Tuesday, April 24, 2012


First thing this morning Lacy has a Doctor's appointment.
Hopefully they will have the results from her Glucose Tolerance Test ... and fingers crossed she does not have Gestational Diabetes.

Also, I'm hoping they can line her up with a good midwife.  
Lynn... we were told by her midwife over in Henderson that she needs to be looked after by a hospital based midwife as she has a few 'risk factors' associated with her pregnancy... so it's not a 'straight forward' pregnancy.  Otherwise I certainly would have rung the midwife you went with... she sounded nice.

Oh and this afternoon she has an appointment at WINZ.... what for I'm not sure.  *sigh*

Meanwhile... I am the taxi.  

What did I do before I took on Lacy and her problems???

Oh yeah... I lived my life... 

ABOVE:  I gave both dogs a jellybean each... they were very confused.  Almost didn't know what to do with them!  Coco got her's stuck on her top teeth...

ABOVE: it took her AGES to eat it!  I shall probably never give them one again though.  
Probably not good for them eh? 

The mystery of the gap in the flooring is solved... by Steve.  It was not 'missing' a bit, that particular plank had just slipped under the kitchen bench, all he had to do was kinda kick it back to move it back into position again!

He's handy to have around!  
OH... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to STEVE, he's 25 today. 

***GOOD NEWS!***  Lacy does NOT have Gestational Diabetes..... so LYNN, I rang your midwife and Lacy is now under her care!
Awesome result for the morning.  SORTED.

Now we are off to Botany to put more of her stuff in the storage place and LOCK it... SORTED. 

It's now just after 1pm, and I've spent the last 4 hours running Lacy around to Drs, Chemist, Storage facility and finally, Probation office.  And I left her there, she can find her own way back on a goddam bus... I'm DONE. 

Feeling very frustrated that by taking her into our home also meant having to run her around all over the bloody country.  Fuck I'm pissed now.

CLEARLY we didn't have much choice, but THAT'S IT, I ain't gunna run her around any more.  DONE.

AND TO TOP IT OFF, I get home and collect MY MAIL from MY LETTERBOX and what's in MY LETTERBOX, at MY HOME?

ABOVE:  Freakin mail for Lacy's EX.... from the courts!  OMFG... he has used OUR address for CYFS and now the GODDAMN COURTS.  What a fucking cheek... I'm gunna ring the courts and let them know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that he DOES NOT LIVE HERE, never has and never will. 
If I wasn't wound up before I got home (but I was) ... I'm even more fucking wound up now.

JODY RAIKA:  if you are reading this tell your brother NOT to list MY address as his or I am gunna do something about it.  Like if there is any more mail for him, it is going straight in the bin.

Too late TRACY:  I already rung the Justice Department and did a nut at the poor woman who answered the phone!  He is no longer listed as LIVING IN MY HOUSE.  

Gunna try and chill out now... cos I am so, so angry right now,  I would happily kick him in the balls if he was in front of me right now.

Forgot to say, her WINZ appointment has been deferred to another day, so at least I didn't have to go there too today.

WINZ= Work and Income New Zealand.... where people go to get money if they are unemployed/sick/solo parent/aged... etc. Welfare in other words.

I bought Steve a cake.  No slaving over a hot oven for me today!  If I'd had to bake a cake I think it would have ended up on someone's head.  Just sayin....

Over me hissy fit.
Waiting for Stew to get home from work ... then we are going to pick Steve up from work and go to Carl's Junior for dinner. They make THE BEST burgers in town.... well except for homemade ones, you can never beat a homemade one.

ABOVE: Waiting for our dinner... Steve being a dick!  He had a few drinks at work before we picked him up, so he was a bit 'silly'.

End of Day:  busy, but ended nice.  I will post 'birthday cake' photo tomorrow, this post is already freakin long!
Anne:  Thanks for the lovely chat tonight.  
ON TRACK:  hell no!  Birthday dinner and cake!!!!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    ask at the DR for recommended midwifes. The one I used had a relationship with a specialist who checked me during pregnancy. 1st baby emergency c section, so kept a close eye on me for 2nd. He was on call in case he was needed. I had friends use hospital midwife and be very happy but they did see someone different each time not the same midwife all through.


  2. Isn't Coco just gorgeous!! Good luck with all the running about today :)

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    What does winz stand for ?

    Happy birthday Steve , hope you have a wonderful day,. Happy birthday to yooooooooou.

    Joan Uk. X

  4. Toldya about the floor, didn't I?
    Good luck with Lacy.

  5. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Happy birthday to Steve!

  6. Coco is so cute eating that jellybean!

    Happy Birthday Steve!!!

  7. Floor mystery solved... I wondered why an installer would put in such a small piece of flooring in the center. Usually if they have to piece, it would be on the perimeter of the room.

    Fingers crossed for Lacy.

  8. Happy Birthday to Steve - hope he is spoilt! - Congrats to Lacy for the great results!
    Enjoy your day

  9. Glad to hear the good news about Lacy! Whew! At least that's one less thing to worry about.

    Your pups are too darn cute.

    Happy Birthday to Steve. I hope he's had a wonderful day!

  10. I will be so happy to see her have a healthy baby. ;) It's hard to know how you really feel about everything because I know you are guarded on here. Hope your heart is happy! :D

  11. Great news about Lacy.

    Happy Birthday to Steve too.

    Try to get a chance to do something just for you today.

  12. Floor solved tick, Lacy sorted (GD) tick, DOGS fed haha tick, happy Birthday to Steve tick, WE had a corker frosty start NO ICE yet but very close, BUT a stunning day...

  13. Anonymous11:57 AM

    TG petrol is cheap!!!
    Mary H

  14. Great news about Lacy and getting a good midwife!! They are gold.

  15. Great news about Lacy and the gestational diabetes, and the midwife being sorted.

    Happy Birthday to Steve!

    Hope your day keeps going well?

    Penny xo

  16. Happy Birthday Steve..

    Great news about Lacy, glad all okay.

  17. OK enough!

    Sort Wades letter out tomorrow. If it is urgent then he should have given them a proper address.

    Let Lacy know that you are not her personal taxi service and she can use the busses to get from A to B.

    Spend the rest of today making sure Steve has a nice birthday which is not overtaken by the drama's of his sister.

  18. I spoke too soon, didn't I? I hope you manage to calm down again (you are rightfully angry, I might add). Take care, Penny xo

  19. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Hi Chris

    BREATHE! Stay strong.

    Michelle x

    PS.... Happy Birthday Steve :O)

  20. Hope your day gets better. You have to be exhausted from all you have had to deal with lately. I would hate it,I very much like to do my own thing and hate running around everywhere.
    Take some time for you-you deserve it!
    Take care

  21. I'm feeling creeped out seeing the mail go there. More creeped than angry... I hope it gets sorted soon, Chris.

  22. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Sounds like a frustrating day.


  23. Yes Buses.... buses !!!!!!!!! Geez woman, tell her where the bus stop is.

  24. O Golly jeepers you are having one of my days! It is hard to keep your head above water when you are running so fast to keep up that you cannot even see your feet hit the ground-whew-that was a mouthfull! But on one of those days you even have to talk fast and think fast . LOL

    Happy Birthday to that dear sweet young lad that you have-what did you get him- a box of switches -or a box of coal????? LOL Or- did you rub butter on his nose??? Can you tell we have a weird way of doing birthdays over here in the good ole USA. I be Bex was not able to help him celebrate due to work-darn it.

    I am so glad that Lacy's tests all came back a-ok! That is the kind of news we like to hear!

  25. Happy Birthday to Steve, hope he enjoys the cake which I am sure he will :)

  26. Enjoy your night:-)

  27. Wonderful news about Lacy's health!!

  28. Glad all is ok with Lacy! And yes, I agree - make her use the bus more often! I know she is pregnant but for short trips around town, a bus is just fine!
    Happy Birthday to Steve! Hope he had a great day!
    *hugs* to you for your shitty day! Hope it improved with your family dinner out!

  29. Happy birthday to Steve ... and so pleased for Lacy's sake that she doesn't have to deal with diabetes on top of all the other stuff that she's faced in the last few weeks.

  30. This midwife thing is new to me. Here we go to a gynae who takes care of everything. I'm not even sure we have midwives. Thru out my pregnancy, only my gynae attended to me. When I was at the hospital after delivery, the hospital nurses took care of the baby.

  31. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Good for you for calling the Courts and telling them that Kook doesn't live there. Seems to me he's pretty brazen to take it upon himself to use your address. What did he do anyway? Hopefully Lacy will get straightened out. Glad to hear she doesn't have G. Diabetes! That's wonderful!! Coco is so cute! You inspired me to get a small dog by the way! Can't wait till Chevy gets to come home!! He will be 1 day shy of 10 weeks old. Happy Birthday to Steve! Hope the party was fun!! ...debbie

  32. im glad to hear everything went well at the docs...

  33. Sounds like a very frustrating day!


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