Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Had a mental block for a title today... so ya get bla bla bla!
I made a blankie for Phantom (formerly Chilli):

ABOVE: He likes it too.  

ABOVE: pups in the lounge playing happily... I'm looking forward to hiring a 'Rug Doctor' once they have all left home.  Hmm... but then again... maybe it would be better to wait until AFTER Christmas and our visitors have gone home?  We will see.

ABOVE:  the pups are keeping us entertained with their little antics... they are just so cute.

ABOVE:  the pups and the BEACHED WHALE... getting me own back on her is rather fun!  lol

ABOVE:  this is a lovely photo of Roxy.

ABOVE:  Little Peppa... she is just the most cheeky, full of fun wee pup.

ABOVE: not one, but two little ratbags chewing on my camera strap!  Rather hard to take photos when the camera is being jerked around... thanks Peppa and Phantom.

ABOVE: ha ha... Bex getting her hair chewed and yanked by Poppy.  

TODAY... not sure what we will get up to.  Bex goes back to Hamilton some time today, so I might cater my day around her.  

I can hardly remember what I did with my days before the puppies arrived!

Oh... I bought a nice computer desk from Trademe last night too:

ABOVE:  pretty nice eh?  Cost me $45.00 ...  Very good buy if ya ask me.  We should be able to pick it up on Sunday.  Then I just have to find a place in the lounge to put it.

I might go out sometime today and look for a computer chair ... the one I used to use is now my sewing chair.


So... Bex left bright and early this morning... she's working this afternoon I think.  She only has two more 'visits' up here before she becomes a permanent resident here.

I am going out to check out a new computer sometime today... I was going to get an 'All In One'.. but now that I have decided to set up a computer area in the lounge I can get a PC instead.  No more laptops for me.  They are too slow and every single one I have ever had has overheated... one even had smoke coming out of it as it died.

Well I spoke to 'computer' blokes in Harvey Norman's, Bond & Bond, Noel Leeming, Dick Smith's and JB Hi Fi.... and they all said the exact same thing!
GET an All In One computer... NOT one of the old version Tower ones!
Apparently they are being phased out.

So.. I shall have to pass that info past Steve I suppose.

So Steve clearly thinks I'm being flim flammed by salesmen.  Still going to get an All In One... mostly because there were hardly ANY of the 'old' type to choose from in all those shops.  I like to move with the times... I do, I do.

Suppose I should start thinking about what to do for dinner...

Dinner sorted, Stew is bringing home salads and chicken.

I am getting increasingly crabby with Coco... she cannot be with the pups now as they are weaned, but she keeps climbing over the gate outside and standing at the lounge glass sliding door and scratching on the glass to be let in with them... it's doing my head in.
So I have had to resort to locking her in the laundry... it may sound mean, but she just won't behave right now.  It's like she has suddenly decided to not do a single thing I tell her!

GIRLS... grrrr.. even dog ones can drive ya nuts.

SO... been trying to get hold of our son Mike today to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  Usual problem... he doesn't answer his phone, and the house phone just goes to message.  So frustrating.  

End of Day:  well it's been a good day... enjoyed some lovely time with the pups, window shopping etc.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Love the puppy photo's!! I could loook at them all day!! Is Bex moving in with the Baby permanently at your home? or just in your city? Like your computer table. That's pretty neat!! ...debbie

  2. Excellent post title!
    I think I already said that I'm not getting tired of the puppypix this time. I think you've damaged my brain.
    Nice computer table, but I wouldn't have the unit on the carpet. The fan will suck up dust and dirt like crazy! You can find a stand for it...

  3. Title could have been "The Phantom Blanket"! Sounds like a Nancy Drew book! :D

  4. The reason why YOUR laptops die is because you take TOO MANY photos!!! and you overload the memory hahahahaha nah seriously I do wonder why they do overheat.. keep the puppy photos coming though you will have a much quieter house come Saturady poor phantom he will be bereft his sisters/brothers will be departing.

  5. I am going to miss the puppy pics once they are gone.

    I can't believe it is so soon that Bex is moving up, how exciting.

  6. Yea but that is like a car salesman telling you not to buy a 2011 model car coz its being phased out by the 2012 model, doesn't mean its not going to work in a year from now. The difference between the two is not performance, reliability or value, it is in size, the newer things are just a compact version of the previous ones, size should not be a factor in your equation, and not to mention fixing or repairing a newer model will always cost you more due to the newer parts and the expertise required to work on a newer more compact piece of equipment.


  7. Great desk. Great buy.

  8. Bad luck about the lap tops Chris, I have had 2 Asus brands and no problems, also I am using a 10.1" Samsung Galaxy Tablet, love it so much.

    Bet you are counting the days until Bex is coming to live with you, she would be a happy joyful positive person to have around you. It helps having happy people around.

  9. You could sell those blankies as a sideline, they're so great!

  10. That desk is gorgeous! So cheap, too! Enjoy those pups, I sure do love looking at them.

  11. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Yay roll on Saturday Coco all your little bundles will have gone to their new families(except little Phantom who has an extension of his visa lol)
    Just take a deep breath Chris and walk out the door on her.


  12. I will ask the very computer literate husband what he thinks of that - I suspect he will laugh. He has just bought a new desktop. When you say all in one do you mean a laptop?

  13. Have you thought of putting a sleeve or something around Coco so she can be with the pups but not feed them?


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