Tuesday, May 07, 2013


Well... if the weather forecasters have it right, we should be having a nice fine day today.
I'm up for that... the past three have been pretty ghastly.

TODAY:  well... Bex has a Dr's appointment, so I shall take her down to Manukau and look after Dante while she's busy.
Then on our way home we are picking up Lacy and Keera, who will spend the rest of the day with Bex and Dante.

I meanwhile, will be doing my shift at the Hospice Shop from 1 - 5 pm.  
There is bound to be treasure.  I really can't imagine me ever leaving a Hospice shop without  SOMETHING!

ABOVE: Dante getting weighed yesterday... there's not much room left on that scale!
He's such a chubby boom-ba!

Tomorrow is DAY 90 of my Onward For Life Plan.  I'm not feeling confident of a really good loss this time.  As my piddle pills have been cut back I'm retaining a lot of water.  That pisses me off, but if I want my kidneys to last the distance it's just how it has to be I suppose.

I had a 'sneaky' peak on the scales yesterday and it did show a loss, but not as much as I'd like.  That made me a bit crabby.
OK... a lot crabby.

As I'm not into starving myself, I will just have to try and work harder to shift a few more kilos in the next 30 days.
And watch PORTION sizes more carefully, and have less BLOODY CAKE!  I know I've limited my 'evil' intake to once a week, but clearly I need to limit it more.

Oh, I'm also self weaning off the antidepressants.  I'm tired of taking bloody pills for this, that and the other thing.
I want to get to the point where I'm taking NOTHING if possible.
So... I am taking the antidepressants every other day INSTEAD of daily ... let's see how that goes!

OH yeah, AND I refuse to take statins for high cholesterol too.  I am going to talk to the Diabetes Nurse this morning and ask for all the results of my cholesterol test.   If the high reading was for the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein - the 'good' cholesterol) then I don't see why I should be taking statins that come with well known nasty side effects.

Thank god for Dr. Google (& friends!)  IF the results showed I really do need medication to lower the 'bad' cholesterol, then I'm giving another avenue a try first, before Statins.

Another point:  3 months ago I was told to take medication for High Blood Pressure.   I didn't take them.  And my blood pressure came down ALL. ON. IT'S. OWN.  Hmmmm....  we wouldn't have know I could 'fix' that with diet if I'd taken the darn pills eh?  

How many people are prescribed medication and take it on faith they 'need' it?  Makes me wonder.

NOT that I advocate anyone NOT taking their medication ...  I just don't plan to ever again without giving other avenues a go first.  And making informed and educated decisions about my own health, instead of just taking every medication handed to me as a given.


Home after our trip to the Dr and mall.  I bought two new tops for winter, so I'm happy again.  There is nothing quite like retail therapy!
We picked up Lacy and Keera...

ABOVE:  Keera just loves the dogs!

ABOVE:  She gets so excited!

ABOVE:  Teddy had no choice but to stay there, she had him by the 'cone'!  lol

Almost time to go to the Hospice shop.

I always said my OFL Plan was not about the numbers... but sometimes it's hard not to feel a bit disappointed when one has been trying hard and it's not reflected on the bloody scales.
But... ONWARD... because I will get it sorted and I will make steady progress DOWNWARD.

ANON:  re: diet soda.  Ain't going there... it's a lost cause... and I am not totally ignorant to it's effects.  Luckily my kidney function is now normal.  

Thanks for your nice reply ANON.  Often when I 'reply' to comments like yours I get a bit defensive then get accused of being nasty.  So I tried to be less defensive.  It worked!
Yaaa for that.

Off to Hospice now...

Thanks for all the positive comments about my little hissy fit with the scales.  I don't want the numbers to matter, I really don't.  But there's that evil little mind game going on... I will crush the evil thoughts out of my head!

Hospice today was lovely... it's so nice there.
I bought a few items of clothes for Brylee.  There is never anything there for Griffin.  We don't get many boys clothes in... funny that.  Boys KILL their clothes, so they cannot be handed down!  I should know, having raised 4 boys.  (yeah, and 4 girls).   How lucky am I???

Sarcasm ... lol!

Bex has dinner on... it smells so nice too.  Lamb chops and veges.  Drooling already.

End of Day:  So... a busy day, lots of on me feet time so my left heel is very sore tonight.  Because I try to use different parts of my foot and leg to keep off the heel a bit while walking, I end up with aching foot, leg, knee, hip you name it!  I hope it eases up soon.  I really don't want to contemplate cortisone injections!  Hell no!  
nite nite


  1. Remember Chris, ANY loss is a good loss. Don't be too hard on yourself. Lord knows you've got a LOT going on. Keep up the great work.

  2. Don't let the weight worry you - health first. I'm loving that you are questioning the medications! I think it is easy for doctors to prescribe medication and so many people won't make the changes necessary instead. Getting your blood pressure down was a BIG thing and will make such a difference to your overall health, as will the change in eating.

    If you remember to tape that Dr Oz show today, they are talking about why people just don't need statins and how good cholesterol actually is for us!

    Have a good day - treasure awaits!!

  3. Doctors see heaps of people every day and we are just numbers to them... it's a formula to them - high numbers = prescribe a pill to fix it, without any regard to our lifestyles, what we do, stress levels, changes we are making. A big picture is needed always! Good on you for researching!!

  4. Agree with Lynda and Lyn - good on you for researching and making health choices rather than relying on medication!! I have come off my 2 medications since loosing weight (one was just "the pill" and the other was anti depressants - I self weaned off them).
    And yes a loss is a loss so don't focus on the number so much - focus on how you are feeling within yourself and concentrate on the next 30 days!!!

  5. Do you think the slight crabbiness is in direct result to decreasing antidepressants? Doctors don't get me started informed choices and questioning is always ok and a second opinion when it is your health I jope the SUN improves everyones moods HOW was the warm bed?

  6. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Maybe you should google diet soda and kidney function.

    Is water really that bad? For an adult?

  7. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Fair enough - good to hear it's normal now.

    There are worse vices I suppose!

  8. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Your reply to my initial comment was measured and pleasant - I appreciated that :)

    Good luck for tomorrow - any loss is better than no loss, and infinitely better than a gain. You will get there.

  9. Chris I let the numbers play with my head but its all really about getting healthy isn't it? And any loss is food. We have to learn to not let the scales dictate how we feel. Be proud of yourself and your medical tests show you are doing great. Some months will loseore than others. You are an inspiration at the moment. Keep going. Xx

  10. Chris, what you are experiencing is normal plateauing. Don't do drastic things like further reducing your portion sizing, or skipping your one evil meal. It will pass. Try changing your exercise routine. See, over time our bodies adjust to what we do, or lets face it, people who eat healthy all the time would continue to lose weight, right?

    Allow that it's just a glitch and move forward. DO NOT let it disappoint you, it happens to everyone. Do a couple of weeks of walking around the block to kickstart again. And keep that one evil meal. You will be surprised at how good it is for you.


  11. I know it can be disappointing when the scales don't move, however, have faith in what you are doing, hold your head high, you're doing so well Chris, move forward to your next 30 days and don't worry, be happy, cheers.

  12. I agree with Froggy - don't reduce further! In fact, I would increase the size of your plate but have more vegetables. The fluid thing will only be for this month's weigh in so don't worry.

  13. Hang in there Chris. You know you are doing everything right, you know what you are doing is good for you and your health....the results already show that. Even your one evil meal..that also is good for you!

  14. I too have a love hate thing going with my scales. If they show a good result I love them - but if it is not the result I want - well yes umm - I think PATHETIC is putting it nicely.

    You are doing so so well, when you feel like chucking the scales across the room, have a look at your blood pressure results & all those other good things :-). Then give the scales the fingers :-)

  15. If it's water, I don't think you need to worry about it.
    I look forward to reading tomorrow about what you bought at the hospice shop. I hope you earn more than you spend!
    harbac the

  16. Hi Chris. I agree with the others, don't focus too much on the scales - but more on how you are feeling with your new lifestyle. Re the fluid retention - try googling foods that have natural diuretic properties (an example: http://www.wikihow.com/Treat-Fluid-Retention) . I'm sure I read celery was one of them. Maybe you could introduce some of the healthier options from the list into your meals to assist with the fluid retention.


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