Thursday, April 05, 2012


I'm lying in bed this morning, and being hit by yet another HOT FLUSH... did I mention they have come back with a vengeance AGAIN?  NO, cos I had other shit on me mind.  So anyway, I'm lying there, sweating like a pig when it hits me.
I GOT A NEW PHONE what, about a week or so  ago?  And what did my old phone have on it?  AN ALARM to remind me to take my anti depressants at 9.30 every night !!! And have I been taking my anti depressants every night since I got my new phone ?  AH NO!!!  Fuck!   That could explain SO MUCH.
- hot flushes EVERY 20 minutes
- feeling depressed, like VERY DEPRESSED
- not sleeping at night
- sick tummy?

It could explain everything.  
I am now off to put an alarm on my new phone, tonight I WILL NOT FORGET MY PILLS.
I hope they kick in real fast.

Because I am trying to cut down on the Diet Coke A BIT... I've been trying to get some sachet flavouring for water (a certain brand I know I don't mind too much) ... but yesterday I still couldn't find any, so I bought this stuff:

ABOVE: it's lightly flavoured, lightly carbonated WATER.  Yes, freakin water!  And I like it!  OMG I like something other than Diet Coke.  That is quite thrilling.
I am sure I have tried it years ago... but forgot I liked it?
Or.... more likely, I never got to drink it cos the kids drank it for me!  That's probably why I stopped buying it years ago too.

 ABOVE:  I gave the Sonic Jewellery cleaner a try last night.  It worked quite well!
It also gave me a chance to photograph some of the rings that were on my hands for my 'Who Gets What' folder.

ABOVE:  my left hand without my rings on... doesn't look too bad from this side eh?

ABOVE:  hmmm, not so pretty this side!  Those rings have been on there so long my finger has withered!  Oh, and it was fairly difficult to get them off I might add.

Some good news.... well a photo to prove it too!

ABOVE:  Lacy and her wee Muppet, baby KLCH is growing at last!  Lacy has sure popped out a HUGE amount in the last few weeks.  I'm so relieved. 

TODAY:  well even though school is out, Griffin has his last Speld lesson for this term today.  So we will go out midday for his lesson.  
This morning I plan on tidying up my fabric stash and sewing area, it has slowly managed to get totally messed... I mean a bit, untidy.  

That's all the plans for the day.... for now.


MARY H: are you suggesting my fantastic home cooking is responsibly for that belly!  Too funny. She's only had two  meals here lately!

 ABOVE:  before, quite untidy...

ABOVE: after... how I like it!

Griffin had his lesson, then we came home to a quiet afternoon.
I have not felt ill today at all.... I took some of me anti depressant pills this morning, to kick start them in my system again. They make me very tired, so while Griffin had his lesson, I napped in the car!  It's good how even a half hour nap can rejuvenate you!

I don't plan on doing much else for the day... got pork chops out for dinner... so I'm actually looking forward to dinner!  And while it's NOT Friday, it is the end of the work week, so I might just have a tipple or two tonight!  It's nice to wind down at the end of the week with a wee tipple.

End of Day:  and I didn't have any tipple after all.  Didn't feel like it after dinner.  Which was lovely, pork chops and veges, gravy and apple sauce.  Mmmmm.
ON TRACK:  Hmmm... not really.  
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Prob your dinners.

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Woohoo! Hurray you figured out why you are so sick and depressed! That is great! Yep, missing medications is not a good thing~ Hope your night goes well, and you can sleep tight~! ♥♥♥

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Yep LOL Looks like it kick started something She looks fantastic

  4. i had to stop wearing my rings because of them being so tight they were cutting the blood off.
    I loved my sonic cleaner till the kids killed it years ago.
    glad you realised what was happening! love ya and feel better fast!

  5. OMG--take your meds! My husband is one too who can't remember to take them without the alarm on his phone. That will likely explain it all. You should start to notice an improvement right away.

  6. Anti-depressants. Love them. Hate them. The next time you're depressed, I'll remind you to take them.
    I don't wear rings for the reason you showed in that pic. Don't like my hands mangled. If I wear any at all, I remove them before I sleep. Also, maybe you need larger rings.

  7. I'm glad you figured out about not taking your pills.....that has to have been bad for you. I hope they kick in quickly and that you feel way better soon.

  8. Anonymous12:41 PM

    OMG!! Your poor finger!! I bet that hurt like hell getting it off.
    Makes me cringe. I'm glad you remembered about your medicine! No wonder your having such a bad time!! ...debbie

  9. Hope the meds kick in soon. Cold turkey withdrawal is not a good feeling. Love your organization skills. My basement needs some work. Coming to Canada anytime soon:)

  10. Maybe you throwing up was a symptom of withdrawal from the anti depressants ?? I know that you have forgotten them before, was it for that amount of time, just a thought.

  11. OOO MY GOSH -Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You have my utt most compassion! I know exactly how you felt because remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted how I lost it at my doctor's office because they had me off of my meds for two weeks and I was a Basket-case and believe me - after all the bawling and squalling I did - I think they finally realized how important they were to me.

    I am SO sorry you had to go through this lesson.

    OOOO Lacy is just getting prettier every day! You know how some gals just seem to "light up" while pregnant - I think she is one of them.

    Me thinks she takes after her lovely Mother!

  12. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Good to hear you have started to feel better, I hope you have a nice Easter.

  13. Great to hear problem sorted...hope your're feeling heaps better now.

    yayyy Lacy has popped out, she looks good.

    I have put professional pics up.

  14. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Chris - I also took anti-depressants for hot flashes. One day, I could barely get off the couch, my head was spinning and my head hurt, my stomach was very upset. I thought I had a bad case of the flu. I went to my pill box and realized I was on the 4th day of not taking my pill. How could I forget to take it for 4 days??

    Anyway - I immediately took one, and almost instantly felt better - it took a couple of days for me to feel okay to be upright. BUT, I decided that I didn't want to take a pill that affected my body like that. So, with doctors orders, and for an entire year, I slowly weaned myself off those pills. And what do I have....No Hot Flashes, no dizziness, no upset stomach, etc.

    Just a thought and hang in there. ; )

    Your reader from Kentucky!!

  15. Yeah, you need your meds. I am unable to transfer my calendar from my old phone to the new one. Lots of stuff on there.....

    I was in cleaning mode about a half hour the other day. I made a good dent in my mess downstairs.

  16. Hope you get your tummy and other health issues sorted out soon. Good luck keeping the kids busy on break. Have a good weekend.

  17. Your poor finger!!

    Wow I can't believe how much she has popped out all of a sudden!

  18. my neices LOVE that flavored water stuff.. i tried it once and couldnt stand it. give me regular, ice cold water anyday!

  19. my neices LOVE that flavored water stuff.. i tried it once and couldnt stand it. give me regular, ice cold water anyday!


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