted with address etc. for my PARTAY... hee hee.


  10. Day before yesterday, my wife and I discovered that women will wear shoes that hurt their feet, men will not.

    his yrigett

  11. Finding a comfy pair of shoes is freaking impossible sometimes. Great pictures of the baby is so cute. Hope you are feeling better. Have a good weekend.


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