Thursday, April 19, 2012


After such a busy day yesterday... today should be peaceful!

ABOVE:  damaged tyre.  Riveting photo.. I know!  

Stew, Steve and Lacy are leaving bright and early this morning... cos they have to get the spare tyre fixed before they head up to Kerikeri to pick up the bulk of Lacy's furniture.

All going well, they will be home again sometime tonight.

Now... Lacy had her 28 week growth scan yesterday.
There had been concern about the size of her baby... in that she was too small.

Lacy had some blood tests on Monday.  They were checking her for gestational diabetes.  Her blood test came back a bit high.

And the scan now shows Miss Muppet is above average for size!!!  Not alarmingly, she's on the 63% percentile.  So Lacy has to have another series of blood tests asap (most likely Friday)... to check for gestational diabetes again to made a definitive diagnosis.

Today the kids and I will hang out at home... I think I will get some blog reading done even!
All going well.

Cos lately... anything can come along to stuff up me day and plans.

Hell... I might even get in the spa pool and chill out for a while!


Plans are awash.
The damaged tyre cannot be repaired.  So right now they are driving around looking for a new tyre.. which is proving difficult as it's an 'uncommon' tyre.
So much for today being peaceful. 

OH and I've almost lost me voice... the kids are arguing and I can't yell at them.  Oh yaaaaa.

Yaaaa... they finally found a tyre in Newmarket... and have just picked up the trailer and are heading up north now.  ONLY 45 minutes behind schedule... fingers crossed the rest of the trip/day goes according to plan.

I've been washing a few windows... trying to keep my hands busy ...

LYNISE:  yep... I know her Glucose Tolerance test will take ages!  If you thought carrying Annalia was hard... imagine how I felt with Steve (10 pound 12 ounces) and Mike (10 pound 4 ounces)!!!  AND I had no C-Section.  
The 'damage' from their births was finally fixed 4 years ago when I had that big operation to remove uterus, and fix all the 'problems' down there!  At least I finally got a new va-ja-ja out of it all... ha ha ha!

FINALLY:  stood on scales after being totally slack for the past two months.
I have lost 2.2 kilos since the last time I stood on dem scales.  I'm rather surprised!  But, all good.

I've heard from them travelling north... all is going well.

ABOVE:  yaaaa, look who arrived today for a few days... Bex.  She is now in the process of cleaning some more windows for me.  

I heard from the 'travellers'... they managed to fit all of Lacy's furniture and household effects into the furniture trailer/inside our Highlander and on the roof rack ... JUST.  It sounds like it was a bit of a mission.  I'm glad they got it all though.... now when she gets her own place to live she will be set up with all the necessary stuff.

Stew said they were going to swing by Paihia too, as Steve has never been there.  So, Bex and I don't expect them home until fairly late.
I'm gunna have a nice dinner waiting for them.

Lamb chops slowly cooked in thick mint sauce.  They will love that.

Steve sent me the following picture and a text saying they were "cutting it fine" as they came into Whangarei!!!  OMG... NO GAS....

ABOVE: that zero means you can travel O km's on what's left in your petrol tank!  Seems it lies, cos apparently they travelled for a while on O!

IDIOTS!  Lucky they got there before running out completely.

7.45pm:  The 'travellers' are back in Auckland, busy unloading Lacy's gear into the storage facility in Botany... then they will be home for dinner... which is good cos Griffin is about ready to start gnawing his own arm with hunger... he is always hungry that kid!

MARY H: thanks for that!  My darling man should be in the 'line up'... FOR SURE!

End of Day:  family travellers home safe.  Dinner... yum....everyone tired and a bit grumpy.
ON TRACK:  nooooo, had a creme egg that Bex gave me!
nite nite


  1. 4 frosts in a row here AND me travelling son is home HE all shopped out and had a ball and is still asleep!

  2. Fingers crossed for a much better day. Glad to see Lacey is being checked and an eye kept on things.
    I fully endorse getting in that spa pool and relaxing. You deserve it.
    Big hugs :)

  3. Hoping all works out for Lacy-- Sending extra prayers her way.

    And yikes on the tire. That recently happened to me and it wash't cheap :-(

    Hang in there.

  4. so the loss of voice does this indicate to a certain Miss Chris that she needs to go to doc and get her own health sorted STAT ?????!!!!!
    sore throat, run down, voice loss, head aches...hhhhmmm how r u gonna cuddle little miss muppett if u r sick and all germmy

  5. That gestational diabeties test may take a while as they get you to drink a glucose drink. They take your blood prior to drinking the glucose, then again two hours later, and if they want one additional sample, they take it again (two hours after the second one). Sure makes for a blimmin long day of just sitting around as you can't leave the clinic due to the fact some people do not process the glucose and could faint. (what a process it can be).

    I had GD in the last three months and by the end of Dec Annalia was in the 99th percentile. (a total pork chop. lol). They estimated her size as around 10 pund 3 ounces, so I was marginally relieved when she was only 9 pound 9 ounces (she was ceasar so it didn't really matter in the end)n but MAN carrying a child that size around in your belly is FLIPPIN uncomfortable.

    Great to hear Lacy's baby has increased in weight though, that will be a huge relief.

  6. You crack me up Chris- A new va-ja-ja! Love the silver lining in the situation!
    Hope you have a great day and the kids don't drive you to crazy!

  7. Glad all of your car troubles are fixed. You should relax today!

    I didn't have GD but had a big 10 pound baby. Thank god his head was too large to fix through my pelvis and I had a C section. Only after a day labour though!

    Your grandbabies will be here before you know it:)

  8. Congrats on the loss and I truly hope everything works out for Lacy:)

  9. Boy! It sure is Hard to have a day go like you HOPE it will. Wonder if that is like in the 99% range that they will NOT.

    Maybe you should drag those "young adults " on that walk with you??? And then hit the spa! The last part sounds like fun , at least.

    (Teenagers - that time frame in a young person's body when they actully move out of their bodies and some kind of monster moves in-thus giving the young person a really bad reputation for a while -until they learn to Boot that ole monster one way or the other.) LOL
    Or until those in authority lose their mind and give up the fight. LOL

  10. Tires are a pain. I hate when they go flat. Good luck to Lacy. I had G. Diabetes when I was pregnant. It turned out to be diet controlled, not insulin controlled. Hope the same happens with her. The good news is that it goes away after the baby is born!

  11. I have the worst luck with tires- its such a drag to replace them!

  12. Belinda5:08 PM

    Steve is a lucky guy to have such as awesome girl friend! I cant imagine my sister in law cleaning my parents windows. However im sure my brother isnt as nice as Steve either!

  13. Great news on the weight loss. Now, I've read so many times about lamb cooked in mint sauce but I just can't imagine it. How do you make it?

  14. I Think u missed a person on your family tree Wheres Stew

  15. Now, that's a handy car gadget that I could use!

  16. I'm just noticing your new sidebar! And saw a few interesting "characters" on your glass windows.

  17. Wow what a super busy day! Hope you find your voice soon.

  18. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Hopefullly they will find out Lacy's status shortly and get her on some medication. Glad the baby is at least we have to slow her down!! ...debbie

  19. Now all you need is pic of the frogs LOL
    U will be off the page if u put the grandkids on there.
    I love the pic of Teddy and Stew looking in at the pups and Coco Such a neat pic

  20. Holy crap that's some big ass babies! Poor thing!


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