Friday, November 09, 2012


As you know, the dogs got groomed yesterday... and because Coco fights me  SO MUCH when I try to comb her... I decided to get her groomed really short for a change. 
Serve her right if she gets cold now... she shouldn't growl at me!  Yep, she growls at me... the little tart!

I'm not SCARED of her... at all.... but I am just so over her fighting me all the time.  She is going to the groomer more often from now on, because I don't want her getting matted.
Both dogs have now had a 'summer cut'.

Here's a photo of her after her groom:

 ABOVE:  She is still beautiful.... ♥Love my girl♥

ABOVE:  Teddy and Coco, wiped out after their harrowing ordeal... grooming really tuckers them out!  And baby blankets getting some 'home' smells on them.

ABOVE:  I bought these for the pups, something to teethe on and something new for them to try.  They all went totally nuts with them... and LOVED THEM.  


ABOVE:  well YES... I do have two of them... and ... according to the OPSM technician... both me eyeballs are in PERFECT condition.  NICE TO KNOW... and I thought you would all  ♥LOVE♥  to know that... and actually SEE an eyeball... right?  

Yeah, totally thought so.  *smiles*

Before I think of anything else to blither on about, I'm outta here.  Gotta get lunches made, usual 'mother' type stuff to do... and me babies need their breakfast ... 6 babies crying and howling all at once... what a bloody  RACKET!  lol

I have weighed our puppies EVERY SINGLE DAY since they were born.  Last night I tried to weigh them as per usual ... and had to concede defeat.  They will NOT stay still long enough to record their weight... so that's it.  No more weighing.  They have all been having good, steady gains so I shall just stop stressing and let them be.


We  have a lovely sunshiny day here today, and what am I doing?  Well... I got an 'itch' to move some stuff around a bit... I'm renowned for it eh?  I started sweeping the kitchen/family room floors and ummm... got carried away AGAIN.

Just wanted to get the dining table outta me lounge... so it's a work in progress.  And I won't be posting photos cos I'm ABSOLUTELY sure you have all seen it before.  

Bare feet on wooden stairs... means you can slip eh?  Luckily I only fell two steps to the bottom. No damage........ except the sole of me left foot hurts a bit... well OK... a fair bit.  But I'll live.

It's almost half past 12 and I STILL have not got me kitchen/family room floors finished.. I blame a certain DAUGHTER ... she has been texting me for AGES!  She be a pain in da butt.  But ... now that I have managed to END the conversation.. I can get on and finish me jobs.

Oh and I have almost finished moving things around too.  It's really a good thing to do, cos ya get to clean up UNDER things like fridges/couches etc that you wouldn't normally do.  

Clearly... I'm taking a break.. got to let the floor dry before I can go to the loo... get me some lunch... bla bla bla...

Right... I've got more photos of puppies for ya!

ABOVE:  Our Darling Teddy ... he could hear a dog barking down the road... so was all pissy and growling...

ABOVE:  Teddy is getting more confident around the pups, yesterday he actually ran around outside with them too!

ABOVE:  Poppy trying to tell me she wants OUT of the pen!  She was yapping at me... little madam!

 ABOVE: Gorgeous Poppy.

ABOVE:  Dear wee Miss Molly... the hampster!  She is still so small and squat... adorable.

ABOVE:  Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!  LOL... she was chewing my sneakers just now... LOVES the laces.  Tracy... you better lock all your shoes up!

ABOVE: Diesel trying to eat his way out of the pen!  Never gunna happen wee man.

ABOVE:  Peppa... no matter when I take her photo, she always looks like she's about to get into mischief!  AND she does!  Little livewire she is!

ABOVE:  all of them playing in the puppy pen.. they are tearing it apart!  Did I ever mention they are into shredding paper now?  
Yeah, well they are.  Little buggers.

ABOVE: (L to R)  Chilli, Peppa and  Roxy.  Innocent looking eh?   HA HA... the next second they were racing around like lunatics.

ABOVE:  Roxy and Peppa taking a break...

And now I am too!  I have hardly had a break all day from me housework... but I am happy.  I love cleaning.... SOOOooooo much.  NOT.

So... it started with me just wanting to sweep the kitchen floor... and ended with me moving just about EVERYTHING in the family room and part of the lounge, vacuming and washing floors and tidying up in general.  Which took me 6 hours.  Damned if I know why it took that long!   But I'm so glad it's done.

Now I just have to prepare dinner...  ah the joys of being a 'kept woman' ...  

End of Day:  well it's been a good day today.  I love waking up and feeling motivated to do heaps of stuff around the house... some days I can't bear the thought of housework!  I'm sure I'm not alone in that.  *smiles*
nite nite.


  1. You have done such a great job "raising" the puppies for their new homes. The new owners will be very lucky. Are you sending some pics of their first few weeks to their new homes with each of them?

  2. I've seen pictures of that orange planet with red rivers on the science channel.
    Just kidding! You have beautiful eyes!
    I like your dog pictures, I'd not tolerate my dog growling at me.... I don't know what I'd do though.

  3. Coco looks great and them on the blankets they looked totally tuckered out, maybe a string hammock under the pups to just holdfor a minute or a human on human scales no pup then a human with a pup? Would it register

  4. OCD cleaner! Must run in the family, I'm the same!

  5. Righto... best I get all the sneakers above ground level! LOL.. mmm I think hampster might have to be Molly nic name!!!

  6. Hang on? Me a pain in the butt! You texted me first :D

  7. Sounds like you've had a great workout today with all your moving, cleaning floore, etc which is great for you. Now it's Friday night so you deserve a break and get ready for a lovely weekend. Is this the last weekend with your pups, the countdown is on.

  8. I need to do that. No motivation to though lol.


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