Thursday, November 01, 2012


Today will be the third time we have arranged an access meet with Keera's Bio Father.  First time he would not come... too little notice he said.
Then the second time we had to cancel as Keera was sick.
Maybe today it will actually happen?

If it does it will be the first time HE has ever seen Keera.
Even though in his SWORN court papers he has lied and said he visited Lacy and Keera in the Hospital AND he came to OUR HOME and saw her here too!

What the fuck?  I am sure there are several HUNDRED readers of my blog AND my Private Blog who can attest to the fact that that lying bastard has NEVER seen Keera and has NEVER been in my home!

OMG he is gunna regret lying like that... we can PROVE he has never seen the baby or been in our home.  AND we can prove he was NOT living with Lacy when Keera was born... another lie.
Clearly we are dealing with a person with NO scruples and who wouldn't recognise the truth if it hit him in the face. 

OK... so let's move on to something really lovely:

ABOVE:  Have you heard that kids rhyme "I'm the king of the castle"  ... well Dill clearly is!  She lay on top of everyone and went to sleep.  It was just so cute to see.  The top photo is going to be one for my Trade Me advert.   

ABOVE: yesterday, just woke up... having a bad hair day for sure!

ABOVE: I put the fan on and she perked up... she rather liked the cool air.  So did I.

ABOVE:   Ahhh... NO... that baby is not one of mine! ...

ABOVE: Hmmm... such a lot of noise for such a small human... MUM... make it shut up!

Coco even paced around her... looking at me on and off... like... fix it Mum!  So funny.

Right... better go and do what I have to do... got to be at the mall for the meet up at 11am.   Ikkk.



  1. Good luck at the meeting today. Remember to keep your temper and to record the entire thing. Hugs...

  2. OMG those puppies and keera get cuter by the day im sure..Good luck at the meet today. Wheres teddy? I need a teddy update lol
    Try to have a good day

  3. I hope the visit goes as well as it can. I'll be thinking of you.

  4. Do what ya gotta do. Praying for STRENGTH for you and Lacy.

    PS Hope he doesn't show up tho.

  5. Those puppies are the cutest bundle of fluff...... Keera is gorgeous and her hair is amazing.........

  6. Those puppies are the cutest along with little Miss Keera - she is so cute!
    I hope the meeting is stress free!

  7. Keera is so cute! As are the puppies! They are growing so fast, it's amazing.

    And good luck with the other!


  8. Samuel said shit I use heaps of wax hairspray and product to try and get my hair to stay up!!! that cutie she goes to sleep and has the meanest hair!!!! lucky

  9. Good to hear things went well.
    Ive been checking back waiting for you to say it went badly.

  10. I think you have a winner in the pic for the Trade Me ad.....who could resist. I'm glad the meeting seemed to go well and that you have that behind you.

  11. Lovely to see you today - I wasn't "stalking" you and would have been long gone if we'd not lost that shoe!! Lacy is looking wonderful :)

  12. In this order
    Love Keera
    Love the puppies
    Love reading your blog

  13. Glad everything went good!


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