Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yesterday's post here on Diet Coke Rocks caused a bit of a bitch fest.... here and on another person's blog.
I sure in hell did not INTEND for that to happen.

Everyone is ENTITLED to their opinions and choices... be it what they eat, their religious views, political views, what they wear .... hell just about everything we do is going to be in some way,  different from the next person... and so on.

Learning to respect that we are all individuals is what makes the world go around NICELY.  

So... in respect of me and my blog... PLEASE direct any differing opinions you might have at the person you disagree with... on THEIR BLOG.  Leaving comments directed at someone else on MY BLOG is counter productive, and can cause drama that is unnecessary, both for me and the other person.

This is my blog... about my dramas!  Not anyone else's!  FOCUS PEOPLE.... you are reading DIET COKE ROCKS....   LOL

 I  try not to advocate anything, or endorse anything....  And that will never change. But... I must say... DIET COKE ROCKS! *smiles*   

Play nice.

Today:  well I really want it to be a nice day.  With no drama.

Lacy spent the night at a girlfriend's in Papakura... so Griffin got his old bed back for the night.
Talk about musical beds around here!

As Bex is here staying with Steve, Griffin was kicked out of the garage and had to sleep on an air bed in the 'gym room' on Thursday night.... not that he minds!  It's kinda fun apparently.

I think if it's a nice day we should go for a walk somewhere nice.... any suggestions? 

AND NO HILLS... this tart does NOT DO!

MARY H:  nope, I am not going to put the frogs photos on my!  And same for grandkids... there is getting to be a lot of them! I can hardly believe we will have 10 grandkids by the end of July! I don't feel that old... *sniff*


It's a late start for everyone this morning.
Lacy arrived home at 5.30 am.  Not that impressed.
I moved from my bed to the couch at 3am... and proceeded to cough and cough until I finally got up and gave in on sleep.

I'm still keen on a walk somewhere.... it is A GLORIOUS DAY!

Stew wants to get the lawns mown... so maybe after that?

MARIA: point taken.  Might I just say... until you walk in my shoes... you have no idea how you would react to certain situations.  I make no apologies for reacting how I do... it's just how I am.  And after all life has thrown at me, which I am sure you know nothing about... you cannot judge how/why I react like I do.  I am just one person, with faults and failings like everyone else.  And I am TRYING to moderate myself now days, as obviously my reactions annoy some people.  There is always that BIG FAT X top right if you or anyone else dislikes my blog. And this is not a knee jerk reaction to your comment, it was chewed over for a good HOUR at least!  *smiles*

Question:  does anyone know why my blog interface keep going to the new interface over and over again?   It takes me a while to get it to revert back to the old interface.... which I choose.  But then it up and goes back to the new one?  It's driving me mental.

OH... and I re-worded my Disclaimer a bit... to cover all the bases so to speak.


MARIA:  All good.... points taken.  And let me assure you I AM TRYING  very hard to not react so quickly or easily to 'stuff'.   It's hard though!

LYNDA:  *smiles*  off to add that snippet of info to my disclaimer!

Shit a brick... so it looks like I HAVE to use the new interface eventually.... so I have switched over now.  And I am bound to get all hot and bothered trying to find where everything is now.  Oh well... roll with the changes I suppose!

We decided to go out to Maraetai for lunch and a walk....

ABOVE: hot chips at the beach....

ABOVE:  Griffin up a tree... it was about here that I realised the flash on my camera had stopped working.  Drat... will need to get that fixed asap...

ABOVE:  walking around the waterfront...

ABOVE:  there were lots of wee birds in the Toi... but most of them flew away when we stopped to take a photo.

ABOVE:  I love love love that huge metal buoy...

ABOVE: checking out another little pier in the next beach over from Maraetai.  Been there, done that.
Home now... and tired as... this not sleeping due to the cough from hell is not fun.


  1. Wow! I guess I missed something... I will save the Drama for my Mama... LOL

  2. Maria9:08 AM

    Please read this and think about it before reacting....
    I read your disclaimer and how you feel you are not a drama queen. Yes you have a lot of drama, of course you do with such a large family. But what makes anyone a drama queen is not the drama itself but how one reacts to the drama. It would be better for everyone, yourself included if you learnt to relax a bit more and not take everything so personally.

  3. Chris this is a great walk and you can take the dogs waiatarua reserve....

    and i agree with you on other peoples dramas

  4. Oh Chris you poor bugger, even the recipe for your dinner brings strife LOL.
    LOVE the new sidebar, and the disclaimer (lol) ..... and I do hope you manage to sort things out for Lacy, geez what a runaround!!
    Joy xx

  5. LOLOLOL! I love 'FOCUS PEOPLE' !!


    You have lots of kids, grandkids, animals, etc, to look after, sort out, not to mention your dear husband..Just the very fact that you share a GLIMPSE of that with us, your readers, should be enough for some folks.

    Enjoy your day!

  6. I'm not asking you to apologise for anything and I understand most of your reactions. What I am saying is for your OWN HAPPINESS it would help to learn to relax a bit more.
    And as for me walking in your shoes, well you have no idea about my life either. We all have shit that happens to us, I have had more than my fair share too. But like I tell my kids life isn't fair and the sooner you learn that the better! I am not trying to tell you off or even tell you what to do. I'm just saying maybe it's time to try something different! I know when everything is going shit around here the only one I can change is me.

  7. About the blogger interface - why not use it! I've used the new one now for months and it is much, much better. You just need to get used to it because I'm sure one day they will just erase the old one. Another point, for us Mac users, we don't have a big X at the top right :) We have a red spot of the top left.. hehe..

  8. Blogger is going to change everyone to the new interface sometime in April (is written on the top of your dashboard page) So we will all have to get used to it.

  9. Missed the drama, off to catch up.

    I just now am seeing the new blogger crap. Ick.

  10. Chris ...I'm with you on the new took me ages and only by asking questions (to those that use it) did I find how to do things.....I'm still learning!!! Gets frustrating that's for sure. :)
    Hope you get out for your walk....It's beautiful here too but with a cold easterly wind where there is no shelter.
    By the way did you get my email with the link to making all sorts of crafty things. I sent it to you because I know how great you are at making things. Hope it was helpful :)
    me :)

  11. Hope your day is great Chris!
    and drama free!!!

  12. Chris, Honey - I love you Just the way you are - I would not change one little hair on your head(except I might like to trade eyeballs with you!LOL

    You know how life is when it has different circumstances at different times and then they all seem to tie in sometime.

    DH has been working on a little car that I used to drive 15 years ago. I loved that little car but he wouldn't fix it for me then -now that gas prices are up he is on it.

    So , he pulled out all of the stuff that was left in the car for me to go through.

    I had a great laugh because there was a little book in the pile and I remembered buying it from a library sale. The name of it is " NEW ZEALAND" -all of my life I wanted a New Zealand bud - I got the book to learn more since I did not know how to have a real live person- so I am here to tell you -dreams do come true! LOL Thank you so much!

  13. OMG Chris, I LOVE your disclaimer!!! Perfect!! Keep it your blog Chris. Without the fun you have, it would be boring...LOL.. I love reading it!! Sure makes my day!!

    God Bless~

  14. I just love all the photos especially the toi Toi and the metal Buoy Bouy THING!! We caved in and lit the fire!!! Just to take the chill off the air....

  15. OMG. I don't read for one day and shit hits the fan over mint sauce. Gotta love the internet, eh?

    I must say I was wondering where Griffin would sleep when Bex is over ... :)

    I'm older than you and I don't have ONE grandchild. At least you're young enough to enjoy them.

  16. Wonder Stew didnt have to get a trailer for the buoy. Would look good in the garden LOL
    The toi toi pic is great.
    Can you fish off the wharf?

  17. Chris, I've been using the new blogger interface for a while and it's not too bad. I've already forgotten what the old one was like. Me hubs is still hanging on to the old interface!!! One thing - the new interface has a number next to each post. It tells you the number of times that post has been read. However if someone goes to your homepage and not the specific post, I think that's not reflected. (I'm guessing) Have a good weekend.

  18. darn i missed the drama... again... am trying to figure out the new too... just realised i have it now. lol
    love ya

  19. I missed it all too~! Damn, other people's dramas are always great viewing. :D I've had a few crazy comments and just ignore them. Someone recently accused me of 'probably' being fat seeing as I hadn't posted any pics of myself recently. Someone else bawled me out because I expressed a bit of sadness at the Cathedral demolition. People sometimes deserve a firm slap on the side of the head, huh? Thanks for continuing to visit my wee blog by the way, I've been so busy with uni and hardly a moment to do any blog surfing, but don't think I've forgotten you up there!

  20. It does indeed look like a glorious day! Glad you got out & about despite being up all night coughing!

    Like the new additions to the side bar :0)

  21. It's so beautiful there!


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