Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I took this video yesterday while the pups were outside, it is so cute:

To all my friends in the USA  I hope you are well and safe from Sandy.  It is a terrifyingly huge storm!

Lacy has a meeting with her lawyer again today (a new one), so I am caring for Miss Amazing Temper until she gets back.

Here's hoping Keera plays nice... she has been good for her Mummy the past few days... so all going well she will be good for me too.

I'm going to have a lovely day ... I just know it! I had an amazingly lovely text last night that made me so happy. That is all I will say on that though.

Steve took this photo for me last night:

ABOVE:  can you see Coco under all those pups?  lol  It's no wonder she is weaning them!  They monster her.

Right, I have to move... get the kids to school, pick up baby and drop Lacy off at the train station.... bla bla bla.


Well...the above is done.  Keera is asleep in her bassinet and Lacy is on her way to see her Lawyer.  After that she's off to a friend's house for Halloween.  

Meanwhile I am now going to change the pup's bedding....

Once my camera battery was recharged I took some cute photos of the pups last night.

 ABOVE:  I rolled up the rug so they wouldn't piddle on it... how dumb could I get?  They only wanted to play on it!

ABOVE:  they LOVED playing on/with/in the rug!  Some even ran through the tunnels we made with NO prompting at all!

ABOVE:  Stew actually got down and played with them too!  He has not spent a lot of time with them at all... he can't even tell who is who!  I gave him a hard time about that.

Keera:  Screams a lot.  Does not sleep a lot.  Screams a lot.  

I think Lacy has/is pandering to her too much.  Seriously... that little baby screams at the top of her lungs and when she sees me...STOPS - JUST LIKE THAT!  If I don't pick her up ... she screams and screams.

So.. she got put on my bed at the other end of the house to scream all she liked...

ABOVE: rather typically, after screaming for a few minutes... she went to sleep.  Little madam.

KIDS!  OMG save me before I burst a blood vessel! 

Fist Kid arrives home bawling it's eyes out.

Says the second kid got a stick and whacked first kid on the hand with it.

There is a big red mark on first kid's hand.

Meanwhile, the second kid is protesting it's innocence, saying NO way did they have a stick.. no way at all!  It's all a lie second kid screams... WE DID NOT HAVE ANY STICK!!!

So this mother of 8 with 34 years experience asks VERY SOFTLY AND WITH NO ANNOYANCE IN HER VOICE:  "So where was this stick anyway?" to second kid....

And second kid says.... "it was in the alleyway, and I picked it up and first kid wanted it, so I gave it to first kid".

NOW would someone like to tell me why I now believe the first kid... and know that the second kid was lying?

It's not rocket science eh?

AND can anyone guess which kid was which?  

So... Christy you don't know my kids that well do ya?  lol
Chris... spot on!

Brylee was Second Kid, Griffin was First Kid.  Brylee did the hitting... Griffin did the bawling.  It doesn't matter that you are just a small, skinny girl.. you can have masses of attitude.. and OMG does she ever.

Lying... REALLY, REALLY ANNOYS ME.    I can put up with a lot from my kids, but lying is the one thing that really gets me mad as hell.

Well.. the late afternoon has been great!  Keera woke up at 4, took her full bottle then had another good sleep.  After she woke up she just chilled out in front of the telly watching the news!  She was as happy as can be for a good  hour!  She's been a bit fussy now, but that is perfectly normal for a baby her age.  They always kick up a fuss when you least want them too.. dinnertime.  

End of Day: well Keera is being a bit of a madam again... I'm going to give her a bottle and put her to bed... and hopefully she will settle and sleep till at least 5 am.  OMG 5 am.... I sure couldn't do this on a long term basis any more!  I'm getting past it!
nite nite.


  1. Have a truly lovely day. So nice to hear your voice in the video. Strange how you can know so much about a person but rarely hear their voice.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the puppies and Coco just gorgeous and the mummy monster feeding machine is hilarious .....

  3. I so loved that video, was just the thing I needed to see today.

  4. Anonymous8:57 AM

    That is so cute. Love Coco going cray
    Mary H

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Awesome video!! I love how Coco is playing with them and jumping over them like they are small hurdles. Made my day seeing that!!
    Hope you have a great day :-)

    Leanne xx

  6. That video was so cute! I just loved how happy Coco looks!

  7. awesome video chris I think cocoa was having the most fun lol. Glad you had a good text hope you have a great day

  8. Hope Keera is good for you today - have the best day you can !

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Look Mummy no Dummy/Pacifier.Good on you Chris for putting her at the other end of the house.She'll learn darn quick who's the Boss in your house.Love the Puppy photo's.


  10. Anonymous3:45 PM

    What a fun video!! I loved watching Coco race around with the Crazies, as I call it, and run and jump and play with her little brood. Cute as can be!! Hard to believe Keera is 3 months old...are you sure? lol Good for her little lungs to cry for a bit. I'd do the same thing. Kids are funny aren't they?? Never a dull moment at your house!!...debbie

  11. Oh dear, I'm thinking Griffin hit Brylee with a stick.... accidentally?????

  12. I am like you I HATE lying kids. Although it is hard to keep a straight face when the 3 year old tries to explain the missing chocolate from the fridge by stating "Stinky must have did it". Stinky is the cat & I am pretty sure did not have the ability to open the fridge and locate the wrapped, hidden (apparantly not well enough) bar of chocolate from the fridge, also dispose of the wrapping in the bathroom rubbish bin.

  13. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Sounds as if you have a very hectic time in your home at the moment.
    Keera is certainly getting a personality lol

    Have you got recipe on our to stop kids lying. We have a niece that could do enough lying for a nation and has done since she was little . She is 12 now . If you have a cure let us know..

    With everything going on , I thought maybe teddy had packed his bags. And gone on holiday until live quitens down.
    Joan x
    U K

  14. Love the video! It's amazing how big they got so quick!

    I knew who did the hitting before you said lol.


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