Thursday, April 26, 2012


The kids are back at school today, blokes are back to work.... so it's just Lacy and I here for the moment.

A bit later on we will pick up Griffin and take him to his Speld lesson, his first for the school term.

As we have had two really lovely offers of baby stuff from me girlfriends Lynise and Lyn, we are  holding back on buying much for Lacy's baby right now, but while out the other day I just couldn't resist this little 'sleeping bag':

ABOVE:  it's so cute!  
This morning I'm taking Lacy over to an internet 'shop' in Mt Wellington to check out a pram she's found online.  She's rather taken with it, and it's a very good price.  So, we'll go check it out before we pick up Griffin.

That's about 'it' for right now... so until we get home again....


We got the pram.

ABOVE:  she's like a kid in a lollie store...

ABOVE:  The Pram.  Clearly... baby is a girl!  It's a nifty little buggy if I do say so myself.  Now all she had to do is A. Pay me for it,  and B. produce a baby to put in it!

Lacy is staying home while I take Griffin to his Speld lesson... she has her Probation Officer visiting to check out her 'living conditions'.  Somehow I don't think he's going to find fault with MY home!

The Probation Officer arrived early... so I got to speak to him about Lacy's 'living arrangements' and to point out rather FORCEFULLY how having her living in my house was doing my head in... and how she's only being allowed here due to her being pregnant... all true I might add!  
He has written a letter to Housing New Zealand to support Lacy's application for State Housing. Fingers crossed.
Can't do much else really.

Morning is nearly over, almost time for me to go and get Griffin. 

The rest of the day has gone to plan...  I feel like a Zombie though.   Just not getting enough sleep due to coughing so much when I go to bed.
Constant headache too.  Luckily for the family, I'm not TOO crabby though.
I'm trying to be nice, and not jump down everyone's throats.  
IT. CAN. BE. DONE.  lol

I cough... and get a hot flush... which makes me cough again... and get another hot flush... and on and on it goes.
SO TIRED.  And hot and sticky.  NOT a nice combination. Nope, not at all.

End of Day:  some good points in the day, some not so good points.
ON TRACK:  well I do believe... yes!
nite nite.... tis just me and the couch again tonight.


  1. I have been told that my grand,daughter is expecting twins .
    This will make me 4 great grandchildren. Woo hoo

  2. Thats a cool sleeping bag!

  3. Like the shoes matching the shirt and hair!

  4. LOVE THE PRAM!!!!
    And being Pink helps heaps!

  5. That little sleeping bag is so darn cute, nice pram too new things are always nice these last 10+ weeks will go so fast!!!!

  6. I have seen a lot of the mothers in the park jogging with their babies in a pram like your all's.

    I LOVE the pictures of Steve's birthday- all of the family faces are wonderful!

  7. Chris, my sweet, doctor perhaps? I am still recovering from a bad cold I had last week. I keep thinking I'm okay because I don't feel like I'm dying anymore, but I still have it. As my colleague and friend Ann pointed out, surely we can do better that "not dying so I am okay?"

    Love the pram and the sleeping bag, and did wonder if Lacy is a pink fan given her shoes, top and hair (love that colour) and the pram!

    Good on you for being clear with the probation officer!

    Penny xo

  8. Anonymous3:45 AM

    The pram is certainly cute. I hope she is approved for her Housing. I'm sure she'd much rather have her own place. BUT, having her dinners etc fixed must be pretty nice too! Hopes all works out for the best! ....debbie

  9. Glad the visit went well, hopefully he'll help get the ball rolling faster!


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