Monday, November 12, 2012


You would never guess that someone is expecting a baby boy in a few more weeks eh?

 ABOVE:  Bex and Steve washed all their baby clothes/linen/nappies etc.. getting ready for baby!

They bought a pair of dungaree's too... and laid them on top of Keera:

ABOVE:  Doesn't she look adorable!  Bex has a 'thing' for giraffe's... so the little giraffe beside Keera is theirs too.  They only have about 8-10 giraffes!

ABOVE:  they bought a Porta-Cot too... again... Keera was the 'guinea pig'.  Now Lacy wants one too!  

Poor Teddy had a reaction to something at the groomers last week .... could have been the shampoo... or he got a flea bite, poor bugger gnawed  his rump down to the skin... so he's back in a cone... MARTINE these are for you:

ABOVE:  but I got a couple of lovely photos of him before it went back on.  We had to soak the cone as he had a vomit (ikkkk) and it stank to high heaven.  Something really has upset his tummy AND skin.  Grrrrr.  

ABOVE:  Keera trying to tell me she wanted a bottle... she's doing really well now with her feeds... not long ago it was a real battle to get her to feed at all.  Thank goodness those days are behind us now.

ABOVE:  a funny face Miss Muppet!  She was such a good wee baby last night... so easy to care for...AND she slept all night!  Score.

MIDWIFE today for Bex... and after that we are going down to the mall for some girly shopping and morning tea.  


Back home... midwife appointment went really well... little BABY FOE is just above 'average' in size so if he looks like he's going to be a big baby Bex will have a growth scan done and another Gestational Diabetes test in a couple more weeks... just to be on the safe side.




I got my camera card written onto 2 DVD's, there were over 1,800 photos on it... that's how many I have taken in the last 3 weeks!
Sheesh I'm a shutter-bug !
Thank god for digital technology.

Right ... got to put the puppies out on the grass before my eardrums explode!  They are howling and barking and growling at me... they want OUT!

We took the pups outside at 5pm for a run around.. and I took a total of 698 photos!

Too Much Info ... coming up...
Peppa kept snuggling into me crotch.. and BEX said "Don't go in there Peppa, you might get lost!"... and then she said "We don't want to tell Jenna her puppy is gone!"... so I up and smacked that Tart on the bum!  Such a cheeky hussy ... and to think she will be living here full time soon!  OMG I am gunna have to teach her some manners!  And RESPECT for her Mother-In-Law!
(joking of course)

I can't believe how well we get on... she is just like a daughter already... and she 'gets' my sense of humour, which is so good. *smiles*

Right... back to those 698 photos... I will go through them tonight and post some of the best ones tomorrow.  I can't believe I've not had a single puppy photo on today!

End of Day:  well Bex and I have had a lovely day together, and once she moves up here permanently we can have more days like today... minus the puppies of course!  But then we will have a darling baby boy to cluck over.
I can't wait.
nite nite.


  1. Wow- Keera hair is really lightening up.It will be interesting to see what colour she is in a couple of years.

  2. How fun to see them so excited about their baby boy. With Keera around at least they have an idea what they are in for.

  3. While I like hearing it's your weekend on my Friday, I don't like hearing its Monday on my Sunday... But tomorrow (Monday) is a holiday here!

  4. Have a lovely girls day. All that washing brings back memories! The most exciting, beautiful days are ahead for Bex and Steve. Make sure you remind her to rest up as much as she can now and indulge in the weeks up to the birth with her feet up a bit more. Cheers

  5. Thats one serious line full of clothes, Keera she gonna be a singer!!! she has the lungs for it and her hair and skin are gorgeous....

  6. How beautiful that you took those photos of Bex and Steve when she was having her ultra sound, they look so happy, Bex looks she would have the sweetest nature, I wish my son could find a girl like her,

    I love all your photos of all the baby clothes, how exciting, Isn't good how Bex and Steve are getting some practice time with beautiful baby girl Keera, your grandchildren are beautiful, they are showered with love and affection.

    Thanking for sharing such joy and happiness.

    You rock Chris....

  7. I laughed a lot when I read Bex's paragraph! Sounds like you will have fun.

    And I was just thinking that Keera is always smiling, and there she is asking for her bottle.

    Your grandkids are cute. :)


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