Sunday, November 04, 2012


After repeated requests... here is our darling Teddy:

ABOVE:  He's snobbing me.  He really does not like having his photo taken.

ABOVE:  Better... I was holding a piece of sausage in me hand... so he was more willing to face the camera.  Little shit.

Bex arrived yesterday with a big bag of baby boy clothes one of her girlfriends had given her... Steve decided to have a look-see...

ABOVE: in hat, bib, booties and with a dummy in his mouth!  HE. IS. A. DICK.  Always good for a laugh I suppose.

ABOVE:  Lucky for him Bex still loves him!  lol

Steve and Bex bought some fireworks for Guy Fawkes.  We havn't had any in YEARS... so last night was a little treat for the kids.  I took a few photos using 'Night Illuminations' on my camera, but it really only highlighted the white:

ABOVE:  these two were the best of about 80 photos I took.  I didn't capture any of the colours in them... might have to try a different setting next time.

Do we have any plans for today?  I dunno.
I think I will wait until everyone is up... and see what the general consensus is...


DONNA: nope... our dogs were just fine.

WOMBAT:  yep we are still allowed to use fireworks!  This country is nowhere near as dry and prone to bush fires as Australia Chick.  I do understand why it is banned in Aussy for sure. 

It looks like wee Puppy P (Pepper) has been sold to a lovely family down in Hawera!  My that didn't take long...  Pepper is going to a really lovely family, I am thrilled for her. 

AND  now... we have a family coming over this afternoon to see Puppy J (Jazz)!  Oh this is so much fun!  Well they arrived, looked, ummm'd and ahhhh'd  ... and chose DILL !  *smiles*  It is very entertaining watching families try to make up their minds which one they want.  The pups are all gorgeous, I don't envy anyone have to choose one.

TESS:  I know... the next 4 weeks are going to fly by.. we can't wait to meet you IN PERSON too.  Be warned... I am dying to get my hands on the kids!  lol

End of Day:  bloody good day!
nite nite.


  1. Teddy is cute still and it's funny how he shys away from camera in your family that would be hard as there is always a photo op happening love the Keera puppy photos.

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Handsome teddy, he really is lovely,

    What can one say about. Steve. Lol lol
    Bex is looking good, hope she is keeping well..


  3. How can Teddy be a barking fiend? He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth..... ;-)

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Oh lovely Teddy...and steve is a hoot.OMG did the dogs go crazy, my boy hates guyfawkes
    Have a good day

    donna @ work

  5. Anonymous12:11 PM

    You're still allowed to do Guy Fawkes in NZ? It was banned here decades ago although people still get their hands on fireworks! WOMBAT

  6. Wow, your house will be puppy free so fast. I can't believe how quickly these little doggies grow up. Unlike Steve. HA!!

  7. This time next month we will be see you all for the 1st time I'm just a tad excited now we are down to under 30 days to go . I can't believe how quick it is approaching

  8. wow. well done. two doggies sold already. must be sad to see them go eventually tho.

  9. Hey! What's going on?? Where's the end of the day nite nite??? Slack!! xxx

  10. Whoo! Fireworks!

    Yeah, have to be a powder monkey to play with fireworks over here. But hey, I guess that just makes fireworks more fun, right?



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