Thursday, April 12, 2012


We have Joshua, our eldest grandson staying with us for the week.  He's such a good looking boy:

ABOVE:  Joshua, nearly 11 years old!  Amazing how fast time goes, I can so clearly remember his birth... he was SO lucky he was not delivered into the toilet!  I tell ya, it was EXTREMELY close!  30 seconds longer and he would have been!  Not something you ever forget that's for sure.

I have been lucky enough to be at the birth of 5 of our 8 grandkids, and this July I hope to be at another.  It's so special being there to witness your Grandchild's entry into the world.

ABOVE:  Bex in MY kitchen, MESSING with MY dinner.... 

ABOVE:  and caught RED HANDED 'tasting' the pasta to see if it was ready.... YEAH RIGHT.  This is full splutter... lol 
 Someone mentioned yesterday that Bex might as well be living here, the amount of time she is here... well it is in the long term plan!   But she has to find a job here first, I ain't having anyone move in without being able to pay their way.  So, it might be something that happens eventually.

AVERT YOUR EYES NOW if you don't like weird/gross photos!!!

Steve and Bex had a lollipop each last night... and Steve did something silly with the lollipop sticks!.....

ABOVE: I don't know WHAT Bex see's in him!  He's such a dick head.

Today:  I am planning on doing some much needed housework, then some sewing!   
Let's see if anything comes along to stuff up me plans ?


What a LOVELY way to start the day!  Two parcels arrived on my doorstep this morning!  Steve took delivery of them... ha ha, he had to get outta bed at 7.30am!  

ABOVE:  Look at that... so cute!  I was sent these by a blogger named Marshmallow! She lives here in Auckland, but I've never met her. Thank You Raina!  You are a nice Chick!

ABOVE: the other parcel was clothes from my Mother... and they fit!  Well... the two pairs of pants are a bit 'snug'... but once I pull me finger out again and get moving some more, they will be fine.

Kids... were good this morning and came out into the family room and let me have a little sleep in!  So I'm not in the least bit crabby.  lol

Would you believe it?... two more parcels arrived  with the postie today!!!

ABOVE:  Coco checking out the latest parcels, which contained scrapbooking odds 'n' ends and another fridge magnet kitset.  Now we have three, the kids will be making fridge magnets tomorrow.

Bex and I took the kids down to the mall, where I let them buy a few cheap toys, then we had lunch and came home.

They can have a spa shortly... that should amuse them for a while.


  1. I see Joshua has your awesome blue eyes. You sure have good looking kids and grandkids.

  2. Bex is such a lovely women and she is certainly fitting in, Your grandson is very handsome and those blue eyes!!! BBQing (is that even a word) today again Steve is a natural comedian WHAT does Bex see a funny caring kind thoughtful person who is good looking he is certainly ticking all the boxes for Bex.

  3. I'm so happy that it got to you! :D Hope that you enjoy them and hope that it brings you a bit of joy and light :D

  4. Joshua is a good looking boy...and oh those eyes.
    If Bex can love Steve with sticks up his nose she must love him a lot.

  5. Good thing you won't be eating those chocolates, as you have to fit in those pants. :)

  6. Hehe.. @ Jackie's comment :)

    Now how did it go wih the night feed? Easy. One before my bedtime and then one at 2.30am. He didn't wake really, straight back to sleep then woke at 6.30am. Wouldn't want to do it everyday but every now and then it's OK.

  7. I love getting packages in the mail. It just makes the day a bit more special.

  8. I dont comment much but I love reading along each day and seeing your pictures. I am nearly 50 and the youngest of 7. I moved away from family 10 years ago from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast in Qld and no family blog, so I just enjoy following your blog that I found years ago when I followed weight watchers. I love seeing the scenery of where you live and I also have a liitle dog, just sold our house with the same blue kitchen and I live near the sea and love water. Great to hear that the school holidays are lots of fun and the weather has been a bit better lately, cheers Glenys

  9. That popsicle stick in the nose thing is just wrong.

  10. Anonymous2:05 AM

    Your packages sure do arrive early!! Nice to have your grandson for a week. Knowing you, you'll find something to keep all those kiddos busy!! Hummmmm....wouldn't it be nicer if Bex and Steve got a place of their own? You are a much nicer person than I. Bob and I like our privacy too much I guess. I think you are a very giving person!! ...debbie

  11. He's a very handsome young man. Have a wonderful visit. Glad to hear the kids are having fun on their break. Keep the good times rolling.


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