Monday, November 05, 2012


I weigh the puppies EVERY night... so that I can make sure they have a steady weight gain.  If one lags behind the others, I try and make it get an extra feed... they are all doing really well though, so I don't have any concerns...

ABOVE:  Poppy, not impressed!  I used to weigh them in a large bowl.... but the little buggers started climbing out of it... so we have moved on to a tall jug!

ABOVE:   Hee hee... they are a bit squished, but at least they stay put... lol.

ABOVE:  Great use for me Weight Watchers Scales if ya ask me.

ABOVE:  Steve and Bex went out yesterday to look at porta-cots... and came home with a car capsule and a baby bag.  They are slowly getting everything they will need when their Baby Boy arrives.

We put the pups out on the grass twice yesterday... and I got a couple of photos (or a hundred)... but just wanted to put these ones up today:

ABOVE:  Poppy, who will be going to her new home here in Auckland on Saturday 17th Nov.

ABOVE:  ROXY  (formerly Dill) is going to a lovely family also here in Auckland.

ABOVE: Little Pepper (no forever name yet) who is going to a lovely family down in Hawera on Friday 16th Nov.

So we have three pups sold and three to go.

I found something out a week or so ago... and have been kicking myself over not having thought of it sooner ever since.
You know.. if you have a long fringe (bangs) it mucks up your eyebrows eh?  Well... it mucks up MY eyebrows... they get all wonky by one's hair messing them up.
So I was brushing my hair and my eyes fell on this:

ABOVE:  Hair Glue!  Hmmmm... wonder if it would hold me eyebrows in shape?  So I put just a teeny tiny bit on me finger and spread it on my eyebrows.  AND IT WORKED!  SCORE!  Now my brows stay in place... rather happy about that. 

YEAH I know it was inane information... but come on!  This blog is about anything and everything that pops into me head eh?  lol


Off to the Dr this morning... and this afternoon all the pups go to the Vet for their first immunisation.  That's going to be fun. lol

Me Dr ain't happy with me.  My blood pressure is too high.  My blood sugar levels have gone UP.  My kidneys are not doing too good.  I have to stop taking me piddle pills!  Seems they are adversely affecting me kidneys!  Only been taking them for 23 years!  Shit on it.  That means I won't be piddling much from now on.  *sigh*

AND I have to repeat all blood/piddle tests in a fortnight too.  Oh Yaaa.  

I'm gunna go now and munch on a bloody lettuce leaf... or not.

I had scones (2) for lunch.  Not a good choice, but I just couldn't be bothered doing anything else.
Must get my head around HAVING to look after myself better... or I'm going to run into real trouble soon.  

I've no energy today at all.  Felt the same yesterday too.  It's getting tiresome.  

PUPS went to the Vet's... all is good with them...very happy little pups and very healthy too *smiles*
I've picked up Lacy so she can have a go at getting some knots out of Coco's face !  She has knots around the edge of her mouth!  And the little tart growled at me this morning when I tried to get them combed out!  
Coco let's Lacy do it though..... weird but true.

CHRISTY:  *snort* !  If I were to get dehydrated I DO drink water... flavoured with Diet Coke.  lol

I've got a lady coming in a few minutes to look at Jazz.....

Yaaaa.... Jazz has found her forever home, and I am thrilled to bits with her new family.  Her new Mum works at a pet shop.. how perfect is that!  I took a really lovely photo of Jenna and her new puppy Peppa.  But as today's post is rather long already, I will post that photo tomorrow.  

Now we just have the two boys left to find homes for.

I also just heard from the family who are having Pepper... her new name is going to be MOLLY.  I love her new name !

Now I have to get used to all the girl's new names:

Poppy  became  PEPPA
Dill       became  ROXY
Pepper became  MOLLY
Saffron became  POPPY

Next year I am going to give each puppy a COLOUR NAME... cos it's rather confusing when they get new names that were already a 'home' name for someone else!

SURREY: thanks for the encouraging comment... you are right, it would be so much easier if evil foods/treats were not in my house!  I just don't have the self control at all ... it flew the coop a good 3-4 years ago!  I keep telling certain people not to offer or buy me treats... I must tell them again, AND MAKE SURE THEY DON'T SNEAK IT IN AND THEN WAVE IT IN FRONT OF ME GOB.

End of Day:  another really good day... I have kept me food choices good... I sold the last girl puppy... just got the boys to go.


  1. The pups look adorable in the pitcher lol.

  2. Models use vaseline to stick down eyebrows I do that too sometimes as my eyebrows get lost in the WEARING of glasses all the time!

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Pups look very unimpressed.
    Had a look at the advt for the babies They look gorgeous love the last photos plus Coco & Max They are such lookers
    Now we wait for the diet/health do gooders to respond!!
    Mary H

  4. Love the new pictures of the pups...if I didn't a)use hunting hounds and b) live on the other side of the world, I'd be tempted myself!

    Clear mascara is amazing for eyebrow control! And not the stickiness you can get from vaseline etc. yes...that's experience speaking!

    Look after yourself, Chris -cause what use are you going to be to anyone else, if you don't?.?

  5. ... dare I suggest drinking more water? I'm not even joking. When I feel really really tired, I know it's because I'm dehydrated.

  6. Surrey6:57 PM

    Hi Chris,

    I have followed your blog for a while but don't comment often. I just wanted to share something that helps me with you. If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle or trying to eat healthier try and forget the word self control. Self control is an illusion and good behaviour comes from the environment you live in. Try and set up an environment you can't fail in. E.g. no treats in the house, don't beat yourself up for not being controlled enough to not have any when they are around, no one can do that!! I can't do any baking etc (unless I am giving it straight away) as I will eat it.. in terms of exercise make it harder for yourself to get out of doing it, e.g. make plans to meet someone else or similar. When you look at people who are successful at living a healthy lifestyle it is not because they are more controlled then anyone else, they simply have an environment where it is easier to be healthy..

  7. The puppies are so cute. It is exciting that they are going to such lovely homes.

    I don't have any self control either, I try to keep as much as I can out of the house.

  8. Anonymous11:24 PM

    The puppies are so so lovely,
    All you can do , is your best, concerning your diet, I know it is very hard,

    Bex is looking good, they are doing well gathering all their stuff together for baby boy. Where are they hoping to live .? Do they have a plan in

    Big hugs to Teddy, and to Coco and her



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