Friday, November 02, 2012


I know you all want to see masses of puppy photos eh?

Come on now... you can never get too much of a good thing!  I think I finally have some really lovely photos of each puppy for the advert on Trade Me, which is going online on Saturday night!

I wonder how long it will take to find them new homes?

Anyway.... here's some of the best:

 ABOVE: Minty.  A lovely wee boy... fairly timid, but coming out of his shell.  Starting to give his sisters as good as he gets.

ABOVE:  Chilli... a real sook-ee-la la.  Wouldn't say boo to a goose.

ABOVE:  Jazz.... the above photo says it all!  She is full of spunk!  Never still... the shit stirrer.  

ABOVE: Dill.  A bit like Jazz... lots of fun to have around.  She's the biggest of all the pups and uses her weight to get the best nipple!

ABOVE:  Pepper.  The baby of the group.  The smallest.  A really quiet little girl. Always getting ganged up on.  

I hadn't planned on putting up photos of Poppy as she is already sold... but I thought her new Mum and Dad might like to see her again before coming to visit her tomorrow, so here she is:

ABOVE:  Poppy is exactly like Jazz... on the go non stop, cheeky and full of character.  I was lucky to get these photos cos she went nuts on the couch!  And she even barked at me for taking her photo!  She made Coco panic!  Coco's not used to hearing her pups actually bark!  They are really quiet usually.

I'm hoping to have the day to myself today to just chill and do whatever I feel like doing. 
Been out and about enough this week.

Damn!  Just remembered.  I have to see the Dr next week... and I still have not had me blood test done... it was supposed to be done on October the 5th.  *sigh*   I freakin hate needles.  Grrrr.  I MIGHT go and get it done so I don't get told off by the Dr or LACY ... fook.


Sitting watching the pups this morning... and seems the latest fun thing to do to your siblings is grab them by the tail and drag them around the puppy pen!  LMAO  it looks hysterical!  

I headed out to get me blood test done.
I get to MedLab and there's at least 30 people waiting, standing room only...  about 10 people were standing.  I ask the receptionist how long is the wait?  At least an hour.  So ... ummm... NAH... I left.

Then I decided to pop into the Hospice Shop to say 'Hi'... and browse.  So I did.
I bought some stuff for the grandbabies.
Then I head out the back door to say bye to the boss (Deb) and a couple of others standing by the back door.

There is this Maori lady (M) who comes into the shop HEAPS and is good friends with the Boss and several of the other Maori ladies who work there.

I say to Debs I am not having my blood test after all as the wait is far too long.

And that's when 'M' turned on me and starting yelling about how ungrateful I am, how I should be grateful I'm alive, how so many little kids are in hospital with cancer and having injections ALL THE TIME and they have no choice, and how pathetic that I cried cos I had to wait ... and she went ON and ON at me... jabbing her finger at me at one point and actually calling me a DOG! 

I looked at her when she said that ... and I said "Excuse me, but did you just call me........"  but before I could get the rest out she lashed out and me and said .... 

"WHAT?  WHAT?  You think I called you a DOG eh, you just hear what you want to hear... use your fucken ears ... I said A.D.U.L.T... NOT DOG"

BUT I totally did hear her say DOG... clearly she is a racist bitch.

Oh and while this was happening... my 'Boss' and the other girl standing there just stood there and smiled, and puffed on their smokes like it was perfectly OK for her to be verbally attacking me !!!

So now that I'm home I tex'd my 'BOSS' and told her how I felt about what just happened and that it would be a cold day in HELL before I ever came near the shop again.  I did not deserve to be spoken to like that and as she felt it was OK to just stand there let her 'friend' have a go at me and say NOTHING... I was not coming back to work there.  FULL. STOP. END. OF. STORY.

EDIT:  in all the time I worked at the shop, when 'M' came in she never spoke to me unless she had to, was never polite, never said hello...NOTHING.  Now I know why. She is a racist bitch.
'They' talk about us European's being racist towards Maori?  OMFG talk about double standards. 

JOAN: I WILL get the blood test done this afternoon... when the wait hopefully won't be so long. I have a NERVOUS BOWEL when it comes to injections.... I didn't think waiting a minimum of 90 minutes was the problem, it was the fact that I would probably get the shits with nerves... and I just didn't want to go through that after having the shits all of last week.

My ex-boss just text'd me, said she was sorry about what happened, and yeah, I didn't deserve what 'M' did.   Whatever... still not going back there to be around people like that.

TEDDY is fine.  He fades into the background when we have pups.  He hides from them.  But don't worry, he is still gorgeous, still given lots of loves, gets to sleep with Brylee, still our lovely boy.  I will show you how cute he still is tomorrow... this post is already turning into a book!

WOMBAT:  I don't think that is right. We can all lose our tempers.  It is just unfortunate that 'M' seems to have a massive chip on her shoulders towards me? or the fact that I am a European? or that hell... I drive a nice car?  Who the hell knows... she was just totally rude.

SOUTHGIRL:  Teddy has his bark collar on 24/7 right now... and as I shaved his neck so it worked ... YES he is being very quiet!  He can growl a little bit, he knows just how much noise he can make without getting a shock!  He is a very clever boy!

TRACY: oh yes, I cried all the way home... just could not believe someone could be so, so nasty for no reason!

LACY:  I cannot make a complaint. It happened OUTSIDE the shop by the back door of the shop where everyone who smokes goes for a break.  M does not work for the Hospice, and the BOSS was not responsible for what M said.  Sure she could have stepping in and asked M to like... shut the fuck up... but M is a right bitch... once she got going nothing was going to stop her tearing me to shreds verbally. 

Seriously ... I still can't believe how vitriolic she got!  Maybe she was having a REALLY BAD DAY and just took it out on me?  

ABOVE: the items I got at the Hospice shop this morning.  

I have had my blood test.  Shame I didn't know they wanted a piddle sample too!  I am all PIDDLED OUT... took me piddle pills this morning eh?  
So.. not a problem, I can take a sample in tomorrow morning.  

My house smells like a kennel.  This part of puppy rearing is the ikkk bit.  I am going to get some of those things ya put in your dryer to make your clothes smell nice and rub them over the puppies when visitors arrive.  They are smelly little buggers!  Too scared to bath them... I can still remember how terrified and stressed out our last litter got when we bathed them!

End of Day:  another of those days that had some good, some bad and some downright ugly.  But .. we move on.  Life is full up's and down's eh?
nite nite.


  1. Oh my god those pictures make you melt inside they are so cute, Poppy she is twinlky eyed in those photos I'm predicting your pups will get snapped up quick!

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM


  3. Great photos, you did a fantastic job. I am sure they will all go to fantastic homes.

    Now go get that blood test done & get it over & done with.

  4. OMG chris what a horrid women and yes im afraid i wouldnt be going back to work there either... Just know you are better than her and unfortunatly it takes all types to make up this strange world we live in... what a bitch...Try to have a better afternoon

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I am diabetic as well , SO GO And GET YOUR BLOODS Done
    What's an hour to wait , We sometimes have to wait ages over here I mean weeks for an appointment with a doctor ...

    Don't mean to be rude but keep on at her Lacy & Keera.

    Please please show us a piccy of darling Teddy. Is he ok.
    Joan UK

    I did.nt realised you had racist people like that over there What a shame there are people like that about Why cannot people live in harmony.

  6. OMG - Why do people feel that they can talk to another human like that????
    And then to stand beside that person while they attack someone verabally and not say anything!
    I just don't understand some people some times - It would make me rethink a friendship if I witnessed a "friend" attacking someone like that!
    I hope you have a better afternoon!
    Well done on not going back - do you think you can take it further up the chain??/ or not worth it! If a manager is allowing a staff member to talk to another staff memeber like that there there management skills need reassessing!

  7. Just re-read and saw she isn't a staff member - still not acceptable!

  8. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Well maoris are known for their tempers as well but thats no excuse! WOMBAT

  9. How awful to be attacked like out of the blue. She obviously knows nothing about you, how dare she make assumptions! I wouldn't be going back to work there either.

    Hope you are not too shaken by it and looking at those adorable puppies cheers you up!

  10. glad Teddy is all good and i know he will be getting lots of luv's :)

  11. What an awful woman. Personally I would lay a complaint with Hospice New Zealand. I wouldn't take that.

    Hospices around the country operate due to the generosity of their volunteers. I would hold your boss accountable as she should have stopped M in her tracks straight away and told her she had no right to talk like that to you. Her leadership skills are extremely unacceptable and unprofessional and can damage the reputation of a damn fine organisation.

  12. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Sorry to hear of your incident at the Hospice Shop.

    Was also thinking of Teddy.Or has he decided to keep his bark under control that's why we haven't


  13. What a complete Bitch!! There is NO reason for anyone to speak to another person like that, as for your Bosses lack of response, it is totally unacceptable & unprofessional to allow that sort of behaviour in her shop. M should have been asked to stop, apologise and leave.

    I would have been mortified (and probably burst into tears) if I had been in your shoes.

    FYI - best time to get bloods done is first thing in the morning, it is usually quieter, see if they are open tomorrow morning & whip down & do it then.

  14. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Time 2 write an email 2 complain Do not be a victim and send a copy 2 your ex boss

  15. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Either you write in and formaly lay a complaint...Or I dam well will, I will not sit back and let anybody I dont care what race they are talk to you like that, that is dam well verbal assult!!!!!! Love Lacy and Keera

  16. Well, stuff M and stuff the manager too. That is totally unacceptable and the manager should have stepped in RIGHT AWAY. Lee-Ann is right, the manager is accountable. An apologetic text is way too little and way too late. Don't go back.

    On a brighter note, pups are just gorgeous!

  17. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I dont care were it happened or who she was...she does not have the right to do that, yes every one has the right to an opinion but that was not an opinion that was an attack on you personaly, sorry but im furious about this, Love Lacy & Keera

  18. Anonymous3:19 PM

    You have one smart wee Boy(Teddy)for working out how far he can go before he gets zapped.Even though it's taken a little bit longer to learn.Well done Chris for your persistance.

    Southgirl x

  19. Anonymous3:31 PM

    O that M needs a kick up the Butt!
    Bloody hell, will she have a go at me too for saying that? cos i sure as hell wouldn't wait in line for a blood test!
    Chin Up babe, everybody who knows you, knows that you are a lovely lady inside and out! xxxx

  20. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Gorgeous gorgeous puppies!!!!

    I guess their mumma's never taught them any damn manners. Just walk away Chris, life is too short.

    Hope the queue is a bit shorter now at pathology!!!! hint hint :0)

  21. You know, sometimes you just have to laugh. This woman went so far off the deepend about you not getting your blood taken, that it is just rediculous. Who knows what her problem is - but you certainly can't take it personally. I am sure everyone has a lunatic story. I had a woman go off on me at the post office once. Someone was using a pen and finished with it and layed it down. I picked it up. Well - all hell broke losse. This woman starts screaming at me that SHE WAS ABOUT TO USE THAT PEN! I PRACTICALLY GRABBED IT OUT OF HER HAND! What? I had no idea she intended to use a pen. She flipped out. I still laugh about it today. I actually try to envision myself being so awfull as to grab a pen out of an old lady's hand at the post office and I JUST LAUGH. So just laugh, and get your blood done And don't worry about it. Go snuggle a pup or two! Love your blog.

  22. Wombat maybe you need to re edit that post are you saying ALL Maoris are known for tempers OR some?! because that is a broad wide sweeping generalisation.

  23. Wow that lady sounds out of control!! And racism is ugly, ugly stuff.

  24. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I know exactly how you feel. I am terrified of needles. And when it comes to the dentist, i have been known to pass right out .
    Maybe the boss realised her friend had gone to far, and thought you may go higher than her, and if it is a paying job she has could be panicking ..and so she should, Why she vents her anger on you, god only knows, she,needs reporting , because that is verbal abuse , and it was obvious it upset you, is there no one tou can complain to. That woman should not be allowed to think she can get away with it . Is there a race complaints. L
    Board somewhere . Even if it is a warning that may make her a bit more careful. You know how it upset you, can you imagine how how it would be with someone more nervous, ..
    Hugs to the pups, mummy coco, and handsome teddy
    Thank god I am so many hundreds of miles away, i already have 2 shi -tzu.s

  25. Anonymous1:00 AM

    I usually get tired of the puppy photos, but not this time. I think you killed those brain cells by overload.

  26. You should totally start hanging out at the hospice for a chance to meet up with the bitch again. You deserve the chance to set her straight and make her cry all the way home.

  27. So sorry to hear of the confrontation today, not fair, not nice. Move on though and don't hold on to it, the abuser has won if we hold on to these things. Wake up fresh and happy and leave it in yesterday. Take care and cuddle those beautiful puppies and kids. Xxx

  28. So glad you got your blood test done. Wow - I don't know how you managed to stay calm and not get involved - I would have found it really hard. Some people shouldn't be allowed to go out !!
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow - love, hugs and positive energy !

  29. Oh my, she really was rude, wasn't she! And if she preempted what you were going to say than that just proves to me she said exactly what you thought she said. I don't blame you for not going back.

    But on another note, the puppies are lovely!


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