Wednesday, April 04, 2012


TODAY:  I'm off to Hospice Shop.   And I'm going to plaster a smile on my face... and pretend to be happy.  
Maybe if I do it enough... it will happen.

I am fasting today.  NO FOOD.  Just flavoured water and a little Diet Coke.  Let's see if I feel better for it.

Treasure... hmmmm.... really do need to try to stop buying stuff at the Hospice Shop!  I don't NEED a thing.  And I am no longer buying stuff for anyone else either.  Our bills need to be paid first!  



I never, ever had 'morning sickness'... but I swear to god if I was 25 years old, and still had a friggin uterus, I'm sure this is what morning sickness must feel like!  Woke up, felt semi OK for about half and hour, and then... WHAM.  Felt like throwing up!  
I suppose.... *sigh*... if it carries on much longer I will have to go visit the freakin Dr.

I arrived at the shop this morning, 100% DETERMINED to not buy a thing.  I even left my purse in the car (yeah, not a good idea really)... but I did anyway.  
And in the door I go... and staring me IN THE FACE is a big stack of bloody batik fabrics!  
BUGGER, DAMN AND BLAST !!!!!   I mean, is that the "Fabric Gods"  conspiring against me or what???


ABOVE:  I bought the lot of course!  AND... because I had gone and opened the purse... I bought a Sonic Jewellery Cleaner for $4, come on ... who wouldn't?  And a really lovely hand knitted jacket too.
Then ... I managed to last 2 and a half hours before I threw up... so I came home a little early.  It was a good decision.  I might have seen something else I just had to get, or I might have spewed on someone!  Ikkkkkk.

Arrived home to find Steve home, ringing around Dentists trying to find someone who can remove his wisdom tooth.  But, it's not going to be cheap, so we are also trying to get on the waiting list at the Super Clinic.  
God if it's not one thing, it's another around here.  

DRAMA... just finds me.  I sure in hell don't go looking for it!  (as some would suggest)   KNEE in action ... *private joke*

- it's an infected, impacted wisdom tooth, so he needs specialist oral surgery.  The tooth is still completely under the gum and attached to bone.
- to go 'private' will cost upwards of $600, if not more.
- to go to the hospital he could wait a few months, as they will NOT take the tooth out on a day clinic basis.  He will have to been seen by a specialist first, then be booked for surgery.

So.  Tomorrow he is going to our Dr's to get the ball rolling with the hope that in a few months he will have the tooth out.  Until then, he will have to manage the pain with painkillers.  

As the tooth is infected at the moment, the pain is very bad, but once the infection clears up (in a few days) the pain should subside considerably.

So... it's in hand.  Thank You Mum. (oh, that would be ME)

Now.  Dinner.  I am feeling hungry ... not ill at all at the moment!  So I might just try some soup.  Family's dinner... *sigh*, dunno yet.

SHIT.  Today was the last day of term for Brylee and Griffin.  And I didn't even know.  Some mother I am!

End of Day: and I'm starting to feel normal again!  May never know what the problem was, but I have my suspicions.
ON TRACK:  yes. even drank WATER today!
nite nite.


  1. Sorry you're feeling so crap, Chris. Good luck with the fast. I hope you feel better. But I do think you should see a doc!

  2. I don't know how people can fast. Everytime I try it I start to pass out lol.

  3. I'm a big fan of fake it till you make it. Hope it works for ya. I too think you should see the freakin doctor!

  4. Oh no Chris - this is not sounding too good - take care and try not to do to much.
    Might be a visit to the doctors?
    Hope things in all aspects improve soon.

  5. Oh no, I hope you are feeling better.

  6. Christine11:15 AM

    We bought one of those Soda Stream things. Do they have those where you live? It has really helped my husband stop drinking diet coke. You can make your own BUBBLY water. And he is making all sorts of concoctions with it. Easy ones are mixing Bubbly water with orage joice or lemonade. But he also adds things like fruit and ginger and so on. Plus yoou can buy flavorings.... It might be a way to wean off the DC for a bit. But, I too am an addict and still drink the stuf, evenf with the Soda Stream in the house. Why is it so hard to quit? When I first moved in with my Hubby (then boyfriend) about 17 years ago. The one and only house rule I had was to NEVER DRINK THE LAST DIET COKE!

  7. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. geee hope you feeling better soon Chris....and Steve too.

  9. Goodness upset tummies sore teeth a BLIMMIN nice Easter in store NOT !!!!!!! I do hope you all get better soon might be time for a long earned break no tripping around just relax relax relax.......

  10. Hey what about Middlemore Hospital - isn't there something with the dentist there- altho it is a first in first served and you have to arrive very very early in the morning to get a place like 4 or 5am I think? might be a cheaper option?
    Good luck with the dentist and I hope you are feeling better soon - Score at the Hospice shop - I must check it out soon!

  11. fasting is the hardest for me...on days I have to fast I eat right up until midnight because I worry i won't be able to do it!
    hope you are feeling better now!
    and thank you for going to the hospice.

  12. Oh no- I hope you feel better soon, that sounds awful!

  13. Feel better. Love the fabrics:)

  14. Gosh Chris,
    This is horrible seeing you so sick?

    Who in the world could pass up those Beautiful fabrics that were just there waiting for you!

  15. Get Steve to chew on some cloves, apparantly it is brilliant for tooth pain. Even if it dulls the pain for him a bit.

    My two finish tomorrow, your school must be having a teacher only day or something scheduled.

    Soup all around I say - with toast or crackers for those who want it.

  16. I had 4 impacted and infected wisdom teeth when I was pregnant. So I had to cope with it the whole 9 months and then around 8 months once she was here until I could have surgery and it not affect my milk supply. IT WAS HELL!!!!!!!!!!! especially as I couldn't take a lot of the pain killers due to them affecting baby or my milk.

    However cloves, while gross, do work! As does lots of tooth brushing and salt water gargles. Gotta keep on top of any infections as it quite quickly goes into the blood.

    However, do you have health insurance. My surgery (all $3500) was covered. If wisdom teeth are impacted/erupted then they are covered. So if Steve does have insurance it may be something to look into?
    Good luck!

  17. Oh man, I wish you didn't mention Coke. Now I'm craving some, but it's already late and I don't want to be up all night.

  18. Something's making you sick so if you're still crook tomorrow then get thee to a doctor!!

    No wonder you forgot about the littlies ... you've enough on your plate with the biggies!!

  19. Anonymous7:48 PM

    You have every right to not smile~ It would be hard to smile through all that~ I admire you for not just going back to bed and staying there! I would!!! ♥♥♥

  20. The fabric gods conspire against me all the time too. I'm sneaking around with my fabric like I'm having affairs. A long time ago I had a live-in maid and she had to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed. She was in so much pain. I paid for her to see a private dentist as she was having fever all the time. It cost me more than $300. After the extraction, the maid had to lie in bed for 1 week.
    All the throwing up means you must have lost a lot of weight. Hope it's nothing serious.

  21. Anonymous1:40 AM

    OH MY! $600. is cheap for around here. Nobody does it for under $1200...Hope his infection clears up soon. I am guessing he was put on an antibiotic. Love all your fabric!! Sorry to hear your sick. You best lay down and rest - perhaps a little nap would be good. Hope your better soon! ...debbie

  22. Tooth pain ,I think is the very worst, I really hope your fella soon gets sorted .
    Keep on with the water , You will be thin as a rake soon then it will be this V to the slimming club .
    I'm sleepy and lethargic because of the cold English weather . I just cannot get going .


  23. I would have went and got the fabric too!

    I had to pay almost $800 out of pocket for Jessica's wisdom teeth after insurance paid $550. There is no free place to get that done here :(


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