Thursday, November 15, 2012


Many people have asked me how I can bear to part with my pups?


Just try looking after them in the last 4 weeks, when the mother dog stops cleaning up after them... and I have to keep their pen clean from poop.

Imagine 6 puppies pooping about 3-4 times EACH and every day.
And having to change the newspaper every day... all the while having 6 little puppies clamouring around your heels.

I tried penning them into the kitchen while I did their pen... but Coco pushes the guard down to get to them... so then I have 6 puppies flying in different directions.

I need to refine how I do some things for next time.   I might try using the large puppy crate to hold them in while I do the jobs?

I suppose I will figure it out eventually.  Today... hmmm.... not sure what I want to do today.  I might just do some housework and play with puppies!

ABOVE: Phantom!  Isn't he a stunning wee man?  It is actually quite hard to get a good photo of him... he has such an interesting face!

ABOVE: Phantom's profile from the 'dark' side!  Stunning boy.

 ABOVE: Roxy... it's impossible to take an awful photo of her!  She is incredibly photogenic.

ABOVE: my little loves... I could only hold 4, they are getting so big! And wriggly.

ABOVE:  New Mums and Dads of these puppies... be warned NOW... they like cables and wires! 

ABOVE:  Introducing the dog travel case to them ... time I started using it to keep them confined when necessary.  Damn I should have thought of it sooner... *sigh*


Well... I've done the housework... played with me pups... and now.. it's lunchtime.
I'm off to make something to eat.
Feeling very tired today.
Coco kept us awake for a large chunk of the night with grizzling and scratching at the door.  Grrrrr.

FROGGY:  Coco will not wean them!  If she gets in the pen with them she rolls over and lets them nurse from her.  As they are leaving in a few days time I didn't want them still nursing ... it is easier on the pups if they are weaned before they leave home.
I have tried to cover her teats so they can't nurse, but it's just impossible!   So she has to be separated from them.  
It does seem mean, but it is in the best interest of the pups.  She can still see them, just not so they can feed off her.

I have felt really BLAH today.  In a funk I think. Just can't get enthused about anything.  Thank goodness the pups are so entertaining... cos otherwise I think I would have just stayed in bed today.  Anyone else felt like this?  What did you do to get outta the funk?

I have roast pork in the oven, washing is in and   waiting to be folded and put away, kids are being good... Puppies have had a massive run around in the kitchen/family room... only 5 piddles and 2 poops on the floor.  *sigh*
I will be washing the floor tonight.

I don't have a TV in my bedroom Tracy... when I go to bed (almost always at 11pm) all I want to do is sleep!

I have no reason to be in a funk... except that my lower back is killing me today.  I can't bend over at all without the nagging ache hitting. It really gets to me after a while.  I'm just a sook I suppose.  Worse things could happen than have a sore back.  *sigh*

EXCITED!  My new glasses are ready to be picked up!  OMG I can't wait to get them... I am so over my current set... held together with sellotape!  And the bi-focal prescription is not right and I have to keep my head tilted up to work on the computer... drives me insane.
So.. I might just get out of my funk!

End of Day:  well I'm utterly thrilled with my new glasses.... the distance pair are SPOT ON and perfect... while the reading/computer use ones will take a bit of getting used to... but I still love them!  
I'm much happier now, today has been such a drag.  Maybe I'm starting to stress about the pups leaving?  I am sure all their new families will look after them well... so I shouldn't be worried eh?  *smiles* 
Right, time for me to say...
nite nite.


  1. They are so darn cute, I bet given an inch they scarper and take a mile and run like the wind!!!!! imagine all the hidey holes at your place.

  2. Yes I imagine that caring for all those puppies would be quite time consuming. So, as adorable as they are, I am sure it'll be nice to see them settled with their new families. Anyway, with so many babies in your family now and new bubs coming you will have your hands full!

    I have to say that seeing all those photos does make me clucky for a pup of my own though... (not quite ready for a baby!).

  3. I am just curious as to why you can't let Coco back with the pups? I've never raised puppies so I'm a bit ignorant on that matter sorry...

  4. Adorable pups. I would not be able to give them up.

  5. Sorry to hear you are in a funk - I know how that feels! I realised recently mine were partly hormonal and went to the health shop for some pills! - They have helped - I need to go back and renew them now!
    Good luck- sewing helps doesn't it?

  6. I get those funky days, best thing is just to not worry about it, accept that you are feeling blah today & that tomorrow will be better. In the meantime don't put any pressure on yourself to get stuff done. Have something easy for dinner & have an early night, even if you just lock yourself in your room & watch TV or read a book, get Stew or Steve to make sure B & G get to bed at a reasonable time - sometimes just a bit of time to yourself is all it takes.

  7. Go for a walk. That will get you out of your funk! Fresh air and time away from everything to think:) no excuses! You know you will feel better. Or treadmill if you can't get out. Good luck!!! xxx

  8. Soon you'll have empty nest syndrome and will working on the next puppy batch! In the meantime you'll be back to posting baby pics again!

  9. (I love you and I'm not trying to be a smartass or sound mean.)

  10. The pups are adorable, I'm sure it will be hard to let them go. Hope your funk has passed.

  11. Send some time outside, that always makes me feel better!

    Love the picture of you with the armfull of puppies, so cute!


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