Wednesday, May 08, 2013

IT'S DAY 90!

90 days on my 'Onward For Life Plan'.
I can't believe it's been that long already.

And I will weigh in at lunchtime, give myself a chance to have a piddle or two (if I'm lucky!).

I never weigh my lightest in a day until the afternoon.

So... fingers crossed when I do stand on those bloody scales they say something positive!
I'm not asking for masses, just a modest loss would be nice.  
And don't go thinking I'm going to be surprised either!  I know what they said two days ago... the pissy, shitty scales!

Now... how about something nice?
Steve bought me an utterly gorgeous bowl from his work and gave it to me last night:

ABOVE:  It weighs a ton!  Easily useful as a weapon... lol.  But it's gorgeous!  I love the shape and cut, and it's a very handy size for a trifle or jelly... a big jelly!  Or Ambrosia.   Shit, now I'm going to dream about bloody Ambrosia!

And when I get an idea in me head... well it's got to be acted on!  So, Friday night's evil meal might just have to feature some Ambrosia!  

Already drooling....

Shit I'm a worry.  

Well ... I am determined to have a lovely, lovely day today, no matter what.  I feel good.  I feel more positive today because I know that I can only get better.  My foot may be giving me shit, but I can easily jump on my exercycle or cross trainer to get some much needed exercise ...  whenever I want to.


I forgot to add.... the bowl was a Mother's Day present... early.  

I'm going out this morning, we need a new broom.  I know, it's not exactly exciting shopping for a new broom, but for someone like me... ANY shopping is fun.

So... Lacy, Bex, babies and I went to the Warehouse where I bought a lovely green broom... I will spare you a photo!
Then we popped into the Hospice shop... then on to the mall for lunch.
As I was already expecting a shit weigh in, I decided to have butter chicken.
ONLY  I did NOT have any rice... or chicken!  I only wanted a little bit of the sauce.  With a Nan bread.  Seriously, it was stuff all so I didn't feel guilty.  I am totally OVER sushi as a 'good' lunch.

Too much of anything can quickly become ikkk.

Now that we are home, I stripped off and did the 90 DAY weigh in.
DRUM ROLL..... I lost 4.5 kilos. (9.9 pounds)

So... in 90 days I have lost 18 kilos (39.6 pounds). 

Hanging head now.  I did not expect that after the scales only saying 3 kilos the other day?  Weird.  But I will take it ... and do better over the next 30 days!  I know I can.

Dante weighs 9 kg.  Keera weighs 9.5 kg.   I've lost BOTH of their weights!!!  And carrying them around the mall today was murder on me arms! Puts my loss into perspective I suppose.
Or, I could do this:

ABOVE: December


That looks better.

Stew... has not lost any weight lately, but he is certainly working on his fitness, which is just as good.

The bowl... yes it's old.  The old ones are always the best ones.  I've got an old crystal bowl that belonged to Stew's Mum too... will take a photo and show ya soon.

End of Day:  clearly it's been a rather good day! I really didn't expect a 'decent' loss ... so I can go to bed tonight happy.
nite nite


  1. I love the bowl! My favourites are those old crystal ones like our grandmothers had. Don't worry about the scales, just keep on doing what you are going :)

  2. I needed that bowl on Sunday when I made trifle in remembrance of Mum. It was her birthday and she always made trifle for special occasions. Now I'm paying the price for overindulging on dessert 3 days in a row.

    All my bowls seem to be hiding in boxes somewhere in the spare room.

    All the best for your weigh in... can't wait to see how you did because you've had an awesome 3 months improving your health.


  3. Bit random but looking at Keera yesterday how many teeth does she have now?

  4. Love the bowl! It is gorgeous! I have a couple that used to be my Nana's and I love them!!
    Have fun broom shopping!!
    Will check back in at lunch time to see how you got on but like Lynda said - don't worry about the numbers - just keep on doing what you are doing as it is working :)

  5. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Yes, that is a lovely cut glass bowl. It looks like it might be old! Is it? Hope your weight showed up as a good loss!!! ♥♥♥

  6. love the glass bowl very cool present steve. Dont worry about the number on the scale lol easy to say I know keep up the awesome work you rock chris.

  7. Good luck with he scales Chris. But no matter eat they say you know in your heart you are doing great.

  8. well done great loss chris see i told you ya rock :)

  9. that is heaps.. well done Chris x

  10. Well done on the loss, its taken me months to loose that much

  11. Wooohooooooooo - well done - great loss and a great attitude !
    Have the best day and good luck with the next 90 days.

    Aim so very pleased for you Chris. Make sure you reward yourself with something special. Massage? Pedicure? Movie? You deserve it. Karen

  13. Yeah!!! Losing at a steady pace is excellant! Your attitude is also so very helpfull. How is Stew doing? It always seems easier for men.

  14. Fantastic result. Be very proud and I agree with Karen-a reward is well deserved.

  15. Bloody heck woman, even the 3kg would have been fantastic! Well done, seriously fantastic!!

  16. Woohoo another awesome loss, well done & well deserved.

  17. Well done you! You're awesome sauce.

    Keep up the super duper work. Lookin good.



  18. That is a great loss! You are doing so well..... no sabotaging now!!! xx

  19. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Great work!

  20. Chris that's fantastic result for the 30 days and the 90 days, wow! Awesome, happy dance, congratulations, you look fabulous in the may photo!

  21. Anonymous7:31 PM


    Congratulations of the loss! great result for the 90 days!

    ps..can I pay you to lose my weight?lol



  22. Well well see for all your posturing and huffing you lost that much so NO MORE whinging!!!! take a loss as a loss no matter what the number BECAUSE you have nearly lost 20kg and your photo recent looks fabulous!!

  23. Anonymous8:01 PM

    First time to comment, should have done yonks ago sorry, but just wanted to say well done! You look great and I'm impressed with your resolve to make your plan a sustainable one, go you!
    Fi in Melbourne

  24. Wish I could catch your determination !! Amazing weight loss.

  25. Awesome result Chris! You are definitely doing something right! Love the bowl too!

  26. You are looking fabulous Chris. :)


  27. woohoooo awesome doing so well...onwards.....

    ohh BTW love the bowl. :-)

  28. Feeling better and looking better....great rewards for all your efforts. Good Job!

  29. I don't get it, isn't losing 40 pounds good? Why are you hanging your head?

    utgnedn become

  30. What are you talking about??? That is a HUGE loss, 3kg would have been fantastic too. You are doing so well , CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  31. WTG on the weight loss!

  32. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Wow you look awesome Chris. What a difference. Well done. You're an inspiration. Kj


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