Saturday, November 24, 2012


And that is so easy to do... just by showing some cute Phantom photos... while we still have him here!

ABOVE:  Coco plays with him fairly nicely, but sometimes she gets a bit rough... and we have to tell her off!

 ABOVE:  Phantom... he's such a delight!  Full of life and fun.

ABOVE:  He's so funny!  And CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

ABOVE: yep, the little bugger found me new sneakers were nice to chew on.  Lucky for him I'm not 'precious' about me sneakers.

ABOVE:  A couple of really nice ones with Stew and Phantom.

ABOVE... lastly... a cute one of puppy and Steve.

That's it for now!

We have to go out this morning... and this afternoon and evening we have Miss Keera to stay.  That is going to be lovely.

I read a Singaporean girl's blog... she sews like me... and she posted something that I wanted to put on my blog... so with Jane's permission:

10 things you should know

1. Any food offered to you with a "this is good for you" is sure to taste horrible.

2. Whenever someone starts a sentence with "No offense but..." you know you're going to get pretty offended. Same goes for "Nothing personal but..." Yes, it will be very personal.

3. The person who says "I don't mean to pry..." means to pry. Very much.

4. The person who says "I'm not trying to be mean..." is being mean. Very mean.

5. When you hear yourself saying "I hope I'm not boring you...", yes, you are.

6. If you say "It's for your own good" to your teenager kid, it's bound to end very badly.

7. When anyone says to you "I hope you are happy now" or "Are you happy now?" you know the person really wants you to be miserable.

8. Never tell a bad mother she's a bad mother. Especially if you're her kid.

9. Never tell a horrible kid he's/she's a horrible kid. Especially if you're his/her mom.

10. Anytime someone says "I'm not a racist but..." is sure to say something very racist.

I found her list rather good reading.


KAREN:  in answer to your question, the puppies will be a similar size to Teddy and Coco.  Small to medium in dog size.

Tired of puppy photos?  Well let me rectify that ....

ABOVE: here we have Miss Keera, Granddad and our wee friend Sofia Grace ... ALL of them looking very pretty in pink!

ABOVE:  Sofia Grace has just turned 1, it has been lovely seeing this special wee girl growing.  She was a much wanted, hard fought struggle for her Mum and Dad to bring her into this world.  Special.  And Precious.

ABOVE:  Jaquie and her gorgeous little Sofia Grace.

ABOVE: she's a little imp.. and has just learnt how to 'bum shuffle' around ... and apparently she can go really fast!  She is wearing holes in her pants.  lol

ABOVE: leg dents.  This is what fluid retention looks like... since the Dr told me to stop taking my piddle pills!  My legs, feet, hands and face have all swelled up ... NOT a pretty sight in the morning I can tell you.
AND now as I'm not taking the pills, I pee maybe twice a day?  The rest just settles in me feet/legs mostly. 
I am going to talk to the Dr about what other alternatives I can take?

I think I over fed Miss Muppet!  In the last hour she has thrown up on my right shoulder... then half an hour ago she did a MASSIVE throw up all down my front.. and it settled in me lap!  And just now.. she was nuzzling me neck and threw up on my left shoulder and it ran down into me AMPLE cleveage!  All in an hour.  NICE ONE BABY.  Talk about sharing her lunch.

AWWWW CHRISTY:  Diet Coke is 99.9% WATER.  Right?  And I first got bad fluid retention 23 years ago... when I did not even drink Diet Coke.

TRACY: she wasn't 'sick' as such... just too full!  Poor poppet... she's sound asleep now... and I need a shower... *smiles*

I got a bit distracted tonight on the computer... so after I had given wee Keera her bottle at about 6pm I gave her to Stew to hold while I was 'just a minute' on the computer. .... and yeah... 2 HOURS LATER... I realised what the time was!!!  Our baby was SOUND ASLEEP in her Granddad's arms.   Awwww... naughty Grandma.  lol
So I changed her nappy, fed her some veges and now she's down (hopefully !) for the night.

ABOVE:  so darling ... the love of my life and my very special little granddaughter.  I DELIVERED HER... I will NEVER forget that moment as long as I live.  It was AMAZING.  She looks rather comfy there ... it was a shame to wake her up.

End of Day:  slowly getting over the sick feeling in me tummy.  Looking forward to tomorrow, for no other reason than it means Stew is home with me.
nite nite


  1. Ah, Phantom... You steal my heart...

    I can never get enough pictures of the puppy.

    Love the new sneakers... Lookin' pretty hot.

    Enjoy your day!

    Kelly in Cali

  2. The second picture of Phantom...too cute for words:) The list is good reading and very true. Thanks to you and Jane for sharing!

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Thanks for the puppy fix. He is just sooo pretty. He is going to have a beautiful sable coat. Wonder if any of the owners let the coats grow out? lol - probably not...debbie

  4. Nods to all of those yes yes all true, puppy photos gorgeous.

  5. Chris -how big will the puppies get? Karen

  6. puppy photos awesome !!! he is growing really fast im sure you will miss him. Great list and very true. Have a great weekend with keera cuddles :)

  7. That is a cute puppy.
    I like the "10" list.

  8. You are not going to like this Chris.... but the best way to combat water retention is to drink *water*. Sorry, maybe give it a go? It does work... !!

  9. Oh dear, not sure if I feel more sorry for Keera as the upchucker or you as the upchuckee. Hope she fells better.

  10. The puppies are so darn cute in my monitor. I still get nervous around dogs. Wow, I never think about not being able to pee. Just took it for granted. Hope your doc can help you out with that.

  11. Ronda7:56 PM

    I'd get to the doctor's very quickly Chris. Fluid retention isn't good - I'm not trying to scare you at all just concerned.

  12. Being at the birth is a special time.......I couldn't agree more. Hope the little darling sleeps through for you :)

  13. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I don't think Grandad cared that a beautiful little Girl was asleep in his arms.They both look so peaceful.

    Southgirl. x

  14. I love the picture of Stew & Keera, so peaceful.

  15. LOVE the picture of Stew and Keera...

    Worried about the water retention...hope the doc can help get that sorted.

    Are you going to enter my Sephora contest? It's over tonight (California

    Nitty Gritty Momma

  16. I'm thinking you still need the water pills. Not good!!

  17. You need Lasix (water pills)...the heart doctor put me on those for 3-4 months and all of the swelling in my feet went down. No more pain either. It really works. Please let a doctor see those legs...


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