Thursday, November 29, 2012


I  AM !
I have been spoilt rotten this week... so many lovely emails, text's and phone calls... AND... yesterday I got another parcel in the post!
Little Molly's new 'Mum' sent me some card making things... after I told her I did a bit of card making.  She (Tracy) makes the most AMAZING cards... and is in a design team who come up with new ideas for cards and the like.
Anyway... I was EXPECTING a few stamped characters to paint and put on cards... this is what I recieved:

 ABOVE:  OMG would you just look at all this stuff?  I am gobsmacked!  

ABOVE:  I have not used many of these materials before.. but now I'm itching to give it a go!  

ABOVE:  a gorgeous card from Bailee, Tracy's 10 year old daughter.  In it she thanks me for letting her be Molly's Mum.  Awwwww ♥♥♥  what a little sweetie.

GLENYS:  I forgot to tell you the other day... did you know that I did not have a star for the top of my Christmas tree?  Cos the one you sent me is going to look PERFECT on top of my tree this year!  *smiles*  
Court.  Bex is staying home and caring for Keera while Lacy and I are in court.  It is likely to be a long day.  The allocated time for the hearing is 3 hours. I hope things get settled in that time.
NERVOUS.  I have very little trust in the New Zealand Courts... Family Court?  Even Less. 

WELL, very impressed with the LAWYERS and the PARTICIPANTS in today's hearing.
Instead of thrashing it out in front of a Judge, where it could have go really nasty ... our Lawyers did HEAPS of to'ing and fro'ing between us and Wade and we agreed on all issues and it got signed off by the Judge.

The Protection Order in respect of Lacy and Keera stays in place, and she keeps Day to Day custody and care of Keera.

His access is settled, with reviews in place for a few months down the track.

We will now take baby to meet with him at Sylvia Park every 2nd Saturday for an hour, and on the other Saturday I will drive baby to his SISTER'S home, and Keera will be there for 4 hours... with ME being present until such time as I am confident that Keera's health and safety are assured. 

Then FURTHER down the track Keera's visits to his sister's home will be supervised by his Sister.  So Keera will be her responsibility.  But that is not going to happen until we are 100% sure she will be cared for in the same manner as we care for her.

This saturday he did not want to see Keera, as he wanted to let his family know of the access conditions.  Hopefully that goes well.

I have no intention of going to his family home and being 'hostile'... it is so if Keera gets upset I can settle her down (hopefully!).  Keera is a stroppy wee baby when she gets going!  Takes after her parents of course!  lol

I am just so relieved it did go so well.. I lost so much sleep over this! 

NOW I am starving!  Off to find food...

WHOOPS!  I had no idea I hadn't been on here all afternoon!  Sheesh.  Naughty me.  I think I just needed time to digest what happended this morning, and realise that for goodness knows how long, our Saturdays will revolve around taking Keera to access visits with her father.  
Luckily we know that the the baby's needs come first...  but sometimes I wonder if we will EVER be able to put us first?

I'm not complaining, far from it.  Just saying how it is.  ONE DAY my kids are gunna have to look after US... so swings and roundabouts eh?
They better look after us REALLY, REALLY WELL is all I can say!

End of Day: I made everyone a cheese/bacon/tomatoe and onion omelette each for dinner... OMG they were lovely!  Filling too.
Stew is away tonight, he's at a business meeting ... already missing him.
nite nite


  1. Good Luck with the court case hope everything goes lacey's and keera's way....let the nz court system work *** fingers crossed
    big hugs to you all.
    Love the card making stuff you are spoilt

  2. WOW - Tracy is one cool woman! I love all the treasures. You are so talented, I'm sure the cards will be gorg.

    Good luck to Lacy today! Hoping you come home with some great news!

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  3. Cool card stuff.
    What does the word "Tart" mean?

  4. I wish you all the luck in the world

  5. Awesome card making items and the stamped images look oh so cute - the christmas card is adorable.
    Good luck with the courts today.

  6. Wow ... what a lovely lady Tracy is. Can't wait to see what you create with all that treasure.

    Good luck for the court hearing today - will be thinking of you guys.

  7. Anonymous9:01 AM

    What a beautiful gift for a beautiful Lady.
    All the best Lacy for you court hearing today.Mum is your rock.

    Southgirl x

  8. good luck today could Lacy be ballsy enough to say in court her friend didn't front with affadavit because she felt threatened? and "outside" influences had got to her I WOULD!!

    very pretty card bling I must say.

  9. Good luck for today... my thoughts are with you guys!
    And wow to the card making treasures! They look awesome!!!

  10. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Good luck Chris I know how important today is. Xx. From michelle c

  11. Good luck today... (ha - what DOES the word TART mean???)


  12. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Thinking of you today, do hope things work out the right way,

    It's night time in the uk, and you all have been in my thoughts all evening, .

    Your card making pressie looks super duper.

    Steve And Bex make a lovely couple , looking forward to seeing their baby boy on your blog ..

    You are so so lucky to have grandchildren,

    Keeping fingers crossed all goes well xxx


  13. Wonderful news about Keera. God, I don't know how you kept it together. You and Lacy are strong women!

  14. What a gorgeous gift !!

    Happy to hear all went well at the hearing, wonderful news :-)

  15. Hopefully things can remain civil and pleasant, for Keera's sake. He is her dad. Then, later, if he decides to walk away so be it, but if not, well, she at least has access to him. Good job. Proud of you all xxx

  16. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Im glad it went well chris hope he loses interest soon so you dont have to go every second saturday
    enjoy your food

    donna @ work

  17. Oh YAY! I have been checking all morning and hoping that the judge would make a sensible decision. You must be so relieved. I wonder how many Saturdays he will pull out of on some lame excuse. Just make sure you keep a record of who cancelled and the reasons.

  18. Love all the treasure! Glad your day has gone well.

  19. Anonymous2:21 PM

    That is great news to hear.Now Mum you can at least rest easy to know those condition are in place for Little Miss Muppet(and her Mummy)

    Southgirl x

  20. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Mum you are just awsum, thank you for being there for me & Keera.
    You really are the best Mum/Grandma a Girl/Grandbaby could ask for, you really are our Rock.
    Love you Ma....Love Lacy & Keera

  21. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Well said Lacy (sniff) and well done to both of you for taking the time to look after Keera's future.
    She may be a stroppy treasure by the sounds but hey babies are precious.
    Mary H

  22. Yay, I'm so glad you both got an outcome you are happy with! xxx

  23. That Trace is the bomb :) Glad everything went well today. Hope you found something yummy.

  24. Phew! So glad things went well for you in court today. I was holding my breath as I read your post until I got to the results.

    And you are a lucky girl with all the loot to be creative with! Woo-hoo.

    xo jj

  25. So glad to hear that all went well. Love the card parcel that arrived - I am sure you will have a great time putting all those things to good use !!!
    Have the best day !

  26. Glad it went well for Miss Muppet and the family! Hopefully you can get a great nights sleep tonight!

  27. Great news and Lacy - What a lovely thing to say to your Mum, it makes it all worthwhile when our kids say things like that :)

  28. It is so good that things went well in to see how it all plays out.

  29. I'm so thinking about you...

    Worried about Lacy. Is she doing okay? Please let her know I went through something very similar. It is hard. It will stretch and pull her in all kinds of directions (and you, too)...

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  30. Phew! you have so much going on you must feel like a juggler with too many balls.

    Glad the court case is behind you but living it out is going to have it's challenges too.

    Make sure you get lots of rest over the next few weeks. Delegation is going to help you survive without getting too tired and crabby ... just saying. So much fun stuff it would be a shame to spoil it by getting over tired.

    Look after yourself and if you still have severe fluid retention try having a very low carbohydrate day. Zero carbs always works for me. It's just not all that easy to do.


  31. Glad that the court hearing went well!


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