Friday, April 20, 2012


LYNDA:  as requested.... here is my 'recipe' for Lamb Chops done in Thick Mint Sauce:

Put your lamb chops/shanks/roast in a casserole dish, add whatever veges you want.  I usually add chopped up onion, potatoes and carrots.  Then pour one or two bottles of Whitlock's Thick Mint Sauce over the lot (depending on how much meat you have) ... add a sprinkle of salt and put in the oven at about 210 degrees Celcius for at least 2 hours.  *Check every so often to make sure it's not burning or running out of fluid*, add a bit of water if it needs more fluid.

When the meat is literally falling off the bones, thicken with cornflour, or whatever you are used to using.

Serve with fresh veges on the side.

Today: Lacy has her Glucose Tolerance Test at 9am... Bex is taking her and staying with her for the 2-3 hours it will take.
Stew is returning the furniture trailer.
The kids and I?  Staying home and doing housework I suppose.  What fun.

Maybe later on Stew and I will get to spend some time together?  It would be nice.


Stew had an easy run into town to return the trailer this morning... which was great as he got it back within the 24 hours, so we didn't have to pay for extra time.  This little venture to collect Lacy's furniture has cost several hundred dollars!

Sore throat... is not as sore now ... but now I have the cough, cough, cough.  Spent part of the night on the couch so I wouldn't keep Stew awake .... So tired! Three nights with broken sleep now.

And it's NOT helped by Brylee screaming at Griffin first thing in the morning... I swear that little shit deliberately tries to wake me up.  Oh well... I get the last laugh... cos now she gets to go to bed straight after dinner.  Yeah yaaaa.

LYNDA:  Luckily for US, we are not trying to eliminate carbs  to the degree you are.  We like our food to be tasty, nutritious and balanced.  I will not eliminate something just because of it's carb/sugar content... as long as we keep our portions modest, we feel we can eat ANYTHING. Even a few JELLYBEANS.

Stew and I decided to leave the kids with Lacy and Bex and go out for lunch.  So we had a lovely lunch down at Mission Bay... the weather is glorious today... so we sat outside with our seafood chowder, followed by a really yummy pizza.

Almost home and I get a call from Lacy.
She had left her bedroom furniture and all her baby clothes, blankets etc in a house in Henderson prior to moving into the motor camp... and Housing NZ wanted her to go and collect it by 3.30 TODAY.

So poor Stew had to jump in my Highlander, go down the road and hire ANOTHER TRAILER to drive all the way over to Hendeson RIGHT NOW to get yet more of Lacy's stuff.

I feel like screaming!  What the hell else are we gunna have to do for her?
No wonder she wanted to come home.... so WE get to do all the bloody running around FOR HER.  
And when you read this Lacy... you better not pack a shit, cos I'm already mad as hell.

How many of you have noticed the inclusions/ rearrangement of my side bar???? 

So.. Stew, Lacy and Bex are over in Henderson, at some random house where Lacy's stuff is locked in the garage.  And they don't have the key.... next thing... Lacy has to ring Housing NZ again... to get them to come and unlock the garage.... so they wait.... to see if they will come and do it.
And it's getting dark...

Just got a text from Bex.  Seems Housing NZ will not come out... UNTIL MONDAY now.
So Stew hired a trailer and drove over to Henderson FOR NOTHING.  He is beyond livid.  Now he has to drive all the way back in Friday night rush hour traffic and return the trailer we didn't need afterall.  And Pay for it and the petrol. 

PENNY:  I'm not 100% sure who stuffed up this afternoon, Lacy or Housing NZ.  But no matter who... it still cost US.

***Apparently the Housing NZ man said he would meet them at the house at 3.30.  So, my lot got there at 3.40... after ringing and leaving a message saying they were running 10 mins late (which is quite normal for Auckland roads).  And Stew, Lacy and Bex  ( aka : my lot) arrived and waited, and waited, and waited... NO Housing NZ man turned up.  
'My lot' spoke to a man across the road who was working out the front of his house, and he said NO ONE had been at the house at all this afternoon except  them!

So... my lot rang him again... and he LIED through his teeth and said he was there at 3.30 and when my lot didn't turn up he left!!! What a BLOODY LIAR.  Fuck I hate Liars.

Anyway, now they are meeting him there on MONDAY afternoon... and Stew is going to bill Housing NZ for the trailer hire and 80 km round trip they did TODAY for NOTHING... and write a letter of complaint to Housing NZ about that man who LIED.

I almost feel sorry for the guy, Stew can get VERY ANGRY when he's provoked!

End of Day:  nothing else is going to happen today... except I'm gunna have a tipple or two!
ON TRACK:  yes.  Everything in moderation.
nite nite!


  1. Thanks Chris for the recipe but way to high in sugar for us. If I used one bottle to serve 5 that is over 30 grams of carb (specifically sugar) per person!! I might do a casserole with a little for flavour.

  2. We use that thick mint sauce it is the most delicious sauce, another cold yuck day here FIRE TIME for sure!!!!

  3. I might need to have a search for that sauce! Yummy!

  4. That's why your home cooking tastes so good Aunty, cause it's full of flavour, fat and sugar! Haaa😄. No complaints from me when I eat at your house. Nacho's are still my favourite!

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Good for you Chris, everything in moderation eh? Elimiating food groups like carbs have been proven to cause long term damage, ok it may result in weight loss at the beginning but then so does every other diet. Fact: A very low carbohydrate menu is not a healthy way to lose weight! It may stress your kidneys and cause headaches, dehydration and bad breath. It can also make you feel tired, weak, dizzy and nauseated. Although initial weight loss may be rapid, studies show that loss is mostly water and, over time, the total weight lost is no greater than with a more moderate eating plan. It is also difficult to follow such a restrictive diet over the long-term. Bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, beans and other starches are not only rich in carbohydrates, they also provide dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals as well as other antioxidants. Eliminating these foods may reduce nutrients that are important to help prevent osteoporosis, heart disease and certain cancers. By following a nutritionally balanced menu you may both lose weight and reduce disease risk.

    Im afraid what I dont like is "fanatical people" who once they think they've found "the answer" become all high and mighty. The weight loss business is a multi billion dollar industry in the USA yet a huge percentage are clinically obese.

    I'm not for one diet or another, just eat healthy, tasty, balanced, nutricious meals. After all the dieticians and doctors who have degrees say so!

    Cheers and have a good weekend


  6. I hope Lacy's tests go well. Nice of Bex to offer to stay with her.

    I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight - can't have y ou being overtired & cranky.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Yay for carbs!! sorry couldn't help myself...

  8. I am So glad that you and Stew got to have a little fun and fresh air.

  9. I have noticed them and I must say - it is great to see Stew up there at the top. Nice to see the partners in and I like the change of photos.
    Chin up Chris!

  10. That would make me really mad too. Lunch sounded lovely and relaxing, only to be interrupted. Bugger. On top of expense, Auckland is a big place and it takes ages to drive around moving furniture (from small city Penny)!

    Lacy, I don't know you and am not judging you but I hope you know how lucky you are to have your family at the moment!

  11. Okay, I don't know ho much Lacy could have done to prevent that drama in the first place but surely Housing NZ have something to answer for? I know that won't do you much good because getting NZ government departments to admit fault or apologise for inconvenience to people seems to be impossible, but that is ridiculous! Can you send them a bill for Stew's time and and the cost of the petrol and trailer to make a point?

  12. By the way, love the photo of Stew and the new sidebar. I also approve wholeheartedly of the new DISCLAIMER!

  13. OMG, what a drama. So frustrating!

    And yes, I did notice your new sidebar with your family and extended family. Lovely... xxx

  14. Lovin the disclaimer and the added partners and dogs on the side bar.
    Typical government dept stuffing people around yet again. Glad you at least enjoyed your lunch with Stew.

  15. I noticed the sidebar, totally agree with you, it's your blog and your right to write what ever you choose, just as it is your right to publish or not publish comments.

    And, yes Stew is an absolute legend.

  16. Susan Pearce, Manchester, UK7:36 PM

    I am so glad Margaret had the guts to say what she said about low-carb diets. There are too many 'know it alls' out there that seem to think that they have got it right and the rest to of the world have it wrong. If you go onto a specific persons blog, you will know what I mean! Showing off about how much she has lost etc. Get a life lady! Chris, you are doing the right thing.... all foods in moderation! Way to go girl.

  17. Haaaaa, your blog is such a bitch fest sometimes! The low carb thing works, but like everyone know's, it's all about moderation. Stop biting at stupid anonymous comments and don't give them the time of day. All you do is whind yourself up and all your readers. Just read them and delete them. Losers that leave nasty comments will continue to do so, if you keep reacting.

    Anyway, drama today for you, but I'm sure you will get everything sorted, as you always do.

    Love Chris xxx

  18. What a day!

    Nice lunch followed by loads of frustration.

    I'm sorry about all the comments about carbs.

    I wish I had the science 37 years ago that is available now re how carbs are responsible for weight gain because they cause insulin resistance. I would not be have some of the health worries, particularly high blood pressure if I'd done what I am doing now 37 years ago.

    Some people can obviously eat carbs without obvious problems. I'm not one of them. I'd rather go without foods rich in carbohydrates, starch and sugar, than take medication. Hopefully one day I'll be able to toss the meds and be an acceptable weight.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  19. Blimey....a comment about the mint sauce being too high in sugar for one person to use in the amount in your recipe certainly brought out the opinions for not going low carb!!! I didn't take it that way at all.......just that there was too much sugar in it. For our tastes it wouldn't work either even though we do like a little homemade mint sauce with a lamb roast. We eat carbs, just not a lot and we choose them carefully. We are the healthiest we have both been for years so something is working that is right for us and that is all I can go by. I fully respect that it is up to each of us as individuals to do what we feel is right at any given point in time in our lives. :)
    What a day your family has had!! I hope that the weekend is filled with fun, love & laughter and you can enjoy and relax. :)

  20. FYI-The "annonymous" Margaret is not me....

  21. Hopefully things will settle down soon with Lacy. Take care have a good weekend.

  22. Stew is right to be angry. They guy thought he had his bases covered when you were late.

  23. Sheesh that's what everyone was so worked up over? Not like you were making them eat it!

    I'd be pissed too about the going to meet the guy.

  24. Hey Chris - I had to laugh... that anonymous message was a "cut and paste" from a Jenny Craig website!! Kind of says it all really - that was the very worst diet experience I had ever had in my life :)

  25. I don't get the mint sauce old school w/w points where I was allowed 20 points per day, 1 bottle of Fountain thick Mint Sauce is 2 points. If this was in a casserole to serve 4 - 6 would be .5 point or less (of the recipe per serve). I'd imagine with 2 bottles you'd be serving around 8 - 10 peeps (or 6 with left overs as you probably did Chris!).

    I guess if you have special dietary requirements it could be too high in sugar if combined with other (high) sugar items over a day....

    Each to their own I recon. Lucky no-one reads my blog recipes :0)

    Latest request is for Banana cake with a layer of caramel creme in the middle to glue the halves together!!!


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