Monday, November 26, 2012


I have been wanting a chair for my computer area in the lounge.  I've had me eye on an old leather computer chair on Trademe for 3 weeks... it failed to sell during it's first two weeks and was relisted, so I went over to the North Shore to see it, with a view to bidding on it last night,  just before the auction closed.

And... I won it!  Best thing?  Well there's three actually.
- I got it for $20 less than it's original list price.
- It is GENUINE leather, and feels lovely to sit in.
- It will 'go' with everything else in our lounge.

I am chuffed (thrilled) to have got it... stuff paying over $150-200 for a new one when you can get one that is just perfect and comfy as hell for so much less!

Wanna see it?  Ya or Nay... here it is:

ABOVE:  See?  Rather nice... well actually I just LOVE IT.  Will be picking it up just as soon as I hear back from the owner.

Right.. today?
Make an appointment to see the Dr about my test results, and make an appointment for Griffin's 11yr old immunisations. 
He was disappointed on saturday that he couldn't get it right there and then! Silly boy... he obviously hasn't had an injection in years. 

Sewing.... got to make cot and bassinet sheets for Bex.  She's bought the fabric.. all I have to do it cut it to size and hem them.  Simple.


Good morning so far... found out I've won a Blog Giveaway!  Score (2) in the last 24 hours!
Good things come in three's don't they?    Dumm dee doooooo....

I DID say nice things happen in three's didn't I?

Cos... This just arrived on my front door!

 ABOVE:  I can't believe a gorgeous Chick in Aussy sent me this parcel! And for NO REASON even!  Thank you so much Glenys, you made my day even brighter. ♥

ABOVE:  Glenys has sent 2 cute soft Giraffes, one for Keera and one for Bex and Steve's baby boy and a stationary pack for Brylee and Griffin.  Notice the pretty shell card too?  *smiles*  This Chick knows me... AND BEX!  Bex loves giraffe's.  lol
THANK YOU GLENYS... you ROCK!  We all know receiving a gift in the post can lift one's spirits.

It has been a very quiet day ... but my mind is very busy.  Lots of things going around and around and bothering me a bit.
But more on that tomorrow I think. (or not) 

It is getting closer to Christmas and I'm starting to fret a bit about just how BUSY it is going to be in our home. 
But also how lovely it is going to be to get to spend some real good quality time with the Aussy family ... and get to know Haylea, Sienna and Bodhi. 

Damn! I just realised I didn't call the Dr today.  Will do that first thing tomorrow. 

Coco has just gone mad!  Running inside and outside like a mad thing... little Phantom is utterly perplexed by her nutty running around!  So cute too.  He's trying to jump on the couch.  He gets himself all ready (quivering) then leaps... and smacks his face into the front of the couch!  TOO FUNNY! Sorry Phantom, you have at least 2  months to go before you will be big enough to jump onto a couch!

Steve came home with what he thought would be good news.  NOPE.  Just made my day go from sunshine to darkness.  Sad.

KATE:  no... he had a fleeting hair brained idea... but it would appear Bex killed it.  It did make me upset though... and the little shit said he was half winding me up anyway!  Karma Steve... wait for it ya shit.  *smiles*
HAPPY ELF MOM:  yes Steve is 100% OK.  lol 

End of day:  A lazy day.  A less that productive day.  A day of reflection.  A day of sadness too. Can't get over some people's duplicity. 
nite nite


  1. Way to go on the chair. It is really beautiful and looks very comfy.

  2. The chair is lovely! Congrats! WOW - you are going to have a super desk area. Hopefully you can pick it up today.

    Now, do you share this area with the kids?

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  3. Wow, I love the chair.

  4. Not only is the chair awesome, it's in excellent condition. You are an awesome shopper as well as a super-cool friend. :) ((hugggg))

    I'm very excited about the great changes going on in your home. Love to you and the family as always.

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Bex looks like she is carrying very low Just saying
    Mary H

  6. Woo hoo.....a great score on the's awesome. You can't beat real leather.
    Hope all goes well at the Dr's.
    You have given me some inspiration on making some cot sheets. I have only got 1 set for the bigger cot we have now and even then the top sheet could be wider. Duh!!! The answer of course is to make some like you :)Now just have to figure out how much material to buy and find my sewing machine LOL :)

  7. Congrats on the chair and the blog giveaway win.

  8. Fantastic score on that lush looking chair.
    Laughed about Griffin wanting his Ims, obviously they forget how traumatic it is as an infant :)
    Congrats on the blog win too, can't wait to see pics of the before and after results

  9. Chair looks great Chris and well done on the blog wins!

  10. That chair was a bargin alright looks lovely, surprise gifts always bring a smile....

  11. Score! Congratulations! xx

  12. I'm thrilled your parcel arrived today to be the 3rd nice thing. I think you're going to have the best summer ever with all your family and loved ones there are great days ahead. Cheers.

  13. What an awesome day you have had so far - you were right, good things happen in 3's.

  14. Anonymous6:55 PM

    oh dear. nothing too serious I hope?


  15. luv the chair
    poor phantom :) he wants to be up high lol....and bugga steve :)

  16. My computer chair is one that I picked up used too! I've had it for years, not as nice as the one you got but OK for me!
    I can imagine the dog trying and failing to jump up on the sofa. I remember when Sheba was trying to figure out how to go up and down the stairs. It didn't take long, but she has some hilarious facial expressions.
    Have a good week, it makes me feel good to know your Monday is over, mine is just starting. But now I know there is something beyond my Monday morning blues

  17. Hope all is well. Congrats on the win. Hope you get the house sorted away.

  18. Love that chair! Would have cost a bomb new!!!


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