Sunday, April 29, 2012


I took rather a lot of photos yesterday... so here's a few more :

ABOVE:  no room ... dogs cramping your style Amanda ?   lol

ABOVE:  my Granddad looks silly.... 'catching flies' comes to mind...

ABOVE: now that's a nice one...

I cooked Spaghetti Bologniese for dinner, had to grate some cheese... Emily LOVES cheese ... so I have her some:

ABOVE:  she gave it a good go!  

Then I took some cute photos of Rena:

ABOVE: yeah, yeah... I will smile for you Grandma...

ABOVE:  hmmmm..... 

ABOVE:  you know, I DID have some nail polish on me fingers.... where's it gone?

ABOVE:  I'm getting tired of this now Grandma....

I caught Griffin in one of his 'signature' poses:

ABOVE: YEAH..... he's playing on his PSP.... at least he's actually sitting on his bum!  And keeping still.

TODAY: Steve and Bex are going to Hamilton for the day... Stew and I need to do the grocery shopping, so Lacy can stay at home and look after Brylee and Griffin while we do that.

It's going to be a much quieter day.... so I might actually get a bit of housework done too.

The feijoa is from the Myrtaceae plant family and is native to Brazil and Uruguay. Feijoas can be considered as either warm climate or subtropical. First introduced into New Zealand in the early 1900's the fruit was small and it was not for another 20 years before new cultivars were imported that were larger with improved flavour.
The uses for Feijoas are numerous from simply eating fresh through to bottling the tasty bottle of wine. They can be added to fresh fruit salads cooked in puddings and are scrumptious in cakes. The fruit is not the only delicacy of this plant - the showy bright red flowers add life to salads or chocolate log.

There is no way to describe how they taste, you are going to either love them, or hate them.  They are not 'comparable' to any other fruit, they have their own distinctive taste... and I can't get enough of them!

Grocery shopping.... well we ended up taking Brylee and Griffin.  Lacy had a headache.

Home now, got all the shopping put away... and peace reigns.  Time to just relax for a little while before tackling the garage... MY GOD it's a mess!  Major dumping ground for anything and everything.  
Boys 'live' in it ...need I say more?

We weren't expecting Steve and Bex back until late tonight... but the temptation of Cottage Pie for dinner got  the best of them...Oh and Bex's car decided to go.... so they came back early.   Made me smile.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow.  The kids have been kinda ANNOYING today.  
I'm starting to think of a way Stew and I can take a weekend off from EVERYONE.... and just spend a little time on our own.   Must go look around at some options...


  1. We have a feijoa tree... most are on the ground at the moment because I don't like them and everyone else has stuffed themselves silly - I will get my little helper to collect some... if I have lots I will let you know and meet you to drop off or something...

    Kate (

  2. your grand daughter is the spittin image of YOU! The same blue eyes!
    I hate knowing their is some awesome fruit I haven't tried eating...GAH

  3. Feijoas to me have a hint of pineapple taste when not ripe ripe, but they also smell like perfume and taste like perfume they are highly scented sweet when ripe tart and sharp when not ripe IMHO.... I LOVE LOVE them

  4. I have never heard of them. They look and soubd great!
    Love your photos of the kids!

  5. The kids are super cute :) Those fruit sound interesting!

  6. Oh God - I LOVE feijoas, and no one I know has a tree! I PAY for them at the supermarket as soon as they are in season.... I have been known to pay $10 per kg... and I hide them so no one else int he house eats them! hahaha....

  7. I know you said you could not compare
    FEIJOAs - would you consider them to be sweet? You get my Curiosity in high gear?????? LOL

    I love your pictures - you have some good ones of little Rena this time and Emily and her Grandpaw-those are so precious.

  8. Gorgeous photos of the family.

    Why dont you and Stew come to Rotovegas for a weekend away. Honestly, we have the best motels here. We love spending a night in town for a break.

  9. Cute photos of the kid!


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