Monday, April 02, 2012


Today I am going to do something I have been meaning to do for YEARS.
I am going to go around my house and take a photo of certain things.... and put a NAME to it.  That name will be the person who gets said item when I die.

ABOVE:  Example.  I am sure this is a good way of doing it.
I know it sounds macabre, but it's necessary when you have a large family.  My maternal Grandmother did it, and it worked really well when she passed on. (only she had a notebook with lists and names)

There is going to be NO MISTAKE who gets what when I die!  And no one is going to come into my home and swipe the lot either!  If I get really, really ancient, I will probably start giving me stuff away before I kick the bucket.  BUT... in the meantime, anything could happen eh?

So, that is job #1.   (And... Stew suggested I take photos of all our home contents... for insurance purposes.  Maybe I will do THAT another day eh?)

#2 is sit down and blog!  Read and comment.  I am dying to know what you have all been getting up to!


It's nearly 10 am and I'm still in me nightie!  This morning has gone a bit 'pear shaped' and I am feeling very unhappy about a certain situation.  It is wrong on so many levels to deny a Grandmother the right to see her own grandchildren.  I am hurt beyond belief right now.   

I think I will go and get dressed, make the bed... get some washing on and then just sit and read blogs for a while so I can think about something else!

*** for your information. The ONLY way I can block ANYONE from reading Diet Coke Rocks is if I make it PRIVATE.  This is NOT a private blog.  If you can't read it for some reason, it is NOT because I have blocked you from reading it.    If you were blocked, when you click on Diet Coke Rocks it would have come up with "Permission Denied.  You have not been invited to read this blog... bla bla bla"  I bet THAT didn't happen.  Same with Facebook.  I have blocked NO ONE.  If you say I have, you are wrong.  

If there is one thing I HATE... it's being lied about.

*sigh*... after such an emotional morning... I up and got a bloody migraine.  Threw up, felt like shit... so the only solution was to have a nap to shake it off.  Thank god, that worked!
NOW finally going to read more blogs....

ABOVE:  just watched this cute wee video on another girl's blog... its TOTALLY ADORABLE!  Please watch it, it's worth it.

Right, I have been reading blogs for hours, me butt is killing me!  And my eyes are sore... partly from crying so much this morning and partly from reading me thinks.  So, it's time to stop and take a break.
Dinner is seafood salad that I made mid-afternoon.  Shame I'm not in the least bit hungry.

I hope I managed to visit most of my 'regular' blogs ... if I missed you, I'm so sorry.

*SNORT*   Gee TRACY, what is a 'BAR'???  Can't remember that last time we went to such a place!!!

End of Day: will be glad to go to bed tonight and put today behind me.  
ON TRACK:  yes!
nite nite.


  1. You are beautiful, Chris. You are helping your whole family NOT to have a huge fight after you go. I think it's a great idea. :)

  2. That's a great idea!!!

  3. The photographs is a great idea. My siblings (one in particular) and I are already fighting...and my dad is still alive. My mom willed stuff to us, but one of my brothers is trying to trade his stuff up. I can't do that!

  4. Anonymous8:25 AM

    That's a great idea Chris. And you can always change your mind by just deleting the name and adding another. I did go through our house and take pictures of all our clocks for our Insurance. But didn't do everything. Good idea - might have to to that...debbie

  5. It certainly makes life easier sorting out Mum's stuff when we find names on things. Sometimes the recipients negotiate but generally Mum had it right on.

    Many things are not listed and we have asked all the grandchildren to tell us the things that hold sentimental, precious memories for them. We are taking our time. It can be an emotional process.

    With only four families it is still fraught with angst at times. I have no idea what to do with some of Mum's treasures. I think I might be finding a reputable auction house as I certainly don't expect to be able to give house room to my share. The cash will be useful. Hard decisions.

    Hope you enjoy your 'quiet' day since it's so awful outside AGAIN!


  6. I have not thought about what will happen to my stuff after I'm dead. Sometimes I ask my kids if they want this or that in future and they never show any interest on account of their age. So I don't really care too. Maybe later when I get older I might start to get serious. But I did leave a note that says if my entire family dies, everything goes to me mom. But she's pretty old too so that's not a good plan. About bad tummy, if I eat bought fish and chips I'm bound to get one too as the stalls usually use bad oil to fry. That's why I no longer eat fish and chips.

  7. Chris,
    I know exactly how you feel about not being allowed to see your grandchild. Been on that boat for about 15 years and it really affects you in ways that you could not plan for.

    I like your way of thinking about the future- one gal decided to have an "auction". She had them all come over and she gave them out paper money -then they would bid on each piece and it was written down .

  8. Hi Chris , have put a photo on your FB page of the Permission denied error on FB hope that will help people understand it is a Facebook error not something you are doing. *big hug

  9. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Awwwww... that video is So cute... I needed a smile!! Thanks.

    Kate (

  10. I am sorry your day didn't go as planned. I think you should turn off the computer & your phones & have a nice quiet relaxing evening with Stew. Maybe go out for an hour or so if there is a nice bar near you & let Steve babysit while you have a break from the drams today.

  11. hey that video is sooooooooooo cute..thanks for sharing.

  12. I hope you are feeling better Chris.. sounds like you have a bit going on. Hugs Lisa

  13. Adorable video!
    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  14. I was thinking about the labelling of everything, I think lists are possibly a better idea. That way no one can see what they are or are not getting and what others are or are not getting because with your kids, someone is going to get their knickers in a knot over some perceived unfairness.

    Gary & I sometimes go & have a drink just to get an hour or so break together. If thete is nowhere nearby that isn't scodie maybe join the RSA, cheap drinks and cheap meals. Sometimes getting out for a bit of a break is all you need.

  15. God huge families eh? I don't know how you constantly deal with it really, especially when it is the people that you brought into the world and cared for every day of their lives. Some kids just don't understand, nor care about how families are meant to work.

    I really hope that your children all learn how to play nice....and how to care about their mother first and foremost. It makes me feel quite ill.

  16. My grandmother named everything told everyone who was getting what and gave alot away WELL before she died It certainly helped... I can't comment on grandmother grandchild situation as you know my mother and I are estranged and will continue to be so it has been nearly 10 years and that's how it is.

  17. I've been meaning to make a will, I am leaving everything (ha ha!) to the wife.

  18. PS: LT is a new cat. I named him that because he has a Long Tail.

  19. Hope you get the grand kid situation sorted out, that's really too bad. Busy pass few days. The rope climbing looked like loads of fun. Also hope you find a resolution to your tummy troubles. Take care.


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