Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am just so happy today.
Miss Molly was welcomed home last night... and a little girl found out that Molly wasn't for her Mum's friend at all... and that Molly was actually for HER!

Her Mum said she was shocked and had to ask three times to make sure she heard right!  How lovely is that!

Without further ado... here is Molly and her new human (Miss B):

 ABOVE: her smile says it all doesn't it!

 ABOVE:  Molly getting acquainted with her new family.

ABOVE:  Tracy and Molly... I wonder how their first night went?   I think 'Miss B' was sleeping beside Molly on the floor last night!  Here's hoping that stopped Molly from howling and crying!

I can't believe this day has arrived so soon... Peppa, Poppy and Roxy all leave us today for their Forever homes too.

We are expecting the new families to arrive over the course of the day.  So.. it's a stay at home day.


TRACY:  I think I like your hubby!  I will certainly give you a shout out when we have another litter on the way... you will get 2nd pick.  I already have one lady who has pre-ordered a little girl from Coco's next litter!

Does ANYONE out there know what the big deal is with Harvey Norman this weekend???  I can't get on their web page at all.

Well.. Harvey Norman are just having another big SALE.  No real surprises there then.  I have sent Stew down to get prices on their computers though... just in case there is one that takes my interest... THEN I might go down and check it out.
I've been looking for a new computer for ages now...but it's so CONFUSING!  

Roxy has left for her new home...  It is so neat  seeing the pups leave with VERY HAPPY new families!  Roxy's new Mum gave me some gorgeous flowers!  

ABOVE:  how gorgeous... and such a nice gesture.  Thanks Tania... that was so nice of you.

It was only about half an hour before The Owens arrived to pick up Poppy...

ABOVE:  Poppy all snuggled ready to go home.

ABOVE: It was VERY HARD to prise Adrian (the bloke) away from the pups!  He loved them... awwwww.  
I don't know anyone who hasn't loved Coco's pups!

Now... we await the arrival of Peppa's new family...

CHRISTY:  I don't need a Very Very flash computer, I just need one that works and doesn't send smoke out the side or make nasty noises as it dies or just shuts down all on it's own 12 times a day!  

ABOVE:  Peppa and her new family, Gayle and her daughter Jenna.

ABOVE:  they brought flowers too... so into the other bunch they went.  I am feeling very spoilt!

ABOVE:  Lacy and Keera visited today too... Lacy got her baby JEANS and silver shoes!  It makes Keera look so much older... *sniff*... she should be in pretty pink BABY clothes!  Luckily Miss Muppet is gorgeous in anything.

I have heard from Roxy's Mum Tania too...  apparently Roxy has had a wonderful day so far... played with the girls heaps and then went to sleep.  Awwww.

I hope all the girls get a good sleep tonight and don't cry at all!  I will keep my fingers crossed.

End of Day:  and what a day!  People coming and going all day... and three wee pups left for their forever homes happily.  And Coco is none the wiser!  Seriously, she has not batted an eyelid, pined or gone looking for them.  She can still see Phantom... so she's happy.  
nite nite.


  1. Fantastic night last night...just 3 times with a little cry... (I only heard her once)... Bee had it all under control... even taking her to toilet at 5.30am then playing for half hour before both falling asleep again. She is certainly going to change this household... and Chris... remember me for next litter... I have the go ahead for another playmate for Molly!!!! Yep Im shocked... hubby is smitten

  2. Hiya, Chris!

    Been stalking for awhile... Finally (with some motivation from your blog and keepin' it real style of writing), I've signed-up.

    Now, I can stalk in the open.

    Woot! Woot!

    Thanks for sharing the puppies with us.

    Kelly in Cali (Hol-la!)

  3. I got on the Harvey Norman site - doesn't say a lot - just a big unprecedented sale event! Doesn't say anything else so I guess they are trying to get people in the store first!

  4. awwwwwww how sweet what a beautiful home Molly has and human and how lucky to now have pre sales!!! I hope all your other families pick ups and farewells are going superbly!

  5. You picked a great day to stay home and wait for the puppies to be picked up - we just braved the supermarket and it is pouring out there. Hope the day goes well and the puppies are all happy.

    I know what you mean about computers being confusing. I get David on the job when I need to upgrade.

    Penny xo

  6. I'm thinking with the cash injection from the puppy sale that you could buy yourself a v v flash new computer! yay! xxxx

  7. JB HiFi are also having a sale this weekend. Try to decide exactly what you want & then check out who is offering the best deal on the ones that fit your criteria.

    Looks like those puppies are going to great homes with people who obviously love them. Even I suspect the blokes who poo pooed the idea of a little dog :-)

  8. Anonymous5:48 PM

    You deserve to be spoilt Chris.Miss Keera is looking so much like a little girl(not a Baby anymore)They grow up too quickly.

    Southgirl x

  9. How happy does their new owners look. Showed my hairdresser the puppies and we spent ages looking at your photos. Oh, I am blogging again - Yay for me.

  10. chris...get an apple computer. you will never go back.


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