Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Bex finally arrived last night... to live here with us.  (yeah, AND Steve)!   lol

ABOVE:  Little Phantom saying "HI" when she arrived.
Bex was only in the house for 10 minutes before it was TIME.  Time for Steve and Bex to get that pram out of it's box:

ABOVE: it was really cute to see how excited they were.

 ABOVE: And out it comes...

ABOVE:  Steve struggling to get the plastic wrapping off... what a funny face.  *  *

 ABOVE: yeah, not sure what she was doing here... I think she had been showing me the little sweat rash she had...

ABOVE:  I'm very surprised it's not ORANGE Bex has a thing for orange and greenMight have to beat that outta her... BLUE is the bomb!   Actually, it's a lovely pram and the red is quite nice too.

 ABOVE:  taa daa!  Me new (to me) lovely computer chair.  I'm wrapt with it.

ABOVE: Bex had some rather interesting nail polish!  You put it on and while it's still wet you hold a special little magnet over it and it forms shapes... She had the purple on her finger... rather cool eh?  What will they think of next!

TODAY: I'm off to meet up with my Blog friend Penny, Bex is going to tag along.  Hopefully we will be going to Spotlight ... my friend Penny wants to go there, and hell... so do I.  Love that shop


Tis a cold morning... I am putting off having me shower..I'm a sookie la la. 

BLONDIE:  HA HA!  Steve painted her toe nails of course! 
We are home from our outing... meet up with Penny which was lovely.  Us girls sure know how to yak... lol.  The time flies... we even got the chance to shop! 
Penny bought some calico to have a go at making soft dolls for her young relatives.. and I just added to me stash and found the cutest little seahorse punch. 
 ABOVE:  before I could lay me purchases out on the floor... a certain little pesky bugger up and flinched the bag!
He's fast is little Phantom.
 ABOVE: the lovely fabrics I bought today... all of them were ends of rolls so cheaper than usual. And yes...Phantom is making off with some booty...
ABOVE:  bring me punch back ya little bugger!
ABOVE:  We went to the Chemist in Sylvia Park and got these.  Going to give them a go.  Don't quite know what they are supposed to do for 'Weight Management'?  I need them for fluid management!  Fingers crossed they work.

 ABOVE:  the very cute seahorses that my new punch makes. 
End of day:  just spent a few hours in the garage sorting through Christmas stuff, working out where the 'gaps' were and what I still had to get.  Christmas is a nightmare when you have a large family... this year I am trying to only get gifts for the grandkids.  The Adults will just have to accept that there is only so much I can spend!
nite nite


  1. Great looking pram!
    Have a great day today

  2. I was thinking the bosses offer of the house may be a blessing in disguise with the extra guests? what if more people arrive and want beds ? wherever will they sleep? your house is so going to be a hive of activity, lovely. I love the nail polish surely Bex didn't paint her own toes?

  3. Yay! Say a big G'day to my old mate Penny! xxx

  4. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Lou Lou has a new home too i see <3 Bee - Gold Coast

  5. LOVE the pram! And see they are planning ahead getting a toddler seat too!! LOL We got one with a toddler seat but never used it :( Still trying to sell the toddler seat after selling the pram a couple of years ago!

  6. Great to see Steve and Bex so excited. Great little office area set up that you now! I went to spotlight yesterday, they posted out $40 off vouchers when you spent $100. So I got King size Actil sheets and a lovely silver Xmas candle for $60. Saved $105 as the sheets were already reduced, very pleased :). Cheers Glenys

  7. The pram looks great and will last for years :)
    Love the choices of material......still need to go buy some for my cot sheets!!!!
    That litttle puppy is full of mischief isn't he....just gorgeous :)

  8. OOps...forgot to say that I hope those pills do the trick. Having potassium in them is a bonus as that gets depleted quickly when you take diruetics. Best of luck :)

  9. Snap, I've been using them. Seem alright will be keen to see what you think of the pills.

  10. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I know some larger families that use a secret santa type method for the adults.. every adult gets the name of another one and only buys one gift for that person. Usually people set a price limit say $50 then people get one decent present and don't end up getting all the little chocolates etc we don't need!! The presents usually end up being more thoughtful too.


  11. I wish they made a pram like that big enough for me! (you push!)
    dieuretics (sp?) make you pee!

  12. It may be ok with you and may not be ok with otheers it depends on you if the pills would fit you. But so far as I have ask that pills is ok as for many.

  13. Chris - new chair...lovely...perfect... so you...

    Bex - yippee!!!! Another woman in the da' house. Love it!

    Phantom - I want you.

    Nitty Gritty Momma.

  14. oooh, i like that computer chair...

    i need a new one... can you send it over? mines all ripped and wobbly..


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