Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today:  I'm off to the Lawyers to sign my Affidavit, in readiness for the Court hearing on Thursday.  I'm catching the train in today... trying to find parking in town is a nightmare... and one I have no intention of having!

Bex moves in permanently today.   She has her next midwife appointment tomorrow.  She may need a growth scan soon as baby boy is on the larger size.  She is shitting herself thinking about that!  hee hee... I'm sure baby boy will not be as big as his Daddy ... Steve was 10 pound 12 ounces!

I  heard from the people I bought the chair off last night.  We can pick it up tonight.  Silly but I am really looking forward to it.  I know it's just a chair, but I love it.

TEDDY:  he's had a cone on his head for what?  A couple of weeks at least.  His rump had healed completely so I took it off him last night so I could test how he would go without it on.  He's his own worst enemy usually.

ABOVE: yep... he only lasted about 10 minutes and he was back to gnawing himself.  *sigh*  The cone is back on... and it will just have to stay on until he can be trusted to STOP chewing himself till he bleeds.  I am really frustrated.  
While he's in an 'allergic' phase he really stinks.  I have bathed  him, but within a few hours he stinks again. SO ANNOYING.

It can't be fun being itchy all the time and having to live in a bloody cone.  I totally blame the breeder for his allergies.  These things happen with too close familial breeding... and she was a dreadful breeder who used and abused her dogs.  (if only I had known this before getting a dog off her)

A friend of mine got one of her dogs a couple of years ago... a little girl who had failed to fall pregnant, so they sold her off to the highest bidder. That little dog was PETRIFIED of men, and was underweight and uncared for.  Puppy Mills!  They should be outlawed. 

At least I know that while I am breeding from Coco, I am also keeping her best interests at heart and taking extra good care of her.  She will be having probably one more litter then she can 'retire' from motherhood. 

Right, enough chatter... better get a move on and make the lunches etc...



APPROPRIATE ... in so many situations. 

Off to the Lawyers soon... I was supposed to be taking a friend of Lacy's with me, she was going to sign an affidavit too... but she pulled out.  I'm really cross about that.  This is about KEERA and her future, and you couldn't even be bothered to come and sign a piece of paper? 

Train trip into town was uneventful.  Nice to be moving but not having to drive or find a darn carpark!  Lawyer's visit went well too.  Now we await the court hearing.  Thursday. 

SOUTHGIRL: You are a pain in the butt!  I rang them and am now waiting for a call back with an appointment time.  Pffffff... as IF I would put it off or forget.  Ha!  I laugh at the very idea!  ♪ lah lah la la ♪♪.... 


  1. Hope you day improves. Enjoy the train ride, do you know you need to purchase a train ticket at those machines before boarding now? or something like that - I have a HOP card that I load up so not 100% sure of casual riding. Good luck.
    Exciting Bex is moving in!

  2. Hi ho hi ho its off to town we go Toot toot

  3. Sheba our dog had a period of chewing herself bloody and stinking too. SHe got some medicine and special shampoo that almost works, but she itches a lot still.
    Good luck, I'd be interested in the solution.

  4. Enjoy the train ride - I know it's not fun heading to the lawyer's but as you said - this is for Keera...

    Thinking about Bex. My boy weighed in at 10 lbs 12 oz, too... How funny! Huge babies! Today, that same boy is 6'2"... Never did stop growing.

    I'm excited to see your chair, too! It's going to look grand.

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  5. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Im sorry but if some piece of absolute shit (wade) didnt go around threatning people and really putting the shits up them then she would of gone and done it, but he has litrally scared the shit out of her....dont be mad at her...because at the end of the day his back ground of male assaults female and all the others are going to be very carfully looked @

  6. Some "friend." Unless she's sick in the hospital, why pull out of signing something that is true? It's only about Keera. Not revenge, not getting anyone's way, just giving the judge everything from your side, this fella will give everything from his, and then the judge hopefully makes an INFORMED decision.

    HOW can he do that without all the information????

  7. Good Luck with the Lawyer. Not impressed by the friend pulling out at the last minute, still it is better to have affidavts from honest & reliable people.

    It will be nice when it is all resolved and there are clear rules in place.

  8. OMG - Lacy's friend seriously needs to rethink her stance there and put this right up there in the "priority list". I wonder how she'd feel if she had a child who was in a similar position to Keera, and her friends weren't putting the needs and safety of her child as a priority.

    Love the fact that Bex is moving in to your home today - it's so obvious how well you get along and I know she will add a further ray of sunshine to your home :)

  9. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Hope all has gone well at the Lawyers this morning and you enjoyed your train ride in.

    Have you made your Dr's appt yet Chris?

    Southgirl x

  10. Anonymous1:31 PM

    glad you had a good train ride bugga about the friend but as lacy says and from what i gather he is a very nasty piece of work and could imagine the intimidation he would use....glad you have a doc appointment too :)

    donna from work

  11. Anonymous2:08 PM

    At least you have given them(Dr's)a kick up the Butt.Now they know you mean business.We are all allowed to procrastinate now and again.lol
    We will keep Lacy in our thoughts for Thursday.She is a great Mum to Keera and has a really good support team.


  12. Anonymous3:09 PM

    For Teddy skin problems
    Try Essential 6 skin care and Paw sensitive skin shampoo Best on the market for scaly skin etc. Will work a treat.

  13. Glad to see no problems with the new train system - It is a shame about the friend - lets hope she has a change of mind

  14. hi chris...just a thought for you. when my BIG cat pocket was scratching himself so badly...AND hated his cone, i got a very light weight coat for him to wear and it did the trick. better than the cone...x

  15. I believe celery has a diuretic effect. Google it maybe.

  16. Why have they stopped the water retention meds?? Maybe try a health shop to see if any natural remedys. Good luck with the exercise, shock horror I went for a walk tonight.

  17. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Yes celery does definately work.Any of the tablets with celery in will also help.

    Southgirl x

  18. Did you get that gorgeous chair yet ??
    Good to hear you made it on the train without any problems. Another job off the list of "to do's" Good work :)

  19. Hope the affadavits all get sorted and the access is denied ON the basis of threatening alone would be enough!!! Celery tablets yip nods have heard very good for fluid retention.

  20. hate fucking tea, you crack me up!


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