Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I was asked to post a link to my Trade Me ad for the pups:

I think I did it right... so .... if you want to see my advert click on the above link I suppose.

PENNY:  I would love to catch up ... I will text you once the pups have left home (Hope all are gone by 18th Nov).. then I can think straight again!   

    Today I'm just gunna swamp you all with puppy photos... cos I can!

ABOVE:  Minty... such a good looking boy... he still does not have a forever home...

ABOVE:  Minty.

ABOVE:  Our man Chilli... he has a unique look...

ABOVE:  He has a checker board face!  One side black and one side white... 

ABOVE:  a bundle of puppies with Coco..

ABOVE:  Poppy checking out the buttercups...

ABOVE:  Peppa havin' a go at me toes... the little imp...

ABOVE:  cute as a button...  Little Molly running... she is getting good at it now.

ABOVE:  Peppa in mid- flight... she is so spunky!

ABOVE: Roxy just hangin'....

ABOVE:  Racing.... here we go...  Poppy wins and Molly comes in last, not fair... she's got shorter legs ...

ABOVE:  Peppa thinking about what mischief she can get up to next...  I think that daisy's days are numbered!

ABOVE:  Minty giving Molly a hard time...

ABOVE: my garden is getting the once over...

ABOVE:  Beautiful Roxy....

ABOVE:  Molly... short and compact... but oh so cute... Steve calls her the 'Hampster'... *smiles*

ABOVE:  Chilli... Such a cute little face...

ABOVE:  Chilli and Poppy...

ABOVE: one of the pups favourite pass times... biting each other's tails!  That's Roxy holding onto Minty's tail.

ABOVE:  Minty steppin' out...

ABOVE:  Our boys... waiting for a new home.

TODAY?  Hmmmm... Might visit Lacy and Keera... perhaps go for a walk to the shops that are close to Lacy's home... get some fresh air.


Went to the local mall with Lacy and baby... decided to look at new glasses... my reading/watching TV glasses frame snapped a few months ago.. and I stuck them together with sellotape.... SUCH a good look!
As I only wear them inside the house I didn't think it was necessary to get new ones.
But the sellotape is annoying my skin... so... getting new ones.

We went to Spec Savers... had a good look there, didn't really see any that I fell in love with, but some that 'would do'.  Once you added the price of the frame, then the prescription, and the progressive lens + anti-glare the two glasses came to $889-00.  I asked if one could be specifically for computer/tv/reading and one for driving, at the movies etc?  Answer YES, but it will cost another $375. (Ahh so where is the amazing deal to be done at Spec Savers?)

Then we went to OPSM and saw two glasses that I absolutely LOVED... it was a buy one get the second for half price.  So, two glasses with 2 differing progressive lens (1 for TV,Computer and Reading... and 1 more for driving or watching movies) + anti-glare came to $1,200-00.

So I decided to go with OPSM.  They were happy to do two glasses with the same prescription but for different purposes...AND I really LOVED the two frames I choose ... so I'm a happy camper.

Going back tomorrow to get me eyes re-tested, ain't had them looked at in over 4 years.  Probably need a new prescription eh?  Age and diabetes can affect ya eyes... so all sorted by tomorrow.  Yaaa.

Can't wait to throw my old ones in the bin.

LACY:  pffffft!  I can't find me lettuce ANYWHERE... *sniff*  

Wow, just had three phone calls about the boy pups... and an email too.  Yaaa... should all be sorted with new homes soon by the look of it.

JUST SOLD MINTY... down to just Chilli now!

MARY H:  I have a mean as astigmatism, so 'reading' glasses from a chemist do not help ( I bought some already).  And lasik eye surgery costs approx $5,700 ... and well.... that is clearly not in the budget!

We have a new name for Minty:

ABOVE:  Meet:  DIESEL.  He is going to a family in Whangarei... and they will be visiting us to meet him on Saturday morning.

We went to a different Takeaway shop the other day.. and were amazed at the variety of burgers you could get there... so tonight we had burgers.
Stew, Griffin and I all had the same one.. double beef pattie, bacon, egg, cheese and salad.
OMG I simply could NOT eat it all.  It was too big.  And we are so used to ordering $10 chips for all of us... that we did that too... and ended up throwing away more than half the chips too.
In fact I only had 3 chips... the burger did me in!
Weird how my appetite is nothing like it used to be... I 'blame' that on the Metformin... I think I love metformin!  lol

I'm now going down to the garage to sew a little blanket for Diesel...

End of Day: well, another excellent day. Just one dear little puppy to sell now.  Can't believe how quick they have been snapped up!
nite nite


  1. So adorable!!!!!

  2. OMG they are soooo cute im sure it wont be long before the boys are snapped up. Have a great day

  3. OMG! They are gorgeous!!! I so wish I could get one!!! Maybe one day if I'm lucky....

  4. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I especially like your captions on the photos!

  5. OMG they are adorable just adorable....

  6. Good thing you are so far away they are so stinking cute!!

  7. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Yea Grannies got some glasses shes finally happy with, and they are rather nice to lol, thanks for a lovely moring out Ma/Grannie Love Lacy & Keera xoxo now go chew on a lettus lef lol

  8. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!

  9. Anonymous3:36 PM

    I go to the chemist & get the reading glasses for $30 Refuse to pay those prices as you could get laser treatment for that price
    Mary H

  10. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Holy shit about the glasses! I take it you arent in a private health fund then? I get 2 pair for about $300 WOMBAT

  11. Glasses are so expensive here in NZ! I paid $650ish for my last pair, under duress because my last pair broke and I am short sighted, so don't feel safe outside the house without them on (come to think of it, I don't feel that safe IN the house without them on).

    No worries about the catch up Chris - looking forward to it when it suits you. And thanks for posting the link - I searched last night but couldn't find it. Love the photos!

    Penny xo

  12. The little Hampster is so cute... 9 days to go!.. Have even written it up on the white board at work... "Molly's Countdown"

  13. Surrey7:03 PM

    I think all the effort you put into your ad pays off, it shows you really care about the puppies and they have been well looked after.

  14. Chris, I buy all my frames on ebay, I have Christian Dior, Versace, Armani, Face Face and I love them all, I pick up frames for around $40.00 and there has only one pair that did not suit so I resold them, you just need the measurements, it is worth a chance. I have 6 pairs of glasses, I love gorgeous frames.


  15. B E A U T I F U L


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