Monday, November 19, 2012


I had a little play with my new computer last night... there is so much to learn!
Even editing my pictures is done with a different programme... a MUCH BETTER programme too I might add.

Here is my new computer desk and computer area:

ABOVE:  I am thrilled with my new computer area. 

ABOVE:  View from the far end of the lounge. I can't see much of the tv from my new 'area'... but most evenings I only listen to it anyway. 

The new computer I bought is a Hewlett Packard All-In-One.... it was on SALE at Harvey Norman over the weekend... I got several hundred dollars off... so I'm very happy.
Now I can smash my laptop!

Nah... it will serve as a 'back up' if I ever have problems with this new one.  But that better not happen!  I don't think I would react very well if I got computer problems with this new one!

Apart from mucking around on the computer and doing some blog reading catch-up... I am looking forward to Bex arriving this afternoon.  It's rather nice having another grown up girl in the house.  And she does the washing sometimes!  lol

ABOVE:  I took this photo late last night with the webcam... those are my new 'everyday' glasses.  The picture is not the best... something else I will have to work out how to do better on this computer. 

So... what's the verdict on me new glasses?


WANNA BE: if you are blogging again ... send me the link OK?

Just thought of something else I am going to do today... bath Phantom.  All of him.  And hopefully he will smell rather pleasant after that.  Right now he stinks.  Of DOG.  Happens when you have 6 pups together in a pen with pee and poop all over the place.  It happens.  I did clean the pen EVERY DAY... but I can't do much about it during the night... so they end up smelling.
I wonder if anyone else has given their puppy a bath yet?

I think if you asked the kids what sort of mood I'm in right now.. it would be CRABBY.
It doesn't matter how many times I show Griffin how to make his bed PROPERLY... every morning I walk past his room and see RED.  So, today... he ain't going to school until he's done it properly.
He knows how to do it, he's just lazy... so oops, I screamed at him.
And I do 'scream' really, really well.  Just. Ask. Griffin.  (yeah, and everyone else in this house!)

I have a short fuse when it comes to people being LAZY in my house.

KELLY H:  depends on the age of the kid.  If she's still little I would 'chat' to her (IF she was mine), but if she was a big kid (like 10+)  I would tell her it's her bed, and she should make it.  If she doesn't... I would throw all the bedding out the window when she's at school.  Then sit back and watch when she got home!

EDIT:  Steve's room.  I can't force him to keep his room tidy... he is too old for any of my screaming tactics to work.  So... I have decided his room is not MY PROBLEM.  And I close the door.  Sometimes you just have to give in.  BADLY.

IF I'm lucky I will get to do some blog reading late this afternoon!  The housework...OMG... I don't see it on the weekends... but come MONDAY!  Oh yeah... freaking heaps to do.

I need to set up a roster I think.  So all the bigger jobs like cleaning bathrooms is done during the week by someone OTHER than me... so we can still enjoy our weekends.

SPELLING TROLL:  piss off and anoy someone else... or I will come over there and nick ya baby.  lol

TRACY:  well now... that's a novel idea!  It may be worth investigating even.  Thanks. 

ABOVE: Me.... in me 'reading/computer glasses.  I'm still struggling to get all the housework done... in between other stuff.

I know... I'm vain... but seriously, the only nice part of me is from the neck up!   ha ha ha!

MARY H:  which chair???  Hmmm... already thought of that, but the desk does not fit in the corner unless I move the shelving unit... and there is virtually NOWHERE in this house to put it but where it is.
And... I like where my desk is right now.. I can see what is going on in the lounge, in the kitchen/family room AND outside!  Perfect.  I know it's not exactly the most ideal place for it aesthetically, but you should not worry about what it looks like if it works for YOU.  And it does work for me.

HAPPY ELF MOM:  lol... the 'TROLL' was my daughter Lacy!  I was joking when I called her a troll. 

KAREN:  your wee girl is ONLY 6!  I was still making my kids beds when they were 6 years old, so if she is already doing it she is a good wee girl! Bet it is another story when she is 13 ... lol.

TRACY: Awwww... so glad you managed to bath Molly and she didn't get too upset... it does take them a few baths before they cope better with them.  The trick is to make sure they keep warm. Well done Chick.

STEVE is an adorable son absolute arse.  Just. Saying.

End of Day:  I finally got to do a little blog reading tonight.  Might get a chance to do more tomorrow night... as tomorrow I plan on being out and about.  Got a few things to attend to.
nite nite.


  1. like ,like & like the new puter , the new desk and the new glasses.
    Have a great kid free day

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Love the glasses... they are super trendy - love them!! ;) Have a great day.


  3. Hey, hol-la for the first comment. Na, na, na-na [Sorry. Sometimes I just don't know where it comes from.]

    The computer and computer desk are awe-some! Love them both. You are so going to enjoy them...

    The glasses are amazing... You look super-hot woman.

    Congrats on the new additions!

    Kelly in Cali

  4. Miranda McDonald7:30 AM

    love them girl! you look great!

  5. Looking Good Chris - Love them!

  6. My bad.

    Wa wa wa... I wasn't the first to comment.

    I'm going to get that title next time, cause I'm competative like that.

    My kid hasn't ever (like ever!) made her bed. Can you have a 'little chat' with her?

    Kelly in Cali

  7. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Yo wonder woman lol 'him' nd 'his' lol you did it twise anoyed me lol...yea like I can talk aye, I can hardly spell let alone hold a decent convo properly lol haha, Love Lacy & Keera xoxox have fun with your new Computer nd Phantom xo

  8. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Hahahaha bla bla bla lol, Keera says Grandma your a Muppet nd she Loves you soooo much xoxox have a lovely day xoxox, Lacy & Keera

  9. Just a thought but what about employing Lacy for a few hours a week to do some of the cleaning, it could supplement her benefit and you get to hang out with Keera whilst she does it.

  10. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Love the screen on your new computer...and the glasses are very nice fit for you!~ Thanks for sharing!

    My friend Christi is thinking of moving her family to NZ...and I've given her your blog. You might be hearing from her soon~ :)

    I miss seeing your puppies~ I know they must have been such a joy and then again loads of work~ So precious though~

  11. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Nice specs What is the light like where your desk is? I looked and thought move that chair
    Mary H

  12. Like the new computer, LOVE the new glasses :-)

  13. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Put your desk where the chair is by the window & the chair where your desk is.

  14. Love your new desk. And you are always looking nice, Chris. I don't know why trolls love you so...

  15. LOVE the new glasses - both pairs! And I would love a spot like you where you can see every thing from the computer :)
    Rachel makes her bed sometimes and when she does, she does it well for a 6yr old! I do need to reinforce it though to make sure it does happen every day :) But then we are pretty laxed at times - need to be firmer :)

  16. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I love the phot's with the new glasses.I like you everyday ones nicer as they Highlight those beautiful Blue eyes.

    Southgirl x

  17. I like both pairs of glasses the first bold and striking the second very nice and clean and understated yet styly! Bathing Phantom got to be easier than bathing 6 puppies surely...

  18. Phantom is gorgeous...and I remember the stench of puppy all too well! Though, speaking of which, senior Hound and I went out to do a little hunting today (goose! Yum!). We got two, which was all I needed, and then yomped back via the local airfield...a grass strip. I knew some of my pilot buddies would be there, also hot tea, and Hound got made a fuss of.

    Hound went off to do his usual tour of the hangars, while I caught up with gossip... then I whistled him hound. Ten minutes later...still no hound... I wanted to get home while it was still light, and it was a long walk....and then I found him. Or rather, the stink led me to him....he had found, and consumed, and rolled in an exceedingly dead and noxious skunk. He went home, at high speed, in the open back of a pickup truck!

    Adore both pairs of new glasses - I wear contacts, but I'm thinking, after see how much they flatter you, that I might actually go back to wearing some!

  19. Yep... I bathed Molly yesterday... she ran around shaking everywhere then started shaking.... wrapped her up for an hour then sun came out and ran around outside. Great night.. no crying... she has well and truley settled in. Will email you once my email is fixed... damn computers!

  20. Your glasses are cute! My mum just got some similar and looks funky. I love the idea of a little computer area in the lounge. I will one day set one up.. you know, when I finally clear a space. Housework = not my thing.

  21. Glasses are great and I love your hair colour and the wave in these pics. I miss the puppy pics, I had to scroll down and look at the last few entries again, they were so gorgeous, animals are really good for the soul. Cheers Glenys

  22. Glad you got it! Hope you get many years of good service from it.
    We need new computers all around here...
    I like the 2nd pic, you with the black glasses!

  23. Anonymous3:00 AM

    I like both your glasses! Very cute! need to SMILE when you take your photo. ...debbie


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