Monday, April 23, 2012


I don't know how it came about, but Stew flipped the family room mat up and this is what he found:

ABOVE:  well bugger!  We are missing a small piece of the flooring!  Goodness knows WHERE that went!

No one is owning up to it either.  Kids or dogs?  Someone knows.  Just not me.

Oh well.. it will have to go into the 'not a priority' box for now.  

Today Stew is taking the afternoon off work so he can hire another trailer and take Lacy over to Henderson to meet up with the Housing NZ git who stood them up on Friday, to collect THE LAST of her stuff.  
I hope that will be the end of running around finding all her stuff.  

Then we can relax and just wait to see how long it's going to take for her to get her own place.  If she's still here when her baby is born... well at least I won't have to worry about her and the baby eh?

Looking for the positives.  

Another positive. The kids have not been affected in any way by Lacy being here at all.  They are well adjusted kids ... and Lacy has not gone 'over the top' in how she interacts with them.
She isn't a 'visitor' who pops in and fusses over them for an hour and then leaves any more.  Makes the relationship dynamics quite different.  

I am really happy with how well she has fitted in.... she has not trod on anyone's toes at all!
If she does, I'm sure we will stamp it out of her!  lol  

AND she has been paying as much as she can to cover the expenses we have incurred collecting all her furniture etc.  I'm quite proud of her for that.  Might just go give her a hug... she probably needs one.

Can't be nice having to leave a toxic relationship when you are pregnant and ending up on your own.  At least she does have us eh?

And before anyone feels the need to say it... yes she has made mistakes over and over again... but if we can give her a second chance (or 3rd or 4th...) well.... just don't knock her.   
She is trying to live a better life.

The kids go back to school today too.  This break has been quite long, but as we have been busy, it has flown by.  I might even miss them! Or not.  lol


JOAN:  good god NO!!!  We will not be taking care of Lacy's baby.  She desperately wanted another child, and is determined to look after her baby herself.   When baby is born, I will help Lacy all I can, but I ain't being left with no new born baby ever again!
Gawd, I shudder at the thought! 

MARY :  Ahhh that is so funny!


Ummm... You're BORED?  Well... let me help you with that:

ABOVE:  sorted.
I'm not nice, I know.  But, she ain't bored right now ...

♪ dumm ♪ dee ♪ doooo ♪...

Stew came home, picked up Lacy, then a hire trailer and went over to pick up THE LAST of her gear ... a Housing NZ bloke met them at the house.. and just our luck...  almost EVERYTHING was gone.  She only found her bedroom chest of drawers left.
So... that means she has NONE of the baby clothes/blankets/bottles etc that she had collected.
All the baby stuff I had bought for her... GONE.
And No bed either.

Not very happy now.

AND onward... we can give her one of our spare beds, and it won't take long to gather up essential baby clothes/nappies/blankets and so on ... I'm sure we have friends with a baby girl who can slip us a few bits 'n' bobs. And let's not forget the Hospice Shop!   I can buy more stuff there too.

So... it's not the end of the world.  Just another trailer hire for nothing.  *sigh*  You gotta laugh... or else you would stamp your feet!

Thank you TRACY, I will go through what she does have and let you know ... it's very kind of you to offer stuff to her.  


LYNISE has just offered us all of her baby Annalia's stuff that she has outgrown!  AND a car capsule too!  OMG I can't get over how generous that is Lynise. THANK YOU.

LYNDA: thanks too!

End of Day: I find it facinating how over the course of a day we can go from OK... to annoyed and upset... to thrilled to bits!  Life eh?  Up's and down's.... and the down's make the up's so much nicer.  Thanks to everyone who has offered to help Lacy.  She really appreciates it.
ON TRACK: yep.... had a lovely dinner of beef and tomato homemade pie.
nite nite


  1. Im glad lacy is settling in and yes chris giver a hug . Bugga about the bit of floor have a great kid free day.

  2. How strange that floor piece, that shows how well you raised Brylee and Griffin, and well done to all for fitting in Lacy needs a hug from her mum and those words " I love you and I AM proud of you"..... that only mums can say and make us feel all warm and gooey!

  3. Your kids are your kids and you love them no matter what aye......glad its all going ok, yuou can only take it one day at a time :)

  4. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Chris it is you and stew that needs a big huge hug. You have done so well so far !!!!!!

    And that darling son Steve and his lovely girlfriend. And the youngest two. Well all of them .

    You are so lucky to have all that family around you. We have no grandchildren. :(

    Do hope your cold is getting better .

    Nosy question , just tell me to bugger off. But I was wondering if you will be taking care of Laceys new baby.?Maybe you had said and I missed it. Hope you don.t mind me asking

    Joan UK..

  5. Kudos to Lacy for working to make things better and kudos to you and Stew for helping her. My youngest daughter moved in with us a month before her first baby was born (she had found out her husband was having an affair)...a little crazy but it all worked out well in the long run.

  6. I'm so pleased it is going well with Lacy :) Exciting times ahead though with a baby you will fall in love with!!! (just not "take on fulltime"...)

  7. You have a huge heart Chris... Xxx

  8. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Someone's been planking!!
    Mary H

  9. Funny Mary H!
    Have a great day Chris

  10. Ditto to what Cranky said, you have a HUGE heart Chris! You are a very, very special Mom indeed!

  11. When my kids make me mad or get into trouble, I will tell them I love them no matter what. That's the time when they need to hear that the most. They're often surprised that I could still love them. But I make sure I deliver a lecture as well. (or I will burst) Being a mom is tough, no matter how old your kids are. My mom is a good example of sweetness and kindness. She had 9 kids, a couple turned out real bad but she still kept a small spot in her heart for them. I could not understand when I was a kid. But now I do. She always says, They're my kids.

  12. Bugger about the floor piece :(
    great to hear all is going well in the household.....must be a huge relief for you. Love how you got Lacey to do the floors......something I used to do when the kids were young lol They soon gave up saying they were bored because they sure as knew that Mum would find them something to do that helped her lol
    Hope you made use of the 'spare' time to relax and enjoy the quiet now that the two young ones are back at school. :)

  13. When you was a very little girl -did you ever dream that you would have all of these "things" happen? LOL

  14. jeez ... who could have knicked all that stuff?

  15. There's vacuuming to be done at my house too........... :0)

  16. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Hey Chris, just realized I've signed in under the wrong name for the last couple of comments I've left here!!! I'm sure you've figured out it was moi!

  17. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Mary H that's hilarious!! Chris - what a shit about the baby stuff! Was it stolen? You poor bugger, would love to help by sending something to Lacy for the baby if you need more things. Bec

  18. Sheesh....that's awful re Lacey's stuff. Big hugs.

  19. whoever nicked her stuff must be wankers! Who would do that???
    Good on you for putting her to work!

  20. Oi - I've been blocked from pepsi? What's that about?

  21. Anonymous4:09 PM

    thats terrible about Lacy's stuff. Can anything be done or is it just gone forever?


  22. OMG Chris - that is horrible about the items taken! - Bloody little shites!
    ARGH!!!! Makes me mad!
    did Stew hand Housing NZ his invoice?

  23. Any idea where the baby things have gone? Perhaps you can appeal to the better nature of the people who took it? Sadly, I don't think so. Terrible people in the world.

  24. Way to kick someone when they are down.

    Assuming she pretty much has nothing, let me know, I am due to have a good declutter especially in the kitchen so I can box up a few bits & pieces for her too help out. I can probably also donate some soft toys as my kids have waaay too many.

  25. Chris,

    Lacy is more then welcome to have anything Annalia has grown out of and I have a newborn capsule for the car if she needs one of those too.

    I will start putting the things in a box for you rather then passing them onto the sallies as I had been doing. I would much rather I could give them away to someone who can make use of them, rather then put them in the sallies shop where someone has to buy them.

  26. Its cos you're so special, Chris. Good things happen to good people. Eventually!!!!

  27. That is just so lovely of Lynise!!!!

    When Lacy finds a place of her own I too have some thing up in the attic (house stuff). I do suspect though that she will be with you for a little while. It will be lovely for you to be close when the baby is born :)

  28. Anonymous8:36 PM

    What a rotten thing to happen, poor Lacey that is really hitting at someone when they are down how cruel.. and whoever did it, I hope they get a rotten dose of piles. so badly they cannot sit down for a week.
    What an awful shock,

    Think I would do more than stamp my feet. but like you say its not the end of the world.

    You have some lovely friends that have rallied around so hopefully Lacey will get of to a good start. Anyone got a spare house they don't want. lol.

    You are so capable both of you its amazing.

    Joan UK.


  29. I'm blocked from Pepsi too???

  30. Look at the bright side, when you're sweeping the floor, you can just sweep the dirt down that little hole! No more bending over, no more troublesome dustpans!

    Seriously, that should be easy to fix. You may even find the piece floating around the house somewhere..

  31. Anonymous2:34 AM

    You are certainly a devoted mother and granny!! Hopefully she will be able to find a job there and make her way not too far from you. It's always nice to welcome a new baby. The flooring is VERY strange...debbie


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