Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Brylee did a really silly thing yesterday afternoon.  And man is she in trouble for it!

She has a new friend, who lives just down the street from us.  Brylee has been to her home to play a few times now.  That is really nice for her.

But yesterday, at the end of the school day, it was raining.  So her new friend's grandfather drove up to the school to pick up his granddaughter... and Brylee decided, in all her wisdom, to jump in their car and go back to their house!

She left Griffin to walk home on his own!  

THEN she rang me from her friends home and said she was staying there until 5.30!


I marched down the street in the rain, got said child and sent her home.  Then I explained to the Grandmother, (of Brylee's friend)... why I was there, and why Brylee would not be coming over to play for the rest of the week!

I left Brylee in her room until Stew came home to deal with her.  I was in NO FIT MOOD to sort it out myself.  If I had started talking to her about what she had done wrong, I would have ended up screamng.

1.  You NEVER get in a car with someone we do not know.  NEVER.
2. You NEVER leave your brother to walk home on his own.
2. You sure in hell DO NOT then ring and TELL me WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING... when you sure in hell did not ASK beforehand!

So, Brylee is going to bed an hour early until the end of the week.  And she is not allowed to visit her friend until the end of the week, at the earliest!

Sometimes I am totally gobsmacked at what my kids think they can do and get away with!

Brylee will learn.  The hard way obviously.

*sigh*... now TODAY:  what shit will come my way I wonder?

Hopefully NONE.
And I have NO  plans for today.... maybe I will do some more photos with names on?
I didn't do many yesterday, got distracted.  And I do believe I am going to enjoy doing the photos now.

Actually, I might go shopping!  I could do with some retail therapy.  Anyone want to join me for a coffee at Sylvia Park???  I won't be offended if NO ONE wants to .... I'm such a misery guts at the moment!


Steve and I ended up going out together... he had today off.... we ended up at Sylvia Park, where we had an early lunch... and that's when our day AGAIN went pear shaped.
I got sick.  Like run to the loo and throw up sick. 

Then we went to Manukau Mall... as Pak N Save in Sylvia Park didn't have the juice I wanted.  Before we made it to the Countdown there... I had to throw up again.
And THEN...Steve has had a wisdom tooth giving him grief, and the pain kicked in so badly we had to go to a Dentist... right there and then.  Luckily there is a Dentist at the Mall... so he saw Steve after we waited about half an hour or so.   And I threw up AGAIN.... by now I was feeling really shabby... so once Steve had been seen by the Dentist, and we had picked up antibiotics and pain killers for his infected, inpacted wisdom tooth... we came home.

AND NOW... I'm gunna lie down and die.  or sleep.  Whichever works.

I had a little nap.  It helped a bit.  I wish I knew what was wrong with me.  Every time I eat I feel ill.  SOMETHING tells me it's not the food, or a bug... but my state of mind revolting against food right now.
I've decided to do a 24 hr fast, drink only my Diet Coke and some flavoured water... to give my tummy a break.  I am going to try and cut back on the Diet Coke as much as I can too.  
I can't STOP drinking it ... or I would die!  lol

Family situations.... are not good.  I WISH so much I could just grab my darling hubby and fly away somewhere (or drive)... and leave them all to their own devices for a while.  But, it won't happen.  Brylee and Griffin need to be looked after.  For another 10 years.  Oh god.  10 years.  I can't even SEE the light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm so sad today.  This being sick is,  I am 100% sure,  down to my being upset and unhappy.

CRANKY:  you are right, going cold turkey would not be too good.  I did that once years ago after an operation... and suffered migraines for 6 long, painful weeks.  I ended up drinking it again of course!

End of Day:  another day I'm happy to see the end of.  At least I haven't thrown up since being at the mall. 
ON TRACK: hell yes!  Not necessarily by CHOICE though!
nite nite.


  1. I would like to meet up with you today but I'm getting my hair done, groceries then picking up my grandson. Maybe another day? I think you need a good talking to and I'm just the one :)

    I'm thinking you need to stop reacting to things.. let more stuff go. When you react it causes others to also react and there is a cycle of stress and anger going on. Let things go more and trust me, people will get over things and life will go on.

    I'm not talking about the Brylee thingy, that is for you to handle.

    Maybe see you another day soon?

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I would LOVE to - have the day off but also have a sickly 6 year old and no, I wouldn't do that to you... Maybe in the second week of the hols we could catch up again?

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  3. Kids you just have to wonder where there heads are at eh! A lesson Brylee will learn I'm sure.... Do the kids have a cellphone for emergencies or things like that?

  4. If not for a silly wee thing called WORK I would love to come & meet you.

    Sounds like Brylee's common sense took off yesterday. An impressive 3 major rules all broken in one action. We always had a rule that any playdates were to be organised either the day before or at the very latest in the morning - no after school sudden impulses.

    Enjoy your shopping :-)

  5. Wish I could join you...I need a cuppa!!

  6. Anonymous11:57 AM

    oh i would have loved to as well but back at work today bugga maybe next time


  7. Completely understand why you got so freaked out. Getting in cars with strangers is NOT ON. Even though she knew him as the grandfather.

    I hope you treated yourself to some goodies at the shops! I'm sure you'll tell us all about it!!! xxx

  8. A good day then lol....

  9. Hope you are feeling better really soon. Let the family look after you for a day or two and take time out to relax. Kristin (Singapore)

  10. Oh Chris ... sounds like you are having a really rough time right now. I hope the week gets better for you *hugs*

  11. O Chris!!!!!!!!!!
    I Hate to throw up worse than almost anything -so you have my utt-most compassion! and poor stew too!

    I am so terribly sorry - I hope you and Stew both feel much better tomorrow!

  12. Whoa... what a crappy day.

    And while it is nice of these folks to give Brylee a ride... I mean... these are the grandparents, but maybe they don't understand the danger/what someone might think. Who knows? Or maybe Brylee put on a good "poor me" act and they felt bad for her.

    Man. I hope she learns and I hope her friend's family understands why you're so upset. I know you're just a phone call away... call BEFORE getting in the car. Yipes.

  13. It is all stress and sadness that is making you ill, Have some compassion for your mother, all she wants is unity in her family.

  14. So sorry you are sick and feeling sad. It could very well have to do with being unhappy. Family stuff is so hard and it never seems to end. You are such an amazing Nana and such an encouraging friend. I hope things calm down for you soon! BTW--retail therapy is my favourite kind!

  15. Diana5:50 PM

    Hey Chris, it's Di again the RN from OZ. I really think you need endoscope, remember i told you a while back that i thought you had peptic ulcers. You need to stop the diet coke all together its putting acid into acidic environment which has sore in it. The added stress can cause peptic ulcers or make them become bigger. I also ignored it and ended u having get 80% my stomach take out and am only 28. Please please go see your doctor there is breath test for bacteria caused ulcers which can be done before endoscope/gastroscope. you also did h2 receptor inhibtor such as somac or neximum.
    Hope you get well soon
    .s. am highlighting this as real possibility if you have ulcer and causes stomach rapture you can bleed to death.

  16. time for another trip to the doc for different antidepressants

  17. I am positive it is your state of mind making you feel so sick...and I feel so so sorry for you. What would happen if you had some protein shakes to keep you a bit full - a gut full of diet coke might be too much!

    I used to drink a LOT of diet coke - 4/5 cans a day. Now I am on 3 a week. I counted how many cans I drank, and forced myself to drink one less per week until I got it down. Worked better than cold turkey.

  18. Get well soon
    I didn't know diet coke had that effect . very occasionally I have an ordinary coke and I could stay up all night

  19. Right. All this drama with your family is making you ill. It may not be the only thing but it sure as hell won't be helping.

    The older kids are adults and need to start behaving as such. In the meantime you need to resist reacting to their attention seeking dramas. Ignore petty facebook comments or blog posts.

    Focus on doing what is good for you. This means both physically and emotionally. You know what is good for you foodwise, you know you need to move more and you know you need to stop letting everyone elses dramas upset you.

    Is there any chance of Steve & Bex looking after B & G for a night to allow You & Stew to book into a hotel, spend an afternoon wandering around, going out for dinner & a late checkout? You can book it all online between all the daily online meal deals & last minute hotel bookings. You don't need to leave Auckland, you can do it all here.

    Like you say, B& G need you for a long time yet (so do all your kids) do you want to be fit, healthy & happy. Take care of yourself please.

  20. When I was about 5, I took my neighbor who was about 3, down the hill in my red wagon. We were speeding down the hill, and I heard a noise. It was his Mom, running chasing us. I thought "That's the first time I've ever seen an adult run".
    I got in big trouble.

  21. Hope you have a better Wednesday Chris. Whenever I have issues with my kids, hubs or my sis or friends will always say the same thing to me: It's a temporary phase. They will change for the better.
    Sometimes I let my sadness overcome me too. I always have my sewing to distract me.
    My kids aren't careful online and this is a problem I constantly have to deal with.
    Take care.

  22. Hope you get to feeling better. I am addicted to cokes as well and cant imagine giving them up. I do take meds twice a day for acid reflux..it sucks...hope your family situation improves.

  23. I can totally understand why you were mad. When I was a kid I did something equally dumb and my mother was pissed.

  24. I would be upset too. At least your kids don't run out in the street without looking, which my kids still do sometimes. I think they're trying to give me a heart attack.


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