Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've been told I have to go down to the mall today!  By Steve.
To pick up some new XBox game that is being released today.  Steve has pre-ordered and paid for one.  
Hmmm.... such a BIG ask... for me to go to the mall!  I'm sure I can DRAG myself there! lol

Now I am going to bore you to bits with a FEW photos of pups that I took yesterday... cos I can... and cos in just a few more days they are all going to be leaving 'home'... except Phantom (Chilli) who is staying here with us until December 8th, when he will finally meet his new family.

 ABOVE:  Peppa playing with a TUX biscuit.  

 ABOVE:  Yep... looks the same from this angle too... (Molly)

ABOVE: Molly... such a wee darling...

ABOVE:  Teddy got really brave and came outside... but when the Pups tried to play with him he scarpered.

ABOVE:  Roxy.. the prancer.

ABOVE:  Spunky Poppy.

ABOVE:  Sweet Miss Molly.

ABOVE: Phantom licking his lips.

 ABOVE: Just chilling...

ABOVE:  Poppy about to pounce on Bex's hand.

 ABOVE:  Poppy.

ABOVE:  Roxy hightailing it away from her siblings.

 ABOVE:  Poppy mid-stride.

ABOVE: Phantom chasing Roxy.

ABOVE:  Phantom running around.

ABOVE:  Yikes... Phantom caught up with Roxy!

ABOVE:  Roxy playing with a ball.

ABOVE:  Move....

ABOVE:  Yaaa.... Peppa got it for a change.

ABOVE:  Miss Molly having cuddles.

ABOVE:  Roxy chasing Peppa...

ABOVE: Phantom stalking Roxy.

ABOVE: Roxy, Poppy and Phanton playing 'Ring-A-Ring-A-Rosies'.

ABOVE: Peppa taking time to sniff the grass.

ABOVE: Roxy striking a pose.

ABOVE:  Poppy trying to get some Diet Coke.

OK... THAT'S ALL!  I had a good dozen or so more that were lovely too.. but decided I had to stop!

Right... time to go and make the lunches, feed the pups... bla bla bla...


I think I have solved the mystery of why Teddy and Coco are itchy!
And it ain't something that happened at the Groomers like the wrong shampoo or fleas.  I feel really bad now for complaining about them... VERY BAD.  IT IS ALL MY FAULT THEY ARE MISERABLY ITCHY.

When the pups were at the Vet's for their first Immunisation I was given 6 'Puppy Packs'... which contained various vouchers, food samples (Hills Science Diet) and the like.  As the food samples were not the same food that I feed our pups,  I took them out.

Then I did what I did last year and just added the Hills Science Diet sample packs to Teddy and Coco's food bowls.
AND... I am 100% sure that is why they are itchy!  Hill Science Diet dog food is NOT good for Teddy and Coco it would appear.
I have now eliminated all of it from their bowls ... and hopefully in a few days they will stop being itchy!

Lacy, Keera, Bex and I ended up going to the mall and having a lovely time shopping.  AND we picked up the 'special' game for Steve too.. so he's a happy boy.

ABOVE:  I took a box full of magazines to the local Hospice Shop, and both Bex and I managed to find some clothes to buy.   She got clothes and toys for her baby and I got 4 new tops for summer.  

This morning I spent some time moving the puppy pen so that when I open the sliding doors in the lounge the pups can just walk outside, therefore no one has to carry them and potentially drop one of them.

ABOVE: it will work out really good for just Phantom when he's left on is own too... I'm thinking of keeping him in the larger travel case in my bedroom at night so he doesn't cry too much.

Yaaa.. we are having an amazing thunder storm... with hail.  Totally love storms!  The kids got home dripping wet.. even with their raincoats on.  

End of Day:  well another lovely day here... first really amazing thunder/lightening storm I have seen/heard since we moved up here!  It was AWESOME.
nite nite.


  1. Great pics Chris!

  2. OMG they are just soooo cute great pics chris
    enjoy your day

  3. These are amazing photos Chris.......You should enter them into the magazine competitions they have. There are a couple there I think would easily win you money or prizes.

  4. Awww!!! You are so good at photographing the pups, too.

    Diet Coke comes in a plastic bottle there? Weirddddd!!

  5. The puppy photos are great! They are so cute and cuddly. :)

    Hopefully removing the new food will help the itches. Yikes, changing food is such a big hassle at my place too. I never know if Jerome is going to eat it. He didn't like Science Diet or Royal Canin. My wallet breathed a sigh of relief.

  6. Yaya puppy fix pics, they are adorable and cheeky mischievious bundles of fluff...

  7. Awesome photos Chris! I love seeing photos of the pups and will miss them once they go to their "forever" homes.... just as well there is Kera to photograph and then Steve and Bex's wee boy will come along too...

  8. Pleased you got to the bottom of the itching problem, poor wowos. Well done on the hospice scores for you and Bex :)

  9. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Hopefully you solved the itch problem!! I absolutely LOVED all the puppy photos. This litter was a really pretty bunch! Sad that they will all be leaving this weekend!! ...debbie

  10. can we see some photos of the tops you got too? please

  11. Our dog Sheba has been having an itch problem for months now. Switching to Science Diet was part of the treatment.
    Are you getting any of the Eclipse?

  12. Enjoy the rest of your time with the pups. Glad to see and hear all is well. Take care.

  13. All caught up on the puppies and babies! So much cuteness!

  14. Oh you poor thing having to sacrifice and go to the mall. Too funny.


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