Sunday, November 25, 2012


Miss Keera was having a bad hair day yesterday (like EVERY DAY!)... so I had a go at putting the middle section up...

ABOVE:  Keera and her big brother Griffin. 
ABOVE:  in this one she almost smiled... she has the most heart stopping smile. Notice how her hair is getting lighter?  Lacy was born with pitch black hair, but by the time she was 1 yr old it morphed into a dark blonde.  I think Keera's hair is doing the same thing.

ABOVE:  Silly Bex @ about 5 and a half months along.

ABOVE:  Now @ almost 8 months.  Thank goodness she finishes work in 3 more days... cos I SERIOUSLY doubt that uniform is gunna fit her much longer!  

In two more sleeps she will be living HERE with Steve permanently!  They are so looking forward to actually living together finally.

And I am looking forward to never being lonely ever again! 

HAVE I mentioned that in exactly 9 more sleeps Russell, Tess, Haylea, Sienna and Bodhi will be here too!  I am so, so looking forward to that TOO.  It's probably time I started sorting out the bedrooms to accomodate them...

Keera woke up at 2am... so I very reluctantly got up and fed her a bottle. So... I just got up, feel like shit cos I had a restless sleep.  The guys are already up watching rugby!  And ... I might even go back to bed yet...the guys are perfectly able to look after Miss Muppet.


We just did the grocery shopping... was badly necessary.  We play this game called 'How much will the bill be?'
And the weird thing is.. I almost always guess very close to the right amount!   Today I guessed $625, Stew guessed $680.  Actual cost?  $615.  I WIN!
Stew always likes my guess's!

So, we get home and put it all away... and I go to put something in the bin under the bench and this is what I see:

ABOVE:  My Mary Lou Doll... in the bin!!!!
OMG... I whipped her out of there quick smart.
Stew... found her on the floor.  The dogs had chewed one of her arms off... so he decided she was only good for the bin!
I have had that doll for 30 YEARS!  No way is she going in the bin.
She is now sitting on my computer desk.  I am never throwing her away.  She is precious. 

Seems I fell asleep on the couch.  Can't have lasted long ... sleeping with Brylee and Griffin around is near impossible.  They sure know how to bicker and argue. 
Might be tempted to send them to bed early if they keep it up. 
It's Monday tomorrow eh?   EXCELLENT. 

End of Day:  well we have been watching 'New Zealand's Got Talent' tonight.  I was so impressed with so many of the finalists.  I have 4 favourites!  Only one can win, which is sad cos there were so many that were OUTSTANDING. 
nite nite


  1. I am up at the crack of dawn too...beautiful day ahead here in Canterbury. Hope your day is absolutely fabulous...just like you x

  2. It's going to be a big full house!! Griffin and Keera are so handsome/beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh I didn't realise your Aussie family was going to be here soooo soon how exciting, Bex looks blooming I hope she rests up too and gets some feet up time.

  4. Keera and Griffin photo just beautiful. could you hire bunks? for extra guests.

  5. Bex is due at about the same time as my daughter in law (I'm so excited... my first grandkid).

    Looks like some fun times are ahead with family visiting... Will you be making scones? Your scones drive me crazy. I have never eaten a scone. Never. They look so good.

    Keera is sooooo adorable.

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  6. Keera's bad hair day reminds me of Jaynies.....Jo puts hers up in a either a clip or band too.
    Bex sure looks like the time is getting close. Another wee babe for you to love.....special times ahead :)
    Hope your day goes well and you aren't too tired. Getting up to little ones sure makes for broken sleep but worth it to see their smiles eh :)

  7. How awesome, it will be a Xmas to remember. I had a busy bee day 2 days ago and we needed a new Xmas tree as I'd only had a small one for a few years and i saw a great tree, not too big and a really good price here in our Coles supermarkets, so long story short we have the tree up already, white fairy lights up in our outdoor area and just a few decorations around the house, so I'm all organised a week early this year. We don't have littilies coming but my daughter turns 18 in two weeks so I like to get in the party/family spirit. Just thinking its going to be lovely having all the little brandies jumping on your bed in the morning, etc. :)

  8. Yep! The uniform is a little snug, but doesn't she look gorgeous!

  9. WOOOOOOO!!! Your house will be so crazy busy! But you will have so much fun!! Your family loves ya bunches. Most of 'em anyway. :)

  10. It is exciting Chris we have a nice little buzz happening in our house right now 4 days till we leave our house and head to Perth and 8 days till we leave Perth yep sure is feeling nice an close. I think in no time this week will fly. Haylea has been in count down mode for the past 2 weeks it's nice, her first trip over seas.

  11. Who are your fave NZGT's? We went to one of the audition shows & one if the semi finals. Watching it tonight, some of them blew me away. Gary made me vote for Clara because he happened to switch channels to it in the afs of what he was watching & was blown away (he usually hates shows like this). Wee Jessie Hillel was amazing too, so talented for someone so young. I felt for Zane & Degge, it just didn't work for them tonight.

  12. He threw your dolly in the bin?!?! *cry* I am SO glad you rescued her before she was gone for good. I have plenty of dolls at my house too. And I am still envying that white baby bed in the garage! why oh why did you have to show it again? LOL! debbie

  13. In the Navy we'd always say "Nine days and a wake-up" instead of "nine sleeps"
    You mentioned never being lonely again, I just came from a blog where they said "loneliness is designed to help you discover who you are, and to stop looking outside yourself for your worth."
    Just coincidence I guess, that you both mention it.


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