Sunday, April 22, 2012


Yesterday my camera decided to have a hissy fit... and not flash when I wanted it to.

And as I use the flash A LOT... it was really pissing me off.
So ...I dicked around with the settings... and somehow got it to flash again...

so I took some photos... as ya do... 

 ABOVE:  I annoyed Lacy by taking photos of her in bed last night... and after several shots the flash finally kicked in.   She wasn't impressed.

ABOVE: then I went outside and got a nice shot of one of me buoys.... ignore the cobwebs... we've got lots of them here.

ABOVE: and this is me First Aide box... and I rifled through it last night looking for something to help me get through the night... I ran out of the Gees Linctus cough medicine I had been using... which is about the best cough medicine I have ever used.  Shame it hasn't stop me coughing this time around.

SPARKLING:  yes I will go and ask me Dr for something that will help... cos the last time I had the cough from hell... it lasted for weeks.

Today:  I want to do some housework... been sadly neglecting it these last few days... and dust NEVER SLEEPS.
Then we should pop out and buy a padlock to secure Lacy's stuff at the storage facility.  While it is fairly secure... her locker really should have a padlock on it.

After that.... not sure.  

ABOVE:  I pinched this photo of our wee granddaughter Sienna off our son Russell's Facebook page.
I am so thankful that the internet enables us to keep up with Russell and his wee family.
Hopefully this coming Christmas we will finally get to actually meet his partner Tess and their children.  By then there will be another baby in their family too!  


Slept on the couch for the 4th night in a row.  Feeling like I could just sleep for days.  
SPARKLING:  the pills did help thanks.

Just feeling blah... 


BUT.... It is only open to a very few readers now ... I have felt lately that my reader list on Pepsi needed to be culled... so now Pepsi is only open to a couple of girlfriends and family members.  My private life is going to now be just that.  PRIVATE.

I am today feeling INCREDIBLY pissed off that a comment someone made on MY blog has caused ripples through several blogs here in New Zealand.  And how come I feel GUILTY by association?  And have been made to feel like it's my fault?  
I do not want comments about this.. I am NOT saying how I feel to GARNER comments either.  I just want it said.  ** J*****... recently you did SUGGEST that I only put certain stuff on here to get more comments did you not?  that is why I said the above.

CLEARLY I am too sensitive.   But, when I get a sick feeling in my gut... it cannot be ignored.

There is a double standard going on here in blogland...... seems what I say/do can be criticised, but god help me if I do the same.  Not that I do go around telling people their diets are crap, or what they are eating is too high in carbs or sugars....

I am now going to be THAT MUCH MORE CAREFUL what I publish on my blog, that is for sure.  FUCK THIS SHIT.

Deep breath... and I'm over it now.

I am ACTUALLY a bit cold today!  My hands and feet are cold... so I dug out me Ugg Boots... that I wear as slippers.  Nice and toasty now.

The family are all watching some 'shoot 'em up, bang bang' movie.

I'm thinking of going down to the garage to tidy it up... Steve is a PIG.   So is Griffin.

I am VERY proud of myself.  Today so far ... I have deleted more comments than I posted!  See... no more bitch fests.  Yeeeya.

End of Day: heading off to 'bed' shortly... but it will be the couch again for me as the moment my head hits the pillow I start coughing... and Stew needs his sleep.  So.. it's OK.. me and the couch are very good friends now.
ON TRACK: nah... me and jellybeans are good friends too.  Thanks Steve for giving me some jellybeans.
nite nite.


  1. Hope your camera isn't getting ready to fai. Mine never last long.
    Cute kid in a box!

  2. Could I suggest that if Pepsi is only to a few people, why don't you set up a list on your email and just email those people that there is an update? It would be much better than advertising on your blog. That way, whoever the family member is involved won't know you are "talking" about them.

    What do you think?

  3. it sucks that you cant put what you want on your blog without someone getting their knickers in a knot! love your blog and love your honesty. F!CK the haters!

  4. I too hope that your camera is ok. I know ours seems to have a mind of it's own especially when I go to use it. The flash goes when I don't want it to and doesn't when I want it. Mind you it would probably help if I read the booklet!!
    Love the pic of Sienna in the letterbox. It's those shots that are priceless and make great memories when they have grown up.
    Hope you can have a good day and maybe get some cough mixture that will help with your cough. Gees Linctus is what our old Dr always precribed but you can get the chemist to make it up for you. There are so many on the market now it's hard to choose the right one and makes for an expensive exercise if you have to keep buying & trying to get one that works. The changing weather, warm in days and cold at night doesn't help either.
    Sun is shining here and hope it is up there too. :)

  5. Chris - all the best! Chin up - Have a great day

  6. hey dug out my ugg boots too...starting to feel the coolness here of an evening and this morning.

  7. We've been having the most beautiful sunny days here in Hawkes Bay but it gets cold by late afternoon. I've started lighting the fire in the evenings now. Chris, you should write what you feel and what you like - it's YOUR blog. "Publish and be damned" as the saying goes. What people make of it is their problem, not yours!

  8. Your blog - your comments those that don't like can always not read... :)

  9. Chris - I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your lovely pictures of your family on the side bar. All of your children are beautiful.I always stop and "visit" with them . That little Kelly always brings a big smile to my face-but they are each precious.

    I do hope you get to see Russell and his family for the holidays. But like you said -at least we have the internet-thank goodness and that little picture of her in the mailbox is just perfect. Did you ask Russell IF he was trying to stuff her in there to mail her to you for a visit? LOL

  10. Nicole4:10 PM


    Just wanted to say ... I have been reading your blog for years, don’t comment much as I’m not much of a commenter, however my view is ... This is your blog, to say what you like, about whatever you like. Not sure if it’s ever happened but if you were to say something that offended me or I didn’t agree with your beliefs and opinions I would push that big red button rather than give you shit about your writing about.
    I personally find you funny and clearly you are a very loving wife and mother. I think it is not only a real shame but totally crappy that you feel you have hold back on your own freaking blog.
    Anyhow ... have a good weekend and YAY the kids are back to school tomorrow.

  11. Sienna is the cutest thing, Lacy ha funny well that's what happens when ya get in late eh!!! photos photos, and always when you never look ya best! School tomorrow whoo hoo.......

  12. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Yeah, summer is all but over. I changed swapped our summer weight duvet to the winter one yesterday! At least it is not raining huh!

  13. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Your camera would still be under warranty... if it is playing up perhaps you want to see if it is something that can be fixed while the warranty is still valid.

    Hmmm... not sure why I wrote above comment as I know you are pretty switched on with these matters! Unless it is an operator error ;-)

  14. Hi Chris , it's cottonreel . You left comment on my blog that you had reverted to the old style blogger . How did you do it .

    I love how you kick life up the backside

  15. Good for you! If people are going to be rude just don't post their stupid comments. Eventually maybe they will go away!

  16. Anonymous6:31 PM

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