Friday, November 23, 2012


Here is me 'ORIGINAL' RANT:

Yesterday I went to my first ever Farmer's Loyalty Card Holders Sale ... The pram Bex wanted was on sale for 40% off... so I got in a queue and waited and waited ... there were exactly 5 people in front of me when I joined the queue.  AN HOUR LATER... I got to the front of the queue... and asked for the pram.  They had 4 out in the store room... so I had to stand there and WAIT another 15 minutes while the sales lady went and found it!  Meanwhile... people behind me were getting just as crabby as me!

FARMERS:  next time you have a bloody sale... GET MORE STAFF to handle the customers!!!
It was damn ridiculous how long I and everyone else had to wait!!!  I am never going to a Farmers sale again.

I am not the most patient person at the best of times... I was right FUMING by the time I left.  Actually... I was that mad I wanted to scream at someone... but it wasn't the sales staff's fault... so I can home and fed wee Phantom and had a few lovely cuddles with him.

WILL I OR WON'T I SAY THIS?  I am really cross that I feel the NEED to do this...  SECOND RANT ADDED ON:
I am who I am.  I am not perfect.  I do not INVITE controversy on my blog.  I do not use thinly veiled criticism to point out other people's 'faults'... If I have something to say... I BLOODY WELL SAY IT. 

Lynda: if you are so insecure in what you have written on your blog, and you THINK I might take it that you were talking about me ... don't damn well EMAIL me to say you were NOT talking about ME! WTF?

I don't read your blog anymore, and have not for weeks.   
I will leave this topic now.  I don't need or want this sort of crap.

******EDIT:  It has come to my attention that you have done some hasty editing and deletion  of parts of your post yesterday.  
Well done Lynda... once again you have tried to make it look like I and several other people are going on about nothing. That is rather .... ummmm... a bitch thing to do.  AND OMG I could say so much more about your crap attitude, but I simply do not have the time.*****


TODAY?  Lacy and I have a meeting with her Lawyer in town.  That could be interesting.  Her court date Re: Custody and Access of Keera is coming up fairly soon... we need to be prepared.   I am going today at the Lawyers request... hmmmm.  I hope I can remember everything I want to ask her.  Might just take me trusty little voice recorder too... then I won't forget anything she says either?

I will be back around lunchtime...


Well... things are ticking along nicely with Lacy's Lawyer... we have some affidavits to sign next week.. then we will be ready for the court hearing.
It is amazing that Wade can have sworn affidavits saying some complete and utter lies!!!  How does he think he can get away with that??? *shaking me head*
It is NOT going to look good in court when his lies are found out, that's for sure.

While I was out... I was worried about wee Phantom... he really does not like being cooped up for long... so of course the very first thing I did when I got home was let him outside for a run around.
Did he do that?

 ABOVE:  nah, he found a discarded flower and ran with it... while Coco and Teddy watched...

ABOVE:  he lay down and chewed it up.  In the sun. I bet he moves soon, it's really hot outside today.

On my way home with Lacy and Keera we stopped in at Sylvia Park and I bought some summer sneakers ... been needing some for ages. I'd show you, but seriously... they are just SNEAKERS!  lol

Not sure what else I will get up to today... probably bugger all actually.  I didn't sleep that well last night, stressing a bit about the meeting with the Lawyer today.  Silly me... it was a doodle... she was lovely.

Lacy: Nothing was said to or about me PERSONALLY.... but the implied criticism on her NOW DELETED post (well... certain parts of it) yesterday could have annoyed MANY people, not just me.
It's the same old story with Lynda.

Write it on your blog. 
Wait for the reaction.
Then DELETE it.... AND then cry FOUL ... POOR ME ... I DON'T KNOW WHY CHRIS'S READERS HATE ME SO MUCH....It wasn't ABOUT YOU CHRIS... and so on.  If it wasn't about me Lynda, why the hell did you feel the need to email me and tell me it wasn't about me???  I'm not so dumb as to believe you any more.

At the end of the day, you can say whatever the hell you want on your own blog... I do!
But when you are using thinly veiled words to CRITICISE other people... it is not nice.



And with a very deep breath... I now hit ' Update'.


  1. Dearest Badass Sista Chris,

    I love who you are.

    You're authentic.

    You're real.

    Rock on!


    Nitty Gritty Badass Momma
    (aka Kelly in Cali)

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    well said. subject closed. lets move on.


    hope it goes well today


  3. Don't like Chris's blog? LEAVE.

    Good gracious, what is up with some people. Puppy cuddles, store sales and bits of food are somehow CONTROVERSIAL on your blog. lol have to say part of me is jealous because WOW aren't people reading your blog pretty closely? ha ha ha!

    On a more serious note, I am really really praying that Keera's needs are before the judge, that the judge is wise and ohh my that this dad does not get any unsupervised visits for ohhh 20 years...

  4. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Thank you Chris for being so honest and being just YOU.Keep it up just being you.

    I also love your new profile photo.

    Southgirl x

  5. Thank goodness that you got Bex's pram after all that wait. It's amazing how many stores want their sales to be big and successful, but don't put on extra staff to cope with the hoped for rush.

    Re your second rant ... We are all who we are, and sometimes our choices will differ from those of others - that doesn't make our choices right or wrong. We are all different - and sometimes there are things going on for us (physical, medical, psychological, environmental, financial) that impact on us that others don't see, thus why I like the saying "Don't judge me till you walk a mile in my shoes or live a day in my life". I can totally understand why you felt the need to rant Chris. Don't ever change being who you are. We all need to respect each other's choices, and if someone doesn't like what they read, then they can hit the "x" in the top right hand corner of your blog :)

    Good luck with the lawyer's visit.

  6. Hope all goes well at the Lawyers today and fingers crossed that he does not get unsupervised access for many a years to come! Does Lacy have any photos of him to prove that he did not have that tattoo of her name on his arm when she was still with him?
    As for your blog - I'm with you 110% of the way! And if people send you those sort of emails, there must be guilt somewhere in their minds!

  7. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Dumpty do.
    I hate hate hate bloody waiting in line. It makes me grumpy eg supermarket.Why do they have checkouts closed on a pay nights when the whole town is grocery shopping is beyond me. I received a survey from New World and repeated several times this message and told them I don't care about how their bloody produce looks if I have to wait 1/2 @ the checkout. Anyhow thats my rant (my survey was probably deleted for inappropraite language lol)
    Take a list of questions with you & a note pad to list down any questions you may think of while people are talking. And ask questions because they are being paid to do this.
    Mary H

  8. Rants done:-)

    Good luck today Chris, Lacy and Keera!

  9. I love how you say how it is. I don't comment often but I read your blog daily. Thanks for keeping it real


  10. Hey thinking of you today mate...hope it all works out at the lawyers.

  11. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I'M sure the waiting in line for hours for the Pram was madding! BUT, at least they didn't run out and you were able to make the purchase!!...AND... We wanna see the pram! Time for some Phantom photos too...debbie

  12. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Lynda and you no who you are.....Im sorry but...If you do NOT have anything nice to say about a person, Then dont say a dam thing. From Lacy

  13. Oh my god ..... Head up chris carry on doing what you do because you are truley an awesome women :)
    Glad it went well at the lawyers and just luv lil phantom and of course teddy and cocoa.Have a great weekend i do believe we are going to get a nice one for stew to enjoy :)

  14. Glad things went well at the lawyers. As long as lacy keeps just telling the truth and keeping her temper, his lies will unravel around him.

  15. Oo, goody, can't wait for lies to be found out in court. Yeahhhhh. Wisht you could blog it in pictures but just a good report will do, you betya!!

    PS Love you chicky.

  16. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Hi Chris, hope the appt with the lawyer went well. Loving all your gorgeous puppy pic's!

    Sorry to hear you've been upset by another blogger. I didn't see the comments & whether the post was intended to hurt you or not I don't know; but I do know that I don't read that particular blog as I found a lot of posts as someone else succinctly put it a little "patronizing & condescending" so stopped reading. I love that you are so passionate & fiery Chris; please don't let this situation get you down :0)

  17. Well Chris out of curiosity I popped over to Lynda's blog - haven't read it for a while - and I see she has changed it to invited readers only.

    To be fair, I think Lynda is well meaning and so thrilled with her low carb diet and the changes she has made that she is really keen to spread the word and probably overdoes it. A bit like a religious doorknocker who is dying to convert the heathens!

    I have been strictly low carb for years now and I swear by it, but I shut up about it. Noone wants to hear about it and that's ok with me!

  18. Anonymous5:25 PM

    ...."reformed smokers"....thats who she reminds me of. Good on her, but for goodness sake, stop preaching. Each to their own.

    Chris..just be you, end of story. Like you say, if they don't like it, stop reading.

    Lynda always seems to be following your blog...gawd, where does she get the time. What does she do, hang on your every word and just wait for something to comment on. I don't know her from a bar of soap but it seems to me she has entirely toooooo much time on her hands. Get a life perhaps?

    Just stay yourself, you are human and at least honest, unlike loads who say one thing and do another.

    Love from us in sunny Palmy. Michele xx

  19. *Grin* waves.....
    I see nothings changed Girl!! Woot!
    Love ya guts!

  20. Gee I work a 14hr shift today and I miss all the drama!! I am glad after all the waiting Bex and you got said pram, our Taupo store was understaffed and BUSY as, we unfortunately have the cycle race around the lake thing here (thats why I worked so long) did the MARAE cooking buzz for 90 people!! so town was and has been extra chaotic. I hope you have a lovely weekend and not long now until Bodhi Sienna Russell and Teresa and kids are here...

  21. Focus on the positive stuff, your great family, grandbabies on the way, Aussie son & family coming to visit.

    Strong personalities & misunderstandings are always going to create controversy. I am sure I have more to say but I think my brain has shut down for the night. Take care.

  22. Fuck 'em Chris. Sometimes it's not worth the fight hey. Stay true to yourself and don't change for anyone xxx

  23. Suzie Quattro2:59 AM

    oh dear, the diet queens are at it again!

  24. Focus on the positive and let go of the negative. The negative takes too much out of you. Not worth it.

  25. It's not me..I am Lyn and Lynda but not the ones you're talking

  26. Hilary Shell, Sheffield, UK8:02 PM

    Chris, is it the Lynda who brought Lacy some baby stuff not long ago? If it is I thought you guys were were buddies, having teas/coffees and all? Your friendship runs far too deep to just kiss it goodbye. If she did say those things on her blog, just forget/forgive it. Making true friends is so hard now days, so just let go. I will be worth it in the end, believe me.


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