Monday, April 30, 2012


Kelly visited on the weekend... and made Feijoa Cake... TWICE!

So anyways ... last night Steve asked me if we had any Cocoa.... I said yep..... and THEN he intimated to Bex where he would like her to put it..... SHEESH..... better not go into details... (grotty boy) 
ANYWAY..... I thought nothing more of it... 

Until I got up to have a piddle after dinner... only to find them in MY kitchen:

ABOVE:  they were cooking Chocolate muffins no less!  Ya gotta love their cookbook too.   It feels weird having other people cooking in my kitchen... can't complain though.... they do clean up the mess afterwards.

Now we have chocolate muffins for the kids lunchbox's.  Yaaaa.

TODAY: Can you believe it?  NO PLANS.
Except do the housework.... and try to get Lacy to come out of her room.

I might try and tempt her with some sewing... I doubt she has ever sewn before... maybe she would like to learn?  I've got two sewing machines after all.... she might like to make a sleeping bag for Miss Muppet?  
I hope so.... cos it bothers me that she is not coming out of her room at all.


LEIGH:  nah...  she's just in a shitty cos no one will prescribe the pills SHE WANTS.  So she's all pissed off, and does not have any tolerance for ANYONE right now.  

I have decided it ain't MY PROBLEM... and am going to just leave her in her room.   

well... we went down to Spotlight in Manukau so I could buy some polar fleece so I can finally finish Emily's quilt... ended up finding some silicone baking sheets too... and Bex got me a blue silicone spatula... cos she reckons my old one sucks.  Why ta!  Got a pretty new one now.

Then the girls and I popped into Animates to check out the puppies (cos dey so cute)...

 ABOVE:  Bex holding an 8 week old Shih Tzu, you could buy him for $1,500 !!! OMG, I sold mine for $550!  Pet shops and their mark ups eh?   He made me all clucky.

ABOVE:  Lacy holding a litte Spaniel.... when I held him he started licking me cleavage... AND WOULD NOT STOP!  It was so cute!  

Then the girls and I had lunch at Manukau Mall and came home.  

I'm really happy with my day so far.  
I got the garage all sorted out.
I got fabric to finally finish Em's quilt.

Had a quick nana nap after getting home... I think Lacy did too.
Did not do much else this afternoon... made a lovely beef/bacon/mushroom stew to have for dinner with veges.  Was YUM.

End of Day:  well it wasn't smooth sailing all day.. some rough water here and there.  But all good... I am used to sailing rough waters!
ON TRACK:  WELL... some good points, some not so good points.  But no PIGGING OUT... this is good.
nite nite.


  1. Leigh8:49 AM

    Lacey may just be trying to keep out of the way. So have a talk to her about it. Some people need more time on their own than others too.

  2. Sounds like a great family packed weekend Chris!
    Enjoy the rest of the week

  3. awww what a gorgeous pic of Steve & Bex making those muffins...they look so happy together...

  4. Anonymous11:33 AM

    They are such a lovely couple - you can never go wrong with a Bex in your family lol. Hope you have a good day hun, mine is off to an unusual start with a sick little man (not that little actually, reminds me of Griffin - 11 years old with a men's 10.5 shoe size lol) so I will start work late today. Anyway hope you are going well on the Pinky challenge, Bec

  5. I love your kids -they are just like all different flowers in the garden. They are both beautiful and sweet and funny and learning through living.

    Hey , how are those little bitty froggies doing?????

  6. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Sounds like you had a very busy last few days!! The puppies were cute!! I get Chevy in one week. Next Sunday night we will be hearing a lonely puppy cry all night....jeez, i dread that....debbie

  7. What is Feijoa cake? it looks delicious!

  8. Good to hear you had a good day, may they continue :)

  9. Baking everyone all ages love baking, and we use computer cookbook alot of the time, CUTE puppies glad your garage got a spruce up.

  10. A pretty successful day, well done.

    It would be awesome if Lacy did take an interest in sewing or something, anything to stop her being bored and to keep her busy.

    Have a great evening.

  11. Wow what a bunch of busy bees you all are. Full house makes for lots to do. Keep well. Good luck with everything.


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