Thursday, November 22, 2012


Yeah... most people who come into my home say something about all me bits of colour around the house.
It makes it cheerful.  Cos sometimes when you are not feeling 'happy, happy, joy, joy'... at least you are in a happy looking environment!

Well... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I do love colour, I'm always trying to find TASTEFUL ways to add colour.

When I was given flowers the other day by Puppy Parents... it made me want to add more colour ... so I got more artificial flowers yesterday:

 ABOVE:  see how cute they are there?  They only cost $16.  And those candles ... I've had them for freakin ages and they came from The Warehouse... cheap as... but so effective don't cha think?

Most people would have a cat on their desk for company... me?

ABOVE:  I've got this little cutie patootie.  He quite liked being there... but sadly his typing skills were utter crap, so I fired him.  He sleeps in his crate right beside me when he's not running around causing mayhem. *smiles* 

Today's plans are to get into the garage and try to make some sense of it... and start sorting it out so everything is a bit more 'condensed' into a smaller area.  Right now it's a damn mess.
I will take a photo to prove it!... but not right now. 
Must make lunches now... yaaaaaaaaaaaaa....


ANON:  yes that video is somewhere in an older post... you will have to scroll through a few weeks to find it though!  I won't as I'm far to busy!

I'm making great inroads into the garage mess... and getting lots of exercise doing it too!  It all counts, particularly if it makes you sweat like a pig!

So... after 4 hours... I have finished in the garage!  Now we will be able to put Griffin and Joshua in there over Christmas/New Year ... cos all the bedrooms will be full!


 ABOVE:  and AFTER.  It was a mission and a half... but I am really, really good at tidying up!
lol's lunchtime and I'm starving!

I am now fed and watered (well Diet Coke'd) and just feel a bit tired.  So it's a good excuse to sit down and watch last night's Home And Away!  Like... NOW.

Where do I get the energy?  Simple.  I hate a mess... and no one but me was going to tidy it up. So... I did it.  Well... actually Bex said she would help, but there is no way I was going to let her do it... she's heavily pregnant!

FAIR WARNING.  I am going to have a RANT tomorrow! So... If you would rather read sweetness and light... DON'T come here tomorrow.  Just sayin.

LYN:  and I'm not sure which Lyn you are... what I do or don't do in relation to my diet is up to me.  Thanks for your concern.  I am my own biggest critic... and when I can listen to myself will be when I do something about my diet.

THANK YOU KYM, and YOU other girls. You know who you are.

LYN:  I would never tell anyone what they can or cannot say in their comments.  Clearly you took exception to my reply to your first comment... I did not mean to offend you, just state how I felt.  And I do not divulge EVERYTHING about my life on my blog... some things are kept private.  As you didn't link your comment back to yourself... you might as well have just signed yourself ANONYMOUS.

End of Day:  a very rewarding day in many ways.  Glad to see my bed soon.
nite nite


  1. Hi ya Chris.......I'm still around just become the world worst blogger over the past few months.....never fear though I do still try to keep up with what you are up to. I can understand you firing puppy because of his typing skills.....LOL.....mine aren't much better LOL
    Love the way you decorate :)
    Hopefully you are enjoying some sun & warmer last we are down in the lower North :) LOL
    Enjoy your day :)

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    He is sooooo cute. Do u still have the video of Coco playing with them all outside? Would love another laugh.

  3. I love your color! The picture on the wall is gorgeous!

    You have excellent design taste...

    Your cutie-patootie makes for a great desk accent. Love it!

    Kelly in Cali

  4. But animal typing is so funny at times and they manage to open up all manner of windows an dclose programms. I love gerberas they are my favourite and the fake flowers they have so many vibrant bright colours.

  5. Colour is great, I love colour!!!! And I also love your super cute office desk accessory ;)

  6. Well done on the cleanup! Feels great to sort things out and tidied up! Have a great day

  7. I love the colour around the place. You could try arranging the candles in the colours of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple!


  8. I so need you to visit my place!! I hate tiding up and am awful at clutter!!! Am sure you would have my house sorted in no time at all!!! Love the colour in your place too!!!

  9. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I love your little bundle of mischief helping on the computer.
    I sure hope others appreciate your hard work in the garage.

    Southgirl x

  10. Anonymous1:32 PM

    OMG I need you at my house to sort it out... I am useless! can't believe it'll be Christmas before we know it... I am hoping to get some sewing done before then... maybe in the holidays we can have a proper catch up.


  11. WOW - the garage looks fabulous! You did a dynamite of a job...

    Kelly in Cali

  12. Wow!!! Would you come and clean out my garage? That is very impressive work in just four hours.

    Your sweet pooch is too cute for words even if he can't type!

    And I know from your beautiful cards that you have a great eye for color. The flowers and candles are the perfect addition.

    xo jj

  13. Where do you get the energy to do all that tidying? I'm only doing the minimal daily and waiting for Christmas when I'll be free and do a better job.

  14. WELL DONE CHRIS!!!! Looks good!

  15. I should hire you to come & sort my shit out because I just never get around to it.

    I love the fact that Bex was willing to help even though she is so pregnant herself.

    Looking forward to tomorrows rant - nothing like a good rant to get the day going :-)

  16. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Omh, you never cease to amaze me with your energy. You are so organised. Rant away tomorrow!!! We will still be reading. I know I enjoy reading your blog, besides loving all the pictures of your beautiful grandchildren and puppies I find you so inspirational and down to earth.

  17. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Fair enough, I guess if you choose to blog, and let people in to all aspects of your life, you are inviting comment. i guess the only way around that is to let people know what they can comment on, and what they cant. Lyn

  18. Hi....Wow you have been busy! Molly is now the queen of the house. I am putting some photos on my blog shortly.

  19. Hope puppy does not wee wee on your computer lol - BTW Chico is doing well now, hiccups are very rare now, which is good so unless they come back again regularly we don't need to worry about them anymore.

  20. The new flowers sitting with the candles look lovely - can never have too much colour - it makes the environment look so much brighter and interesting.

    Re the clean up - pretty impressive for 4 hours however if you were to ever sort my place for me, you'd have to keep to a height restriction - hehehe ... earthquakes tend to upset things otherwise :)

  21. Good luck getting things sorted out. I need to find the time to do the same thing.

  22. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Whenever I think of you, I think of Bright, Bold yummy colors!! I love your taste in colors and it reflects in all that you do!! our sewing, quilting, at home! and I love it!!! ...debbie the puppy is just too cute.

  23. I am impressed by how much you got done and what a difference it made. Well done.

  24. I love the blue african lady... love love love


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