Sunday, May 05, 2013


Right... it's finally happened.
I'm cold!

Winter has finally arrived with a vengence.
We have had some amazing rain and thunder storms, and today is supposed to be more of that.

Lovely.   I have hardly anything that will fit me this winter!

Yikes.  I better lose some more weight so I can fit a few of my 'Large' clothes!  NOT the X-LARGE stuff.

I'm having so much fun putting clothes aside for my friend down in Wellington.   Karen... I've almost got another parcel ready to send to you!

Today?  Well Steve, Bex and Dante are going to Sylvia Park Mall.
And we are going to St Lukes Mall.  Because that's where Griffin wants to go!  WHY?  Because St Lukes has KFC in their Foodcourt!
He is lead by his stomach ... rather typical for a boy.

That's fine... I can have a browse around all the fashion shops and dream of next summer, when I WILL BE at least 30 kilos smaller!

I WILL.  Just watch this space.  I'm already over half way there.

Sorry, I've not got any photo for today so far...  


Wearing sneakers yesterday was great.  My foot didn't start to hurt until late in the evening!
I'm going to wear sneakers again today for sure.

So... St Lukes was ... just another mall really.  We had lunch, we wandered around, we came home.  Whoop.
Feeling a bit flat today.  

Tried on jeans at Farmers.  Shouldn't have.  Should have known better.
It's NOT time to try on jeans!
Or anything much actually.

I will make do with what I already have and then get some jeans etc after winter.  

Had a three hour long 'conversation' (*text messages*) with our youngest, Mike today.  It was really nice to hear from him.  He's rather remiss in keeping in touch is our Mike.  He reads the blog most days, so feels like he's up to date with all of us... but forgets that we don't actually hear from him!  

I'm now off to continue working on Chris D's bag.
KAREN IN WELLINGTON:  sorry Chick!  I have about 4 friends/blog readers who are named Karen!  Gets confusing I must admit.

 ABOVE:  Steve and Bex arrived home after us... they did some shopping.  I didn't!  So, I'll just have to show you their shopping.  lol

ABOVE:  My 'Men in Black'.  Both watching the rugby on TV.  *sigh*

Being prepared.... just went around the house making sure everyone has a torch for if the power goes out tonight.  There have been storm warnings in place all day for a large part of the country.  Expecting gale force winds, thunder storms and possible hail.  Can't wait!  lol

End of Day: well we have the wild wind and rain, but no thunderstorms as I head off to bed.
Probably miss it while we sleep. 
nite nite


  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I sure wish I had your problem of smaller clothes! Enjoy the whole process!!! ♥♥♥

  2. Funny that boys and food, same mind thought here! We had heavy rain but no light show, murky day but warm ish ( for Taupo . How did your foot end up?

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Hehe I'm loving your first parcel Chris. Had a lot of compliments yesterday about my 'new' dress! They didn't mention my weight but since I haven't seen my friends for a year they don't know how much I put on. Can't wait till that happens. KJ

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    How are your feet today? Have a good day out browsing and enjoy the last day of school holidays.

  5. With your sore feet, My hubby had the same problem and has been doing stretches that have helped. He just got an old business tie and tied off a loop at one end to flip his foot in and then pulls on the other end of the tie and stretches. I've started using it as well to do stretches in the morning before you get moving for the day. Have a nice day out at the mall.

  6. Enjoy your day and glad your feet weren't to sore yesterday after wearing sneakers all day. Hope today is the same.

    I must admit, I did have to read the bit about Karen in Wellington as I hadn't received anything... LOL But glad to have seen that's been cleared by an earlier comment!

  7. Your looking fantastic and keep it going! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I know the "no way am I trying on jeans" feeling. It's no fun.


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