Friday, April 27, 2012


Apparently the weather is going to take a dive and turn nasty.
OH yaaa... I hope we get thunder and lightening! We don't get enough stormy weather here.  I love a good storm.

Am I the only one I wonder?

We meet Lacy's new midwife this morning.  Lyn (friend) recommended her, so did my Dr.... so it will be interesting to meet her.  She is YOUNG, like 25!!!  I wonder if she has had a baby herself?

After that meeting, I think we will come home, as I'm expecting Bex sometime today too.

ABOVE:  sad we only get to see Mike now and then.... I nicked this photo off Joyce's Facebook last night.  He's a damn gorgeous boy is our Mike.. oh and Joyce scrubs up nice too!  lol
Wish I could convice them to move up here.  I'm sure I could squeeze them in SOMEWHERE.


And... the weather forecast was CORRECT... it's pissing down and blowing something rotten...  and for the first morning in well over a week, I've woken up without having a coughing fit!
I am getting better... excellent!

The rain didn't last long ... now it's fine again and humid as hell.
The midwife visit went well... she has made an appointment for Lacy to see our
Doctor and Maternal Mental Health this afternoon with a view to getting her some meds to help her sleep.

All is is going well with the pregnancy which is great.

Ended up having to take her to the Dr's this afternoon for some sleeping pills... AND now she has an appointment next week with Maternal Mental health to get her more.  
Just call me 'The Taxi'... NOT that happy with that, but what can I do?
She has to get to these appointments.  

End of Day:  I'm over today.  Bex's car packed a hissy and wouldn't go after spending all day in the garage getting fixed.  So Kelly drove her up here... so we have Bex, Kelly and Rena here to add to the mix.
I've got kids on air beds, on couches, on mattresses on the floor.... *sigh*.
ON TRACK:  can I even remember?  
NITE NITE.  Bring on another day.


  1. Chris, tell Lacy not to buy a bottle steriliser as I've just been told by plunket that I don't need to worry about sterilising things from the 4mth mark so I have an electric one Lacy can have. Will pop it in the box with the clothing.

  2. Hope all went well with the midwife. Our newest grandbaby is due on Sunday. If she hasn't arrived then J's booked in for a Ceasar on Tuesday. Can't wait. I'm off work again to be a stay at home nana for a few days. So looking forward to that.

    I'm loving this Friday more so than ever and especially this weather the perfect excuse to stay snuggled up inside this weekend and chill out. I hope its a thunderstorm.

    Have a great weekend mate.

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    We've had windy rainy weather too. The sun came out at four and lasted about 2 hours. Now it's getting cold again and looks like RAIN. ugh. Squeeze them in??? oh my!! lol...debbie

  4. Glad to hear Lacy's doing so well in her pregnancy. And I'm just going to say that ALL of your children are very good looking. You've been blessed:)

  5. yor all good looking ya tart!!
    glad all is well and boy can I relate aith the cough.

  6. So glad that Lacy's pregnancy is going well. Loved the picture of Mike and Joyce -all of your kids are gorgeous and their partners are too.

    You mentioned the rain and your coughing - any chance the rain could have cleaned the air of something you are allergic to? Just a thought.

  7. We have alot of "cough" cases down here and the rain came and much eaier to breathe and less of the coughs, we are looking at a sleepout they are $50 per week here fully insulated NEW carpeted and curtains we have a full to overflowing house here as well.

  8. happy friday! its just getting started here :) love ya!

  9. Trevor is coughing again this morning :(

    Mike is mighty cute! All your kids are!

    Try to enjoy your company :)

  10. What a lovely couple they make!

  11. We have been supposed to get rain for the past week. The weather report shows clouds with lightning bolts and rain coming out of them. We had an hours worth last night, and that was it. Just clouds and wind ruining day after day...
    I want to go diving. And we need rain.
    Lets trade weather for a while...


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