Monday, May 20, 2013


Today I shall drive Brylee to school, as she has just a bit more than usual to take with her.
She's off to camp.
About an hours drive away from here.

I hope she has a really good time, even though the weather forecast is for a fair bit of wet weather.
I've got her some thermal underwear to keep her warm at night (long sleeves and long-johns) ... she's going to need them.

So, this week should be.... QUIET.  Because you know when Brylee's in the house.  It usually means her gob is going non-stop... she has to have the last word.  And she loves nothing better than to rile Griffin up.  

So, it will be a different week for us.  As I said... QUIET.  I am going to enjoy quiet.  *smiles*

Once I've taken her (and Griffin) to school, it's back home to kill an hour before I take Bex and Dante to the Dr's for Dante's 5 month immunisations.

Last time they jabbed him in both thighs he screamed holy blue murder.  It was hard hearing him that upset.  He had never cried like that before, and I'm thinking we are in for a repeat.  I'm not looking forward to that.

Once we allowed to leave... I think we will come home so I can do my usual Monday morning catch up on the housework.

THEN I might finish the sewing machine cover before trying to make sense of the Dresden Plate Quilt.

I need to work out what's what, what I have to work on next with it.  I know I've got masses to do yet!

While Lacy was here yesterday (came to take Keera home)... Keera was on the brink of crawling:

ABOVE:  just a little video to show you just how close she is to being 'on the move'.  Lacy almost cried, she's so proud of her bub.

OK... time to go and make the lunches, bla bla bla... I'll be back later.


Brylee has gone off on camp.  She almost cried when I went to leave, so I stayed with her until she could find some girls from her class to be with... then she was happy again.

So... again Dante had a screaming fit at the Dr's.  Can't blame him, two injections into each thigh at the same time.  Ouch.  At least today he did settle down a bit quicker.

Went and posted Chris D's parcel... sorry Chris, but the mall we went to on the weekend had a Post Office that was closed.  So, you should get it by the end of the week.  It might even arrive on your BIRTHDAY!  (23rd)

While down in Manurewa, I popped into the Hospice Shop and spied a gorgeous little bowl... and umm... just had to have it.

ABOVE:  stunning ... if ya like glass bowls!  

Going to read some blogs now...

Very productive afternoon.... if ya can call sleeping productive!  I lay down at about 4 pm cos I felt really tired... and next thing I know Bex is telling me to wake up cos it was 1/4 to 6!
Shit.  Luckily I had put the meat in the oven before I fell asleep.

I've not had a 'Nana Nap' in months!  Must have needed it eh?

While I slept, Bex made her first little Fabric Baby Book... it's cute.  I'll show ya later.

Right now I've got to finish getting the dinner organised.  Tatties and go with the Lamb Chops with onions, cooking in Thick Mint Sauce.  YUMMY.

End of Day:  well... I've not been idle this evening, I did a bit of sewing.  Will show ya tomorrow ... Bex did some too.
nite nite


  1. It's always hard taking little bubbas for their immunisations! I hate them :(

  2. Hope Brylee has a great time - enjoy the peace and quiet! I shall hang out for that when Rachel is old enough for camps :)
    Yay for Keera almost crawling - how exciting! Nothing will be safe then :)
    Hope Dante is feeling ok after his jabs! I hated taking Rachel to those - always made Stephan come with me (lucky that our Dr's is open at the weekends so always did them then).
    LOVE the glass bowl! That is glorious! I should go and check out our local hospice shop one day - it's just up the road from my new job so I should be able to get there more easily in a few weeks!

  3. O love that bowl! I've got a thing for crystal and glass bowls - maybe because of the trifle I like to eat from them?? I can see why you had to get that one.

  4. cute video :) Once she gets that foot out there will be nothing safe haha.

    I hope Brylee has a good time!

    I always hated taking the kids for shots :(

  5. Poor Dante! I hated having to get Julien's immunizations! Yay Keera! And I love the glass bowl:)

  6. Yum... lamb chops in minty sauce.. you've made me want to change from my mince I was having.


    Anyhoo - better go cook tea - look forward to seeing Bex's book.



  7. Poor Dante :-(.

    Keera is growing so fast, nearly crawling, next she'll be walking.

    You obviously needed that nap this afternoon.

  8. Keera nearly crawling holy , hope Brylee has a nice time and you all have a nice time at home. LAMB and mint yummmmmmmmmmmm.

  9. I don't like shots, so I can imagine what it is like for a little one! I would yell bloody murder, too, if I didn't think I'd be removed by security, ha ha.

    The bowl is beautiful! I have a blue glass one I am always afraid of breaking but thought was too pretty to pass up.

  10. It looks like that glass bowl has a rim of milk glass . I would have wrestled you in the shop for that bowl . I have looked for milk glass for a very long time . They are collectors items .
    I hope Brylee has a great time .
    The last picture I saw of Dante I wanted to gobble gobble his fat cheeks.He's gorgeous

  11. Forgot to say , Go girl Keera xx


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