Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Phantom got his bath yesterday afternoon.... and he did EXACTLY what I thought he would do... he got the shakes:


After his bath he had the shakes for ages... and once he was dry... WOW!
His coat was super fluffy and GORGEOUS... he looks so different now!
Jackie... I think once he goes home to you he is not going to look anything like he did when you chose him!
For a start he is going to be so much bigger!
And his coat will have lightened up a lot too.

I hope you will recognise him!

Now who said they were missing puppy photos?  Well... let me give you some!

 ABOVE:  he looks like a little teddy bear!

 ABOVE:  snuggly little fluffy boy... sitting on top of my grandson... only one more week before Bex moves in permanently!  Then, once baby is born and they have sorted themselves out ... they might just move into their own place!  NOT that Stew and I mind them being here... we love it!  Everyone knows how much I adore babies... so having BABY FOE here all the time is going to thrill me to bits.

Whoops... got sidetracked!  Here's a couple more darling photos of Phantom:

ABOVE:  there ya go!  Gorgeous, freshly bathed Phantom.  He's stunning.  And spoilt rotten. 

Today?  Hmmmm.... not sure, but you can bet it will involve going out!  I spent all day yesterday getting the housework done... today ... I am taking off.  *smiles*

Sadly... I remembered that I have to re-do blood tests and piddle test for me Dr.  WILL do that this afternoon when the wait is not too long.

And I need to go to Telecom and change my plan... I'm paying WAY TOO MUCH for everything it would appear.

Bex and I will also pick up Lacy and Keera... we want to go girly shopping at Sylvia Park.  I am sure we will have a lovely day.


First off... we picked up Lacy and Babe... got to Sylvia Park and only spent half an hour there as Lacy was feeling sick... so I took her home again.
Then Bex and I went down to the local Supa Centre and did a little shopping:

  ABOVE:  I bought some stationery from Smiggle... and a new mouse pad... and from The Warehouse Stationery I got two big soft 'buckets' and Bex got two smaller ones.  They are so darn handy in the house!

 ABOVE: in Bond & Bond while I was getting the mouse pad I asked (not expecting them to have any) if they had any small personal fans... for the bloody hot flushes?  And they did!   So I bought two.  Cos I could.  They are awesome.

Once home we let Phantom out of his crate and he's having a whale of a time getting into mischief.
Just now he grabbed the power cord of my little reading light and almost dragged it off the computer desk!  Bex just lay on the couch like a beached whale and laughed her head off!  Then she got it off him.  lol

I don't know where the time has gone today!  Seriously... the day has just flown by.. and shit!  I haven't got anything out for dinner yet... YIKES... better do that right now.

Blood test and piddle tests DONE.  Yaaa for that.  Now gunna have a wee relax before getting dinner sorted...

Took off to Birkenhead tonight with Stew to look at a computer chair that is for sale on Trademe... will try and 'win' the auction cos it's a really nice comfy chair.

End of Day:  it's been a nice relaxing evening... even got to watch ONE programme on the telly too.
nite nite.


  1. Girly shopping! Hol-la! I love girly shopping...

    Phantom is gor-ge-ous!

    Have a great time shopping!

    Kelly in Cali

  2. Awwwwwwwwww he is so adorable and got the little who wouldn't love me look !Enjoy the shopping Phantom might cry while away as no playmates...

  3. I will miss the puppy pic's.
    I look forward to seeing the new baby photo's and more of Keera .
    My twin 9 week old g,grand,daughters are plumping up nicely

  4. Hope you remember your tests missy, no procrastinating lol

    Love the puppy pics :)


  5. Hi Chris! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Been loving the puppy pics. Almost makes me wish I had one to keep Ozzie company. Not sure I'm up to the whole training thing. But still...

    Rocket is the boss from Sydney who now owns our company. he's younger than me and so much fun, so nice to be working for a younger, energetic person. :-)

  6. cute little Phantom, so sweet after his bath :) I changed my plan with Telecom yesterday and I am now supposed to be saving $60.00 a month, great news! Plus ordered a new smartiephone, exciting! Glads you got your tests done and dusted.

  7. Wahoo.. tests all done! hope you had a nice relax. Phantom is a stunning wee man. He looks so fluffy like Molly after her bath.

  8. I agree Phantom is gorgeous and makes my heart melt!
    You're lucky your girls like shopping, my daughters hate it!
    I also love those bright coloured bins, they are so handy as wahing baskets and I have one at the back door for all the summer sun creams, hats, etc. that family are always looking for when they whip out into the back yard or pool. Use the old ones for garden rubbish as well.

  9. awww all the puppies have left but little phantom! I bet it seems quite without them all now!

  10. HAHAHAHAHA! A "wee" relax....

    Whew. *wipes eyes*

    Phantom is so cute!!

  11. I can tell by the tone of your voice that you had a nice day!

  12. Poor little puppy all by himself. Good for you taking care of business. Keep well.


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