Saturday, November 10, 2012


First up today, Stew is picking up Lacy and Keera and going to Sylvia Park so Wade can have his access visit with Keera.

I would have gone, but I have two families due at 11am to visit with their puppies.
I love that the pups new owners can't wait to see them again... even before they take them home!  So, Peppa's family and Diesel's family are visiting us this morning.

Then this afternoon ANOTHER family is coming to visit with their puppy!  That is Roxy's family.  I understand they are going shopping today for things for Roxy.  I am sure their two girls will have fun doing that.

I am in daily contact with Miss Molly's family down in Hawera too... they are really excited that Miss Molly will be home with them by next Friday night.

I'm so glad I did my big house clean yesterday, all that needs doing this weekend is the washing.  
NOW... some ..... puppy photos........ OF COURSE!  LOL

 ABOVE: Chilli and Roxy running around on the grass... they just LOVE being out on the lawn.

ABOVE:  So often I just show photos of the puppies, and it is hard to judge just what size they are, so I took this one so you could see  how little they still are!

ABOVE: Miss Poppy, having a go at my camera strap... she had a blast playing tug-of-war with me.

ABOVE: Diesel giving me the once over...

ABOVE:  Somewhere under that pile of puppies is our Coco!  The pups love to jump all over her... and try and grab a sneaky drink.  This weekend will be the last time she nurses them.  The pups have to be weaned now!  The have to get used to getting all their nourishment from puppy food!  

ABOVE:  Darling Roxy... she is a lovely wee girl.

ABOVE:  This little darling is Chilli, still without a forever home.  He looked at that daisy for a while, then pounced on it and ate it!  lol

ABOVE:  Molly having a run around.  Chilli in the background watching her.

ABOVE: Chilli again... he has such a cute, interesting face.  

ABOVE:  Little Peppa, her new Mum is visiting her today.

ABOVE:  Molly spent ages with Griffin on the grass yesterday... here she is giving him a kiss...  and...

... then she bit him on the nose and ran off really fast!  It was so funny... yeah, you had to be there!  lol  Luckily she did no damage, and Griffin thought it was hysterical. 

ABOVE: half the troop having fun in the sun... and I love the daisy's!  The pups find them very intriguing ... then they eat them.

So... there ya have it.  We are going to have a nice day seeing people, sharing the pups with their new families.



Well... three families have visited their puppies, just one more to go for the day.
Everyone is loving their pups... and can't wait until next saturday when they get to take them home.  I'm so happy with all the people who are getting a puppy.

WHOOPS!!!   I have not had a chance to tell you!.... Chilli is now SOLD too.  All the pups have new homes, and it only took a week.
Chilli is going to a family in Palmerston North... which is just lovely.  We lived there 4 years ago.

The other cool thing:  he is now named 'PHANTOM' !  
Apparently the family liked my reference to him having a face like 'Phantom of the Opera'... that really made me smile.

Phantom gets to stay here until early December as his family are away on holiday and will collect him when they get home.

So we get to spoil him rotten for an extra 3 weeks.  Yaaa.

End of Day:  well it has been a busy day indeed! We ended up having 4 families come and visit their pups... spaced out over 7 hours.  Everyone enjoyed spending time with their pups, so cute to see.
I am now going to just relax and do NOTHING for a while!
nite nite


  1. I hope the visit goes well. Either way, I think it is great that Stew will be there.
    I love the pics of the puppies with the kids.

  2. lol luv the photos chris and i can just imagine you lying on the grass taking the pics :)
    Have a great day

  3. Great photos Chris... All such special little bundles of joy that will make 6 households very happy.

  4. awwwwwww how cute they all are Griffin and Brylee too, the pups are soooooo cute. Well done for Chilli/Phantom finding a forever home!! You couldn't even see Coco under that pile sheesh talk about mobbed!

  5. Yeah for having homes for all of them!

  6. Oh im glad chilli has a foreva home and phantom is a cool name

  7. Yayyyy! Enjoy those pups and your family visits. I'm so excited they'll be going to such great homes. You take awesome doggie pics, btw.

  8. It would be interesting (and funny) to see those dogs race on a track, like the greyhounds.
    Your top pic made me think of that.

  9. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Iknow it is a good feeling to have good homes for all the puppies. Phantom is a cute name. Wonder what they will call him for short?
    or maybe they wont. Sometimes I call Chevy Flu Flu or Poo Poo! lol, ....debbie


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